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This vlog is a little different. More talking and at times more raw. It's been great hanging out with Tom and Juji. To watch all the videos we shot together, you should check out their channel. Best fitness channel on YouTube! Climbing starts

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Aaron Biller
I'm so sad I missed these shenanigans! That restaurant is literally around the corner from my neighborhood, you're climbing at my home gym! Pumped to see this collab (and Isaac continuing his rise in fame :D). Hope Charlotte treated you well!
Alex Salter
How the hell has Magnus only got 50k subs when these vlogs are so well put together/edited? Someone needs to find a way to get this guys channel to blow up!
so cool seeing you in my hometown! and no one says howdy here lol
Alpha Cuck
Tom is the best.
Anderson Antunes
I've come over from Juji's channel and have to tell you this: what an amazing collaboration between you guys! So fun to watch and so inspirational. I wanna know more about climbing now!
Attack Helicopter
Who disliked this? TAKE IT BACK
I found you from the jujimufu channel. This video was awesome and relaxing. You seem so humble! I look forward to seeing more :)
Bear studios
Jeg tror at å kalle deg muskuløs hadde vært en så sterk underdrivelse at det blir en fornærmelse.
Benjamin Case
Bradley McP
Wouldn't have found out about you until I saw you on Juji's channel. Glad to have found someone passionate about rock climbing. It's something I've dabbled in with friends but never really took as serious as I wanted. Think that might change after seeing you destroy that $100 challenge and seeing some of your content. Keep it up Magnus. It's inspiring! You got another sub.
Brett Royer
Magnus you’re the man, I absolutely wasn’t expecting a reply when I messaged you on Instagram and thanks for the advice! love the vlogs, keep it up man!
Caio Tosato
Man, this video was so cool!
Carlos Slim
I am watching this right after my climbing session :)
Love this!\nHave seen some of these two gentlemen's videos in my suggestions, and they truly are as nice as they seem!\nEnjoy your stay in 'Murica Magnus!
Glorious! Two of my favorite athletes coming together!
Chris Orhuf
Looked like you were having some trouble swallowing that liquid there for a second, mate :/ Hope you were okay up there! Love your vids and your colab with juji, is literally one of the best things, that's happened to youtube to date! Keep up the hard work and stay down to earth and honest to your subs, like you've been so far.
Christine Holmberg
Like for Charlotte and gym. Wish you could've climbed at nearby Cliffhangers gym too!
Climbing Medic
Hi, I just wanted to say that it was kinda a lifechanger, when I started to watch your videos. You motivate me so much for training and becoming better climber. Thanks Magnus and keep up good work, what you doing is great and you are a great person.
Climbing with Kai
Awesome video man! Can't wait for the next episodes!
Colin pierce
Hey I came from Tom and Juji's channel.. the first thing I noticed, is your video quality and editing skills are amazing.. first video in and you have a new sub!
Diego Raquiman
This was awesome. Greetings from Chile!
Soo happy juji and Tom introduced me to your channel!!
E Wolfe
Woah came from juji did not expect the editing to be so good
Emil Abrahamsson
So stoked on this collab!! Awesome video Magnus looking forward to more of it :)
Endre Pedersen
438 likes, 0 dislikes
Eric Huffenus
Long time fan and I’m so happy to see you in my home gym I wish I was there to meet you I’m so psyched to try some of those problems at practice
Fergus Carroll
Since the moment I saw you two together on your instagram feed I've been waiting eagerly for this episode!
Fernando Santoro
Hey Magnus, nice video. Planning on coming to New Mexico bouldering next time you are in the US.
Filip Eriksson
Listening to tame impala in the van, me gusta
G Hibbert
And back to Magnus - Bizarrely I found Jujimufu from youtube recommends after watching this channel, and now it's come full circle! I'm too old and started too late but have been working my fingers hard on local rock - thanks for the inspiration!
Grant Marshall
Tom and Juji work very well with each other on camera. I never realized he was doing all of the editing though. I really enjoyed this behind the scenes look.
Grim mirG
much love from planet earth
Hey! Just subscribed after i found you from Jujimufu's videos, looking foward to watching your future (and past) videos!
Hugo Pelletier
Shout out to the kid on the right at 11:21. He did his best.
Your drone shots are awesome!
I GUARANTEE you'll have record settingly strong grip
Isaac Climbs
Thanks so much for the opportunity to climb and film with you! And for the beta too haha.
Jim Cox
I'm from the Midwest (Southern Indiana) and when we are nice, it's usually genuine. I like how the climbing community is so friendly.
Joe Fornari
Love seeing climbers colab with other fitness athletes!
