DBSK (동방신기) - Mirotic [Dance Version]

[HQ] =HEAVENI couldn't stop looking at Jae's wonderful chest and Junsu's yummy arms!Enjoy!

bang changmin dbsg dbsk dong hero jaejoong junsu ki max micky shin tohoshinki tvxq u-know xiah yoochun yunho 東方神起 동방신기

OK, so.... Monsta X.... we're ready!
Adriana Castillo
Chagmin ._. Siento que se volvio sexy
Alex Hnzz
back then K-POP was actually awesome...
Alyssa Hoyt
Is no-one gonna talk about Junsu? Cause like....he's so incredible and sexy 😍
Andrè -Psychoacoustic- Oscar
I can do that... here, hold my beer...
Yunho 😍
Ashley hyu-ston
i need this to b 1080 pix
Aya Nala
the Dance so Hot BTW :3
This will never get old
BTS Love
J' aime trop cette musique 😍
one of the most icnoic songs in kpop
KINGS \u003c3
Cheyenne asia
Watching in 2018
Clareana Garcia
Is anyone watching this video in 2018?
Countess Dracula
I really miss them being together.....DBSK, the first k-pop group that I loved.
Danny Jones
people shouldn't say shinee is better than dbsk because dbsk influenced the style shinee was produced with.
Dk Deekay
i like 3:11 part where Yunho jump up to front.... so cooL!
Do Na
They make it look so effortless. Real pros.
Dominique Jimenez
yes. damn.. i love this song.. i love the group and i love the dance itself.
Drama and Movies
My favorite band and dance song...
Fadzlee Aryffin
Praise the Lord for this music video
Hee seon Kwon
캬 그립다
I Bias ALL 18 of NCT
one of the hardest & unique kpop choreos of all time
Isabela Clara; Bling Bling it's Jonghyun
watching in 2018~
J Tee
Watching this in 2018 ❤️
Jiren The Grey
The best song ever by DBSK... Fans from Malaysia
Josiah H.
Still can't get over the fact that SM screwed over arguably one of the best boy bands ever. It's ridiculous and sad.
Kat D
If I don't watch this at least once a month I get upset lol
Kristine Mae Papasin
I would really be happy if TVXQ and JYJ could perform again as one even just once. TT_TT
Krystine Phi
Yunho turns me on
Kurenai Wataru
i came here after watching nct dance this on weekly idol lol
Lord Ares
Maru Universe
2018!!!! \u003c3
Merve Kansu
2:21 ....
Miinn _ zeenn
WOW! ! yo vengo por el cover que hiso B.A.P... nunca pensé que está canción era de tanto tiempo .... aunque me encantó... \u003c3
Monik G.
Que perfección de estos reyes!! Siempre me ha fascinado la manera en que Junsu se mueve en esta coreografía, se destaca su genial forma de bailar \u003c3
My Angel
WOW 🔥🔥🔥 they really do a good use of their bodies 🙌🙌🙌🙌 I love it 🙌🙌🙌🙌✋✋✋💜💋💞💕
Neferium Teufelskaiser
1:38 its a jojo reference?
Nena Sakura
I want to learn this dance...its cool and difficult ....
Neneng Fatmawati
Jaejoong sexy abs got my attention from the other member.. .. Damn hooottt
Nguyen Ha Tien
formation is smooth like water and silk.
Nurul Ain Shahira Rosman
It's already March 2015 and i still watching this.. i miss them as 5 so badly.. i really really want to see them comeback as 5 again.. i so sad and my heart was broken that they are separate.. how can i move on and stop to be their stans when they are too perfect as 5.. i will keep waiting.. AKTF! Cassiopeia forever T^T
Nuttida Kitseri
Paula kreinberg
Micky's hair is so emo!!
Phuong Dinh
So sexy, Yoochun brings me back here after 8 years. DBSK seems to be the best band in Kpop to me always.
Putri Miharjo
alwes LOVE tvxq miss all them
is anyone still watching in 2017?? =)
Ricalessandra Young
Can't take my eyes off Junsu :3
Ronald Andrade
someone watching in 2018?
Not TVXQ fan but really cant take my eyes off Junsu
Truly the GODS of KPOP
Shape Not
2016 and this is ultimate legit. \nreally wanted to see Shinee perform this song and it suit them
Shobalatha Venkatasubramanian
Discovered this in 2018. Wasted a decade of my life :(
Shun Watanabe
The king of k-pop\nThey are legends for good.
Shuu Guren
2018 and still gold. It's been 10 years already... \nI do miss seeing the 5 of them onstage all together again...
