DBSK Ballad songs (audio)

The KINGS of ballad songs ! We miss you guys... ("Heart, mind and soul" and "Tonight" (live))

Legends. Thank you for this playlist
Aisyah Maricar
I feel like crying listening to their songs. Miss them so much
Ara Farisha
TVXQ is the best boy group ever existed ! -THE END-
Arpawan Chareonsuk
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ TVXQ
Avian Khasanah
can't believe i still remember most of the lyrics after all these years... gosh im crying hard. i miss them so much :\
BaDUM Tsss
SM has the best artists tbh and then JYP
Black Cat
To me, they are actually The King of ballad songs. Until now, we have heard them singing in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, perfectly harmonized (Maybe their Mandarin pronunciation still have room for improvement but overall they are beyond my expectation). Thank you for collecting their best pieces of work \u003c3
Cassiopeia YC
One song to bring back thousand memories. I really miss you.
Cassiopeia noona adopts NCT
No one can beat TVXQ when it comes to vocal performances. They always slay all of their songs like they just ate their CDs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still the best group Korea has given to the world.
Cruella Nguyen
Deysi Fernandez
a mi me encanta la parte 38:39
Dominique Noelle Estanislao
.....have listened to a lot of boy bands from all over the world. This band is the BEST one I have heard. I have never been a KPop fan, but that wont keep me from saying that this band is THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. I love listening to music, I appreciate music very much. But NONE have moved my emotions, ONLY this band. Why do I cry when I listen to their songs in a language thats not familiar to me? Thats because THEY are the BEST.
Doushitekimi 01
I miss you
Elisabeth Christie
I literally play this video for my lullaby every night. This is the best✨ thank you so much for making this 💛
Faizah md fuzi
\u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Fallen Astray
My favorite songs in the list is:\nBolero 5:00\nBegin 32:52\nHeart, mind and soul 38:39\nUnforgettable: 44:00\nToki wo tomete: 52:25\nStand by u: 1:07:21\nProud 1:13:19\nALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH I'VE BEEN WAITING YOU GUYS SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL :(
Fernanda Lopez
Fida Tazkiyah
2k17 still cryin over their ballad songs
Gabriela Perez
Nadie hace mejores baladas que este grupo 💕
Hồng Phạm
Forever young of me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jackson Lia
Good times.....
JaeJoong Love
super waiting for d comeback,,,five living legends,,five Korean heartrob....
you forgot to add love in the ice
Layola Salenga
2018. Legendary Gods of kpop❤
Lia Autumninmyheart
TVXQ 5 member is my favorite TVXQ 😍😍 listening to this remind me of the good old time 😥
Maria Guadalupe Lara
The best Korea has given to the world, these 5 beautiful voices, thanks to youtube we are able to know them, no other boy band can replace them, they're the best of the best.
Maria del Pilar Saldaña Zevallos
El primer tema se encuentra en el disco Mirotic..
Merris Holona
Michelle Nicolette
Mijin Lee
Forever Love
Minnie Mint
Miss them T T
missi db5k
Naratthawan Threechownon
All memory is back ....
Naya YJ
Miss TV5XQ
Nguyen Jill
I miss them so so much.
Nikki J
Love their harmonization ❤️💛💚
Notin saneritenow
it's been almost 10 year since Mirotic.. I miss them as 5 so much.. God.. I miss them together..
Nur izah
No my destiny?
Pannida Yoosuk
2019 I’m still loving you . My God of all k,j-pop.♥️😭
you should add Wish
Priyanka Ghosh
thank goodness songs without auto-tune still exists
Putri Cassie
Masih berharap mereka bisa reunian suatu saat nanti. 😭💕.
Qhufi Nurazizah
first fandom, first bias, first boyband i know.They are just my first❤❤
Raoua Bejaoui
my heart can't handle this
Saki Yokushi
I've been listening to their songs for almost 4 years now without knowing that they were alreaded separated. 😭 I really like their ballad songs. I like all of them and how their voice synchronizes together. Their Love in the Ice really brought tears in my eyes especially when I remember them as 5 members.
Santi Lajar
Still the best group in all of KPOP. DB5K will forever be the Gods of the East.
Suwikran Wijitwongwan
2018 still luv 😘😘😘
Syafiii Nafisa
Thúy Vũ Thị
52:25 thanks. Finally found it. \u003c3
Trang Bùi
keep the faith
Tri Riska
still listen their song until now...there are so many rookie nowaday but no one can beat them...
Tâm Lại
Tử Lãng
M rất thích ad làm thế này. Nghe đến bài nào biết ngay bài đó hiển thị trên màn hình luôn
I miss their voices as 5 so much 😭❤️
Vite Kool
It's been a long time I've never listened to their songs. Miss them so much.
Vitória Harada
So now I can cry for sure
XXX Nguyễn
Love all
i miss old times
Yudhi Youdeztino
DB5k 😘😍 miss 😢
Yuqi Liang
The powerful songs supporting me through every tough moment \u003c3, Miss 5 of you!
a . j a e
I've been their fan since 2009 and I just found my old Japanese cd's from 9th grade and got sad :(
anis handayani utami
Forever five
elfa mauliza
Love DB5K forever. \nRed Ocean. Cassiopeia
elok wulan prasasti
today! i still listen to this song, OMG all of them came from heaven, heaven voice, the best balad song!\nand \
this is a good list
hope Wu
I love\
keiko s.
This is THE KING.
nhu nguyen
Love DB5K ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
nook wila
TVXQ! my No.1 :)
2018, I still love you..
yen mama cheng
东方5神起 王者中的王者 无可被替代的 永在心中深处 \nforever 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ miss them so much 😥😥😥
zyx tata
DONG BANG SHIN KII :'( \nmiss you all T T
Đức Minh Nguyễn
To me, i feel so wonderful, emotional when every single time i listen to such beloved DBSK song, although five of them have separated into different music groups but definitely they will always keep tightly their beloved friends in their mind, their soul, their heart. I will always love you my legend, DBSK!
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00:00\n04:53 Bolero\n10:56\n23:28\n48:17\n52:25\n58:11\n1:02:51 I'll be there\n1:07:21\n1:13:19
정말 케이팝의 역사를 쓰신 시초가 동방신기ㅠㅠ 동방신기랑 보아 덕분에 케이팝의 길이 열렸어요😭 너무 멋있고 사랑해요❤️
Miss you guys.
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