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Full Lee Van Cleef Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: (1975)Take a Hard Ride (original title), Rated 12, Runtime 1h 43min, Western.Take a Hard Ride is a 1975 DeLuxe Color Italian-American Spaghetti Western film directed by Antonio Margheriti. It stars Jim Brown, Lee Van Cleef, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly. Pike, a stone faced cowboy, meets up with Tyree, a dishonest gambler. The duo attempts to transport $86,000 across hundreds of miles of Western wasteland to deliver it to the widow of Pike's former employer. Co-financed by Italian and American producers, filming took place on location in the Canary Islands.PLOT (Wikipedia): Pike (Jim Brown), the right-hand man of cattle rancher Bob Morgan (Dana Andrews), is entrusted with a mission to deliver $86,000 across the border to the Morgan Ranch in Sonora, Mexico after his boss dies. Pike teams up with dishonest gambler Tyree (Fred Williamson) and they are forced to trust each other while being pursued by various outlaws and gunmen trying to possess the money, including the ruthless bounty hunter Kiefer (Lee Van Cleef) and corrupt sheriff Kane (Barry Sullivan).Along the way, the duo comes across a prostitute (Catherine Spaak) in need of rescuing and Kashtok (Jim Kelly), a mute Indian scout skilled in martial arts, as well as Chico, an orphan Mexican boy. After numerous gun battles and chases, Pike and Tyree reach the end of the line at an abandoned mine, where they duke it out over the money, yet finally settle and work together after getting word of the approaching gunmen.They give the money to the boy, then tell Kashtok to give safe passage to Chico and get the money safely to the ranch. Pike and Tyree devise a plan to escape by using explosives to blow up the mine shaft behind them, killing all their pursuers except for Kiefer, who decides to forgo his bounty and let the men continue their quest to reach the ranch.*****************COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]

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Aa Glad
Jim brown is black
Adam Mahić
Film nije preveden.?
Adinaldo Mundim
tem de postar dublado ou legendado em português.
Boon Swallow
Movies are suppose to be fake it’s entertainment, it must be a miserable person who lives life in total reality all the time.
Chris Sharp
just give Brown the ball off tackle-he isn't worth listening to anyway
Errol Riley
nice movie
This movie was made in 1975 and here we are in 2018! Yet, from some of these comments here it shows racism still lives and the hatred is beyond understanding! Why is it so hard to believe there were/are \
Humanities died long time ago freedom
John Smithe
another fake movie
Kelvin Bridglal
nice movie
The \
M Giebus
Ready to take this long, hard.... Walk
Marahall Valesquez
All ppl do is robbed each other wow!
Maria Fadli
I love cowboys movies and cowboy men - the towns, scenery and customs, the story, the horses, and carriages, the furniture, and women hairdos, and oftentimes I like the love story, women playing hard to get, a fight for her, the victory of the one I liked- it gives me an all-around good feeling of the familiar, home, love - and when the actors are the best like Van Cleef, I watched the film over and over - he is kind of mean looking and attractive at the same time - kind of pretty ugly or ugly pretty - hahaha - Nah, he is a devilish handsome man - I love this movie-
Mike Thomas
Liked seeing ol' Lee Van Cleef in this one.
Mike Williams
Nice movie
Otis White
Jp tomi as a matter of fact I do have some special interest in them. Because they black African American.
Rikkos Hop
To prove the point where do you think the word cowboy came from. At the end of the civil war who had the experience of handling cows - slaves did. The history of our country shows freed slaves were employed in such vast numbers in the push west that the term cowboy evolved as the norm because our country has always had a problem dealing with the other !!!
Scott H
Thanks for the great video
Soldier Quality
Wow... Robbing, Killing, stealing & Bullying has always been the culture of USA.. Earlier they were robbing and killing each other in USA. \nInitially US stole from Mexico the Territory of Texas and California etc..and Now USA is robbing, stealing and killing Arab Countries/ Middle East.
Thakorbhai Patel
Nice movie
Awesome show, used up a pound of popcorn and a litre coke on ice. Wow, Cool little Indian, him good.
erim lucerna
Nice one,,,
jp tomi
Whats all these black dudes are doing in a western?\nI stop watching...
knight Owl
It started off good, but once the never-ending chase began...it lost me. \nNone of the attackers could shoot straight. And the two black guys never seemed to miss with a gun, even at long range. And they never seemed to run out of bullets. too phony.!
lorrieann DANICE johnson
They seeme to have a lot of ammunition, perhaps to much, since they are shooting at nothing all the time. Quite silly but most westerns are silly that´s why I like them!
raymond cancel
I don't watch black cowboys western ,there was no chuch a thing, back then they were all slaves!
yeah shoot up those whiteys
suraj amom