Sui-Lin Foster
It's 2017 and it's still legendary
Sylwia Tkacz
it's been years since I've seen THIS for the first time, and still there's no better dancer than Junsu here, I'm not a fan, but still I can't take my eyes of him, I think it's almost impossible to beat this performance, still got chills, I tried to watch other members, but it's impossible bc my eyes're going back to him :D
Well, half of the Mirotic and Wrong Number dances are free style.\n\nThe members made up some of the moves themselves...
Trosh One
still a got damn classic. No one is better than tvxq
Támezis Z.
Xiah Junsu baila riquísimo \u003e//////\u003c
V Luu
*cries every time this song comes on
one of my favorite tvxq songs ever and then choreography is amazing
Junsu dance very good. I can't take my eyes off.\nYOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wina B
Wow. Seriously.\nEven after years and thousands of other k-pop choreography, this vid still serves as the benchmark of what is really considered as a professional idol work. They totally know when to move powerfully or leave things slow and suave, coupled with impeccable synchronization, I can't help but feel that this is truly awesome.
Yawa Liz
Always junsu is the best.
a lonely potato
Best song ever 😭❤️
MIROTIC: the definition of sexy ~~
i know everybody hates SM entertainment, but this is an SM classic, like lucifer, like bonamana, like gee, like nu abo, like only one ... \nthey've got the resources, the choreographers, song writers, musicians, video-artists etc.
Yunho...I was so focused on him. O.O but then, I took turns focusing on each one...Jae....Yoochun...Junsu...Changminnie..
camille walters
jaejoong was so sexy and his dancing was attention grabbing
wow camera work that doesn't make me nauseous. it was good back in the days
Sep 2018 and i'm here thinking that dbsk for sure was the best kpop boy band ever. And by the look of it, \
glowing babies
xiah's dance kills me ☺
They'll be forever my favorites! LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!
keeper lighthouse
2018년 지금봐도 최고의 댄스뮤비
kiyonauwu x monbebe
came here after watching monsta x cover this💕
maRVel UP
03:11 I like this move so much. Yunho and Junsu, they interacted with each other so well (y)
may cmh
Maybe yoochun leave sm because of that hair
Look how details Yunho !!!
natasha ismail
I still watching this group in 2018.
ngan le
hay tuyệt :)
can't stop staring at jaejoong's bare torso \u003c3 lol
sarah yutuc
It's already 2018 and I'm still watching this. They are just too awesome.
the best dance choreography i have ever seen i'm not just talking about the dancing moves i'm also talking about the harmony between them especially when they replacing their places from back to front, right to the left and vice versa\nalso their moves has meaning some times you can see a good choreography but without any meaning and not related to the song\nsimply this choreography the meaning of perfection
Junsu's dancing makes him so easy to spot. Can't look away. Best.
uwu verse
I wish I was a fan of Kpop since '08 it doesn't matter if I was 6 during Mirotic time \u003e.\u003c\nThis was just perfect ugh. \u003e///\u003c now I feel how Cassies during this time  ;uuu;\nI wanna see a DB5K reunion TuT
victory_ jin
Yunho and Junsu is dancing king of k-pop no jokes
#TheThirstIsReal Ugh Mirotic never gets old \u003c3 #DBSKFORLIFE #GodsOfKpop
zibbity bibbity bop
Still nothing like the original. It's so insanely difficult to match the ultra-smooth feel of the choreo the way TVXQ themselves did it. You might be able to find one or two people who can manage it, but to get an entire K-pop group to pull it off? That's a tall order right there.
그 때는 이정도로 멋진 곡과 안무인줄 몰랐는데 지금와서 다시 보면 볼수록 엄청나다...
정해진 안무 속에 각자 다른 개성의 춤을 구현해 낸 것도 놀랍고, 그 무엇도 쉬운 동작 하나 없음. 얼마나 연습했을지 참.. 동방신기 곡중 최고의 안무.