Morricone - "Once Upon A Time In The West - Man With The Harmonica"

Concerto del Coro e Orchestra "Hochschule München" dell´ Universitá di Monaco di Baviera nella grande sala l' Herculesaal di MonacoDirettore: Maestro Prof. Theodor SchmittRegistrazione a cura di pdrmueller

This is good stuff!!!
Alexander Haronitakis
before Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone there were movies about the good cowboys and bad indians in the west.... after Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone there where Western Movies about people and their strifes and tribulations... They literary defined the genre .......
Andreas Dreier
Wudervoll klasse Orchester
Arezki Benhamza
Benjamín Bernabéu Muntó
otra gran ser humano, que deja huella en la música el Sr. Ennio Morricone, gracias nacer, vivir y hacer estas impresionantes bandas sonoras que quedaran para la historia.
Brenda Orvis Shay
Through this music performance, I feel multi experiences. Wonderful!
Brian Baumgarn
I agree. so important to also see the movie. Morricone was a genius at knowing how Sergio Leone would draw every ounce out of each scene. their stuff together is legent
Carlos Daniel Barros
Excelente magnífico una obra de arte......muy bueno
Cleto Meraglia
très mauvais chef
Daniel Papp
You have to see this movie to understand the music. . . Brilliant! The movie is a masterpiece of westerns.
David Lenshyn
One of the greatest Westerns of all time. Beautiful music
David Lumpkin
A great Anti-Western. No good guys, just varying degrees of bad guys. Superb performance by Jason Robards. The start of Charles Bronson’s “mute” roles. Henry Fonda as a “bad” guy, like he phoned in this performance.
David Marcus
His music blew me away and took me to another dimension when I was a child and now as an adult his music still takes me to a far better place other composers have come close but Ennio's music has a uniqueness that no one else has which is why I regard Ennio as one of the greatest composers of the 20th century and the greatest film score composer since film began.
listening to this just makes me want to watch the movie again...........for the umteenththousand time.
Dimitris Chatziioannou
second best western movie and music , behind only \
bravo !!!!
Elio Deda
Ennio Morricone e' il piu grande artista di sempre. E incredibile come fa la musica quest uomo. Li vorrei solo dire une grazie di cuore. . Veramente un genio.
Eugenia Hoffman
greatest western ever, and every major actor had their own music priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ganesan Iyer
this is music.totally co ordinated
Gerry Banares
Gil Sugayan
Heaven like feeling is the sensed that someone who hears and feels the spirit of this marvelous piece..
Goyo Gonzalez
Esa armónica me pone la piel de gallina.
Graham Carnson
Utterly Fantastic.
Greta Meta
Geile Lala
Harry Stevens
Every time I hear this music I can smell cordite and death............Best film ever and of course best western.
Hector Viani
J.R. Smith
JL Maxwell
Beautiful and mesmerizing to all my senses.
James Mclean
Just so so so Good No Great 👌. 👩🏼 💯. 💐. 😇😎🐈
Janice E, H,. Janice E, H,.
Jeff Tompkins
Jimmy Brush
So i realize now that Ennio Morricone is the only man that can perform music beyond all comprehension.
John Cox
My late father loved this movie. I love the music.
John Stucko
When I tell my kids about this movie, they look at me like a mental patient.\n\nI tell them:” Watch the friggin movie!! Watch the opening 10 minute scene!!”\nNothing...
Jon Gowan
The man with the Harmonica is the man you don’t won’t to meat in the western world.
Jose Maria Paredes Galindo
Espectacular....grande Ennio Morricone!!!!
José López Ruiz
La película fue y sigue siendo extraordinaria, y la banda sonora todo un éxito y prodigio. Aún hoy día siguen levantando pasiones la tanto la película como la melodía !!
Joyce Starnicky
The first time I saw the movie, the music captured me, so beautiful, so haunting!
Kenneth Howell
I don't think that people realize how much the music gives clarity to the story of a movie.
Not hollywood
Leo Dina
After seeing this movie for the first time - in the cinema, of course! - is somehow a different person. The power of these pictures and the music is incredible.
Lionel Alberts
Superb music, superb film.
Mrs Mc Bain, Jill Mc Bain
Manuel Francisco López Poveda
Preciosa música.
Michael Franz Dr. Watzl
Mihovil Hrvatin
Mirco Schlögel
Einfach nur genial. Es verschlägt einem immer wieder die Sprache. Phantastisch!
Mostefa Benkhelifa
Ennio Morricone is a .........; sorry I can't qualify his talents ; its above my criteria .
guitar mistake at 1:43. some artists turne. terrible mistake
2:38 'rcodio
Norm Keilty
What does the soprano see in the book - notes?
O Formigão
Melhor filme de todos os tempos. \nThe best movie of all times.
Olga Hernandez
I touched heaven listening to this..♥️
Papah Olke
I am lucky...... I have HD copy of this movie....
