New Western Movie - Red River Robin Hood (1942)

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Director: Lesley SelanderWriters: Whitney J. Stanton, Bennett Cohen (as Bennett R. Cohen)Stars: Tim Holt, Cliff Edwards, Barbara Moffett

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This was EXCELLENT.... Thank you for posting...
Deborah Dyess
adored Tim holt do you have wagon train with Tim in it
Fly Oz
now that was a good entertaining western
Gerald Hard
They have to play the grant , against the foraged grant. Thanks.
J Anthony
Thank you for a good clean free movie !
J. Bruce Fox
Good flick.
Jean AArouet
By the look of the $1.00/acre rent each month as it changes hands the properties must be no more than a couple of acres. I was wrong about the film....why they put these dopes ...the one in this 'Fuzz\
Jorge Moreno
Please try to upload Storm over wyoming and Road Agent with Tim Holt too
💪💪💪👍 Merci mon Alberto !👍💪💪💪
Lynn Graham
Great movie, TY!
Petrus Mulder
Scarlett Johansson +18 vi_deos ♥
Thomas G
Fantastic love it
anne nielsen
Good movie thank you for sharing
6:41 Trump must have watched this. It's funny to me how guys who love Trump also love these movies and can't see that the bad guy is always just like Trump.
Good movie
Am I the only one that was impressed on how that girl could ride? She was one of the best female riders I have ever seen in any western. Just superb. Look at how tight and easy she rides that horse in the opening sequence and she is bareback. That is a lot harder to do than it looks. \n\nShe certainly is a professional.
grtwentyeight grtwentyeight
Arriving in Red River to join their friend Chet Andrews in the ownership of a cattle ranch, Jim Carey and his pal Ike discover that Chet has been jailed for resisting the efforts of a swindler, Scott Yager, to evict him from the ranch. Yager, through a Spanish land grant, and with the help of a crooked Judge, has proven ownership to all the land in the Red River territory. He and his henchmen have been evicting all of the ranchers who won't pay rent on their own ranches. Jim and Ike gain the confidence of a crusading newspaper editor, Sam Sterling and his daughter Carol. Jim and Ike, dressed in black robes and masks, attend a meeting of the ranchers and offer to help them. They join Yager's gang and, following orders, collect the rent money, but then don their robes as Mr. Justice, and hold up Yager's other collectors and return the money. Jim breaks into Yager's office and finds proof that the land grant is a fake, but Yager discovers the robes worn by Jim and Ike, both as Mr. Justice, and has two of his henchmen wear them and take money from the ranchers, thus breaking their confidence in \
I'm a huge Tim Holt fan. Thank you so much for posting this
Tim was amazing, and Ike was a hilarious sidekick! Thanks much!