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MIROTIC MusicVideo TVXQ! 동방신기 뮤직비디오 주문

Who’s here after iz*one’s stage
A. Rizal Maulana Yusuf
I'm Here because IZ*ONE 😅
Allen Soo Ji
Who's watching this video because IZ*ONE perfom this music in gda? ^^
Andreea C
Since the new generation of kpopers need [desperately] some education,I'll tell you that this album [mirotic] was the album of the decade and it's still one of the bestsellers.TVXQ is the best selling kpop band all time,and even separated [tvxq and jyj] they still sell out everything.TVXQ as duo was the best selling band in sm in 2015 and they topped Exo,Fx and SNSD. (Yes,EXO toped them now).\nJYJ's In Heaven was the bestseller of the year.Jaejoong as a solo artist and blacklisted is the second bestseller male artist in kpop alltime and his last album No.X sold 100 000 copies in the first day,according to Gaon,album that was released while he was in the army,with 0 promotions. So,if you think that less views means Cassiopeia and the other fandoms (ot3,solos) are sleeping you're wrong.We BUY,we don't watch! ;)\nEXO are the kings of the third generation but their inspiration comes from their ''fathers'' here in the mv and I wish people to realise that. Unfortunately,only bands like Big Bang or Shinee get the spotlight for the second generation but none of them wouldn ve been so huge if tvxq survived as 5.They grew significantly after they broke up. (Fact).
Avianda kpop
watching this because izone's cover
Aya Hernandez
The iconic song of TVXQ! The Gods of KPOP! Let’s celebrate their 15th debut anniversary 👑👑👑👑👑 #DB5K #OT5
Bop it twist it pull it
a timeless bop
Casey Kim
This was always playing on my playlist OMGIMISSTHEMOT5. Duo tvxq is still hot as heck tho.
Cham Nguyen
Came back here because of Izone's cover. Dont get me wrong, this is the BEST version and no one can perform better. I'm just happy to see the view increase :)))))
iz*one and bts brought me here lol
Chie Asako_05
Miss my boys so much TT----TT\ni keep coming back to their old videos. \n\ndon't get me wrong, i still follow each of them till now :)
El Dino
Lyrics: Under my skin\nGoogle: I'm the ice cream
Everything bySky
The best Kpop song of all time.
Gioia Zhong
2019 anyone? ❤️
iz*one brought me here :O
Guh Hooi
watching 2019 ?
Hi I'm Blinks
Iz*one bring me back 🤘\nThank you iz*one ❤️❤️❤️
Hiuu Hiuu
watching 2018??
IZ*Fromis 12_9
IZ*ONE Thanks😭😭😭😭
Im an multifandom hoe who works at big hit
Pls can u just stop arguing about bts in the comment section. This is a TVXQ video not a BTS one ... Thanks\nBTW , u cant changed the fact that TVXQ are legend . Pls stop comparing BTS and TVQX theyre not from the same level.( Not in a bad way )
Jianna _real
2019 Who's watching?
Watching 2019??
Jj Nv02
I'm here after seeing IZ*ONE perform this song on 33rd Golden Disc Award🤗
My kings finally got 50M but in all seriousness, this song deserve more. One of the best songs of KPOP!
Johnny Jefferson
Could you imagine if they stayed as 5 in this era of kpop
Joyce Vivien Reyes
I know this song because some IZ*ONE members perform this. Its really a nice song to dance too. Love to TVXQ. Im an SM stan😍
Juliana Rojas
Yo\nFor real tho\nIf you listen to Kpop and don’t know this song, we can’t be friends
Jungkook’s angel
Who came here, after watching Izone?
Keri Agush
2019?\nBtw Happy New Year !its been 11years since Mirotic exists
Koro Hentai
Who's here because of Iz*one? lol
Kristin B
I legit forgot how hot this was and why I started liking kpop in the first place ..... Christ on a cracker
Lenny K
This song is fcking ageless yall
Livi as queenbee
2019!!! And still watching ❤
Lucas Marçal
For me, that's the most iconic song of the whole history of Kpop. (Not understimating other huge groups like BigBang, Super Junior... but this song have a killer vibe)
comeback here after watching izone perform this song on GDA 2019
Maggie C
watching in 2019, anyone?
Manuth Chek
IZ*ONE led me here again 😂
Marta Marinić
Damn jaejoong still makes me uwu so hard
Maru Lee
This will never get old! They were handpicked by Lee Soo Man to become the member of DBSK/TVXQ, tagged as best of the best during their trainee days! The true legends and Gods of Kpop! I'll just wait for them to have a reunion concert as soon as possible!
Meow Meow
Min_ Woozi03
Person: How long have you liked TVXQ, even after 3 of them left. \nMe: 15 Years\nPerson: But aren't you 15?\nMe: Exactly *Dramatically sips cofee* \n\n\n\nTrue story
Minho Wifu
2018 still loving this song
Who came here after seeing under 19 performance?
Momma Kpop Jonghyun's Smiling
Still the best TVXQ and SCREAMS\nKPop!
Monserrat melly
What a *BOP*
Multi_ Fandom_Army
Omg i didn't know my captions were turned on because i was looking at the comments😂😂😂😂 2:18 omg 😂😂😂😂
Nguyễn Hoàng Vân Anh
Noor Hope
Imagine if they’re still together, they would bury other groups damn what a talent they have!