M O R R I C O N E = M A S T E R
Pedro Espin
Me encanta Ennio Morricone. Nunca me canso de escuchar su música. Fenómeno Morricone....
Peter Moreno
Between the Wild Bunch with William Holden and Ernest or Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson I dont know which movie was actually a better cimematic feast. The brutal violence when I first watched either one was a shocking thing. The final battle scenes with Mopache or Harmonica Man and the blue eyed killer. It was like we there watching. The sweat, the dust, the cordite. Freak man.
Philippe pkz
La parfaite osmose entre le ressenti visuel et le ressenti sonore..
Prince hectoroftroy
I still love this movie.... I was 20.....innocent days
Richard Rheaume
silly i know, but this makes me want to cry, the whistling, the solo, the guitar and all the little details, spectacular!! Bravo!
Ron Stephen
The scene where Bronson puts the harmonica into Fords mouth and Ford finally realizes who Bronson really is, that's my favorite movie scene of all time. Superbly acted ...
Pelle d' oca..
Sandro Gasparetti
Un giorno questo autore e le sue musiche saranno come \ni classici che non muoiono mai ...i grandi autori..verdi e via dicendo!
Sarinf Serg
Words cannot describe how beautiful it is !!\nGod Bless the Italian Westers
Silvia Rühsen
As we are Europe - we help eachother and not european neighbours ... anytime at last
Masterpiece ✌️
Steven Conner
Very nice interpretation. Unbelievable that not one frame of this film was shot before the music was written so that the film could be choreographed to the music. Movie perfection.
Subhayu Bhattacharya
Terry Paul
Terry smith
Charles Bronson, harmonica
The Knee Center
The guy who played the railroad baron who was the cripple was spectacular in this
Bronson and Fonda were perfect picks. The Italian Malocchio with this music as an atmosphere....Not much script needed to get the point across!
Thomas Maguire
They don't make them like that anymore.
Thomas Schmeler
It is amazing how some many musical instruments and voices can mellow together to make such great music as the piece. See the movie and you will understand. GREAT JOB
Tom Sanders
I still love this movie, the harmonica sounds so sad
vergognoso interrompere un file musicale con della pubblicità .... pessimo costume che sta diventando consuetudine ... appena trovo un alternativa youtube lo cancello dai miei links
Valdir Valdir
Estupendo Morricone! !!!
Vito Gurgone
La musica è come l'amore se non ci fosse che vita sarebbe
Vivek Pv
This music is a Masterpiece. And this movie is another Masterpiece in Cinema history.
Voranart Sirisubsoontorn
Have time on hand to ponder what kind of a world it would be with different groups of people on earth. I have tried to cut out all the bias and simply use what actually is going on during my life time of sixty years. My conclusion of which groups I would like to support compared to some groups that I cannot support with more than enough reasons, to me, is truth in my life. No one can make me feel that I am anything but racist.
Xam Jan
I grew up watching western movies especially those directed Sergio Leone. Now, I am appreciating those musical scores more than ever with a sense of nostalgia.
Really  Something  !!  Just  Beautiful  !!!     Universita di Baviera  nella grande sala  ..?    Henry Fonda  Played one  of  the leads  in the  Movie  and  Jason  Robards  and  Charles  Bronson ... Jack Elam and cant  forget  Claudia  Cardinale    Man is she  Hot  !!!
Never heard anything like this....truly amazing....words cannot express.If you have the soul,compassion ,passion and feeling in your will get this completely.
I've watch this movie many many times, I love it! However, when you watch the movie after watching a live performance of the music by a full orchestra and chorus and soloists, oh my God! Then you watch the movie with a whole different perspective! It's just beautiful!
daniel delmaire
that was the best western and the best compositor ennio morricone is the best none come closer no matter what movie is
Ennio Morricone is one of the most creative composers ever. He literally invented a new genre of music, and no one since has been able to match its unique emotional resonance. Rock meets opera meets folk meets Wagnerian epic symphony, and all in the service of a relatively low budget western made by an Italian in Spain. Talk about over-delivering!
For fans of the soprano part, she begins at 5:22.  I like how her gown matches the drum set.
On the 10th of November Mr Morricone turned 90 years...Congratulations Maestro..You have my deepest respect!
jim crow
johan grifffioen
schitterend !!!!
loc rob
I like the orchestra better than the singer.
michael brandt
a timeless masterpiece. What else can be said. I especially love the chorus part...makes the hair of the back of my neck stand up.
Damn, the wah-wah box just died on the guitar player???
To take it another level, watch the movie and then come back and listen to the soundtrack being played by an orchestra like this and it all comes together.  Genius!
reg profant
Great movie, fantastic music and sad ending
I love it!
tridon asni
Ennio is the best, I´ll take my helmet off and bow.
warren wilson
That last minute is always spine-tingling.
رحمان پیرایش