JoeyJoeJoe Defoe
Awesome colabs 👌🏻
Jonas Rogn
Kosa meg skikkelig med denne! Gull 🔥
Jorge Videla
the music and editing too good
Josh Fischer
I’ve been waiting for this for such a longtime
Joshua Barnett
You're not going to include the moment you broke a world record in grip strength?? You're impressively humble.
Jules Yap
Absolutely loving this collaboration so far!
Justin Y
I don't know if it was on purpose, but this shot at 0:27 is really pleasing to the eye. Nice shot Magnus. In fact the whole first couple of shots of your travel are really nicely set up. You're developing quite the eye for visual storytelling!
Eugene Moofoo. 🤣🤣🤣\n\nI'm dying!
great video. good vibes !
Katharina Ritschl
Not done with the video yet but i just had to stop and tell you that your music is SOOOO FREAKING GROOVY! 😍 😍
Kristofer Krosby
20 minutter med gull! Wow hvilken onsdag
Saw you on his vlog first- what an awesome colab! Good work on the grip strength :)
Markus Junnikkala
Awesome seeing you with them! Loving your attitude and spirit, keep doing your thing.
Mike Justice
I'm a long time Juji subscriber, which is what brought me here. Fantastic video, very well done. It was awesome to see the different perspectives and some behind the scenes footage of Juji's channel. Tom is the man. You're OK Magnus!
Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden! I'm subscribed to Juji and was really impressed by your strength and i like how you're humble about it, you got my sub!
Amazing quality, Magnus. It’s just satisfying to watch your videos. Really appreciate your effort. Keep it up.
My Key
Very nice vid👌
Nathan Bey-Smith
Such a great video!!! The combo of the climbing skills from magnus and the funny and interesting personas that are tom and juji is great to watch
Nathan Smith
I'm glad you collaborated with these guys. I've been fans of you both for a while.\nI'm sure I wasn't the only one, but as soon as they started testing climbers grip strength, I brought up your name and feats of strength to their attention.
Nic Klever
Congrats on 50K magnus!!!
It's really cool you guys are making some videos together, I started watching you both separately like 6 or so months ago. Love both y'alls channels, I'm actually from Raleigh NC a few hours away from there!
Raul Gonzalez
Awesome vid dude!!! Keep em coming!!🔥
S8 the Ninja Warrior
I just came from Juji's video where you break the world record and another video where you two compare some of your skills, VERY impressive !!! American Ninja Warrior would be so easy for you lol I'm sure you would destroy it haha
Sachin Iyengar
Omg! I live in NC. I live in Boone! You should come there's a lot of hiking and rock climbing up here
Sebastián Gutiérrez Herrero
Amazing Magnus been following both of the channels and find the collaboration amazing!
Secret !
OMG I’ve been waiting so long for this!!!!
Seeing tom and juji from another perspective was interesting. Sharp video work and climbing!
Steven F
Smoooooooth transition from Juji's channel to here. Lovin it!
Steven Moore
Love the dynamic of all your personalities. Works so great together. Cool guys. Subscribed to all.
Sub Niels
A just to support comment :D
Tait Hermansen
Bro came from juji channel and this content and background music is sooooooo great
Tarvis James
Love to have you in NC Tommy boi
Tom Boyden
it was a gosh darn treat to work with Magnus, we're too lucky
Tommy Rowell
Iam a long time support and I am the kid in the back round with the black shorts with the red strip but unfortunately i have sever social anxiety and was not able to talk with you but still super happy to see you in person
I don't care about rock climbing or body building but ironically I subbed to you because I saw you on the Jujumufu channel.
I always love your editing and it only seems to get better with each video.
Ty G
you should stream your training sessions on twitch. my twitch prime sub would go to you onstead of tom in an instant lol
hey, tom is listening to Tame Impala. i want to hang out with you guys.
I mean holy shit, this was incredible. Yours & Juji's videos these past couple of days have been beyond incredible. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Will Gibson
It was great to meet you/climb with you! Hope to do it again sometime. Maybe we can get outside and do some ropes next time.
Yoann ¿
Climbing and traveling in the same vlog. Awesome again magnus !
account account
Great editing and climbing as usual.
Magnus, I like the editing on this video. Plz include the map, with the little airplane, in other travel blogs & stuff. It is cool.
Hello from Juji's channel ;) you have a new sub
dominic cristante
its nice to see \
drope laves
jujimufu made me subscribe. I appreciated you trying the grip exercise even after you bled.
guess this highlights the gap between pro climbers and local hobby climbers
great intro\u003c3
Love the music selection!
I come from juji channel, im a new climber and think you are amazing
Wonderfull video and also the video over at jujimufu's channel. Really nice and funny made me smile.
niko bo
Really great editing and an overall top notch vlog. Awesome work Magnus! Your channel just hits the spot like no other for me.
Great stuff Magnus!
Still cannot believe this collaboration is happening. So excited for more!
Awesome vid
I love the music included in the video.