Regina Marie R. Alabado
SM u cant erase jyj in tvxq even tho u made homin thumbnail in every mv
Roses are moisy
Jaejoong looks like the father of taeyong from nct. Wuwuw daddy
10년이 지난 지금도 들으면 정말  좋은 노래...
Sameer Mohammed
Jaejoong looks like an anime character.. \u003c3
Sarah Lyna
😅 ten years later to hear this song
Scarleth Olortegui
I can´t believe it´s already 10 years of Mirotic release, this is the bop of the last decade.
Sefi Ibrahim
I'm here after seeing IZ*ONE perfom this song
Shisun シスン
Thanks to IZ*ONE I'm here again 🤣
Sruthi Jayadevan
I'll never stop loving them! \u003c3 \u003c3 This song is so nostalgic
Stargazer Sazuri
I'm always coming back to this song after so many years! Thank you One Piece Opening 11 for showing me this undead legend!
Sunny Sunny
Is it weird that I still remember the lyric so well even I don’t know Korean? After over 10 years everyone.\n“Mirotic” “Wrong Number” and “Purple Line” were their era in kpop history. But just Mirotic was the most favourite one.
TVXQ The truth of love
@SMTOWN. @TVXQ. Hey when are we going to get the rerecorded version of Mirotic. I would love to hear how Yunho and Changmin's voices have matured. I know we can hear it live bit I would love a studio version. 😘😍💪👌👍✌
Tam KhuatThiMy
No one can cover this song perfectly! TVXQ is legend!!!
Ten’s nipslip
Any kpop Stan that hasn’t heard this song is suspicious
Tsk! Hair Band
Legendary song! I'm rooting for this song on Under Nineteen!
That is Park Yoochun right? The actor? I didn't know he is a member of tvxq, I mean I can't remember seeing him now with them.. I've watched a lot of his dramas in the past, where is he?
Under The Coke Sign
Well, I am really glad IZ*ONE introduced me to this song. This is a serious jam!
WIZ*ONE Forever
Who is listening IZ*ONE Golden disc awards,so come here??
Ximena Ibarra
Probably the best kpop group of all time. (the 5 together)
Yohane Juantama
I here cz of IZ*ONE 😍
I would do anything to bring DBSK back and go head to head with BIGBANG again
Don't mind me I'm just here after IZ*ONE covered this song at GDA : D
donutzizz QXY
Who still missing tvxq? 🤟🏻
eun woony
who wish JYJ & TVXQ reunion concert or perform together on same stage?
exo is my strength
fan piupiupu
January 2019 am still watching!
fluffly ml's
someone listening in 2018?\n*best song ever*
2021 still watching..... then why
jung hoeseok
It doesn’t matter how many years since this song has been released, Mirotic never ages
I miss old kpop :/
lotto kreases on my shirt
Y'all please stop saying IZ*ONE brought you here. Say you came here to appreciate the masterpiece this song is and to appreciate the legend Tvxq
love myself
here after GDA
luhan's nipples
The auto-generated captions is google translate in a nutshell
mabu shii
2019.. This group sucked me into kpop..
mas kawi
This is kpop101. If you don't know Mirotic you don't know kpop
ning nu.
Best song ever from SM Ent , I don't accept complaints
soul ka
This group is the best Korean boy band ever
thatone antifan
Cassies and Big east we need to get this to 100M, new fans don't know what they're missing
watching in 2019 ♥
yujin tokki
i get old every year but this song doesn't age wow
·_· Always.
IZ*ONE bring me here.This song is soooo nice!!!!!!!
ทะเลจันทร์ ตะวันวาด
TVXQ are my king forever. I mean 5 of you... are king forever. You know nothing, how I miss you.\nI listened mirotic, I miss you.\nI listened wrong number, I miss you. \nI listened purple line, I miss you.\nWhy missing you supposed to feel like pain? My heart broken for long time and no one on earth can heal.
December 2018 ? \nWho's watching?
한국에선 더이상 나올수없는 역대급 아이돌그룹\r\n공장에서 찍어내듯이 양산해내는 지금 아이돌그룹과 비교해도\r\n전혀 손색없는 보컬과 퍼포먼스 컨셉까지 넘사벽\r\n아이돌도 가수라는 느낌을 준건 동방신기뿐 ex) Love in the ice
I miss this era of Kpop. even I am Korean I don't prefer these days idol concepts...
정이 .하루의 공간
ㅠㅠ18년 다끝나갈때 봐도 최고네... 요즘 아이돌이 왜 해외에서 그렇게 편하게 할수있는지는 얘네랑 보아덕이 아니랄수없다진짜 .. 완벽하다는 말 쉽게 못쓰는데 이 다섯에겐 예외인듯 .. 최고임 지금도 .
이런 레전드 노래에 한국인들이 없네 한국인들 좋아요 ㄱㄱ
키 비주얼 실력 모든걸 갖췄던 hot상위호환그룹 다시는안나옴
아이즈원이 골든디스크에서 부르는 거 듣고 귀정화하러 왔다. 않이 이 명곡을 부르면서 2:29 고주파 지르기 파트를 거른다고?
그리고 이 곡은 룩공얍칸 유방신기가 리메이크 했습니다 ^^7
나도 요즘사람이지만 요즘은 너무 철없는 급식충 느낌 나는 남자애들이 아이돌 한다고 막 올라오는 것 같던데 너무너무 싫음.. 언더나인틴인지 뭔지 보고 깜짝 놀랐다. 지들 다니던 학교에서 좀 잘생겼다는 소리 들으면 아이돌 하는가봄..