THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER - 1975 (english audio )

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Shortly after Calfornia became part of the United States, it was common for American settlers and the U.S. government to discriminate against Mexican landowners and even take their land by force or trickery. When some rich Mexican rangers in the Santa Barbara area realize that their property and wealth are at risk, they devise a plan to divert the focus of the government by misdirecting a ship carrying a cargo of gold and wiping out the local Chumash Indian tribe. The family's estranged adopted son tries to stop his family's unethical plan and save them some other way.


Adam Mahić
Film vaš nije preveden.?
Alex Chahum
Nice movie..
Arvind Lakhera
Very good movie
Bethel White
Nice movie
Bill Smith
terrible audio... very poor upload.
Brian Lang
Elvis lives never forgotting
Cayetano Penaloza
Wow, this movie is definitely a hidden gem. Thank you Castle Cult for sharing!!
Chris Hristov
The introduction makes no sense at all! It's a simple task for an educated film director to do some research and read some history books. WTF was that?
Dan Bujor
Stupid Hollywood/jewish lie. Americans stole land from the spanish. If Americans wouldn't have gone to the west, now we would have an invasion from a third world country called north mexico
Dannie Tan
Great movie with good human values to be learnt. God giveth and God taketh away.
David 8997675
What a bunch of lies. Burgess Meredith, the communist narrating this lie. And Tom Laughlin is also a lie.
Dennis Mckown
guess Ms. Carrera wasn't too happy in her 3 marriages, couldn't find what she truly was looking for.
Dr. M M Audi
I swear to God, i love this movie.
Dwight Turner
Wait a second. At the end he was riding north along the California coastline with the ocean to his left. The next minute he is riding west towards the setting sun. WTF?
Eduardo Smith
Are this movies free
Frank Ciccarelli
Bring on Zorro!
Fred C. Wilson III
California is garbage! I'm a native (SF) so I should know; glad I relocated to Chicago; much better except for the shooting, corrupt government, high prices, extreme racism otherwise not bad. Go Cubs!
George Titus
Herson Ramirez
I had a mixed feelings with this movie, was a western or was a mockering of a Japenese movie? The director showed a lot of ignorance about the protocol of using a katana. Very disappointed movie.
wow from back in da day. was a great movie back then... good oh flick.
JW Rides
zatoichi this was not, i like the billy jack movies, this i thought was on the silly side.
John Dearing
It is obvious from the comment section few people know the real history of the United States. It's sad really.
John Tatum
Love the ride into the sunset ending...classic!
Larry Kemp
Billy Jack was a legend in his own time. He was the inspiration for the Clint Eastwood series. This is a classic movie.
Les Lassiter
So that's what's wrong with California?! Very entertaining movie, worth a watch.
Longus Dong
My guess is that this is pre-cursor to Billy Jack
Madjid Mouas
So the mexicans were genociding the amerindians and a gringo fortunately saved the day. lmao.
Marcos Moreno
Maxwell Grant
News this morning
Md Iqbal Hossain
Really a nice movie. Thanks
This is a remake of the 1969 Samurai film \
Mircea Bujor
This is 1975 and Goyokin is 1969. It's easy to tell the original from the copy.
Patrick Blair
western history filled with shame
Ralph Williams
Why is it called the master gunfighter
Rifleman .44mag
Sorry Ass movie
Roger Temple
Ronald Ronca
This was just too stupid, maybe entertaining to little boys 8 and under.
Scott H
Thanks for the great video and taking the time to upload the movie
Splaticus Blah
Not a good start a 6 chambered pistol that fired 12 bullets? Oh sounds like Burgess Meredith is the opening narrator. Just skipped trough jumping every 10min watching for 1 min...totally stupid movie.
Terry Blanton
Ha! Americans stole the land from the Spanish.  And who did you steal the land from less than three hundred years before you got it stolen from you, Spanish? At least we didn't wipe you off the face of the earth as you did to the ppl you stole from.
My better half being the Great Great Grand Daughter of one of the first to receive a Mexican land grant in California of over 4000 acres, which is now called the city of Ventura, CA, and being stationed in the Mexican Army at the time of a California Gold Rush, she knows this story quite well. His name was Raymundo Olivas. You can still visit the Olivas Adobe in Ventura as it now is a California Historical Monument #151. This story was written in an unpublished autobiography by R.S. Mowery titled: \
Not care about the politics or the f was a very entertaining flick. My popcorn like it too, it popped every time a sword was drawn. 10/10
Tony Tafoya
Look!\n It's Billy jackass back from the 1970s!\nNot everything from the 1970s is good.
Tony mulvaney
Ulyesses M. Tapia
That good movie
William Miller
Good movie to watch. This movie was a great movie.
akone nonoyne
Nice movie for action entertainment only, but very far from reality!
Looks like a remake of a Japanese film... or is it the other way around
He was good as Billy Jack his acting sucked in this, disappointing.
diana lynn ward
good views every where they go
ernith macapas
Nice story ....good luck everyone.
hijwari2 hijwari2
great movies
jonas liljekvist
Thank you for this download very good Movie,and I like this tom very much RIP.And no ads thanks for that,keep uo you good work,saludos from sweden
I hate it when they narrate movies. It shows an inability to write.
leslie p campbell
ssswwweet flcik! so gooodd thanks:)))))
mahmod abdulsalam
Thank you, great movie
mitchie hiscocks
what a load of bollocks
p st.louis
They gave him the weapons...
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robert craig
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Subtitle Ind dong?
tarun sharma
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vikas joshi
Nice movie .
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