20150516 爵士鼓 羅小白 Moves Like Jagger


***WoRk aNd FuN***
This video was the first one I saw, and I was enchanted by the vibration of the drummer, because she plays with gusto, totally body and soul in the music, one realizes that she loves what she does, congratulations !!! I signed up for the channel !!! Success!!!
She's friggin adorable and amazingly talented. i think i've got a major crush now.
Ace Naz
I wanna marry her already . :3
Adam Eliasson
2:42 She dropped her drumstick and took out another one, like a boss
Not quite my tempo.
Alex Olvera
this girl should take on a Keith Moon piece......cymbals !
Alex Smith
She's so awesome :D
Alistair Burford
My biggest issue with this is she's not drumming the bloody music and the timing is very iffy. Other than that, great.
Aniva Fitisemanu
I love her! She’s having a great time, she’s enjoying the moment and people are completely mesmerised with her. She’s amazing!
Benjamin Davis
It’s a crime that the fake sped up one gets more views.
Best Digital Content
the skt1 faker of music
me enamoré :v
Cleiton Loureiro
qual o nome dela?
This looks insanely fun
Diane E
Someone please explain to me how everyone in the audience looks bored out of their minds and unimpressed???
Dino 122203
I love how happy she looks when she performs
Disa Johansson
somebody please make an anime about this girl
Divine Sim
Sing pleaaaase!!!!
Dodo Whinko
Dohyeong Kim
드럼 개잘친다
Edgar F.
awesome skills! :D
Eli Elfassy
why is not available on mobile phone? This video has 6000000 views on Facebook someone else copied it and shared it. Make it available, put names in English! This is great!
Evert Carlsson
so fucking awesome best ever!!!
Feras Alkindi
hello my dear 9gagger... you made it here!
Fernando Henrique
Carvalho a mina toca pra porra.
Francisco Sánchez
Omg.. I don't even have words!! SHE'S SO AMAZINGG!! And what I liked the most is.. Her smile.. I like her, she's like, her smile did never fade from her face! She's litterality for me the best drum player on earth..! AND WHAT I REALLY DIDN'T LIKE WAS WHEN SHE DROPPED HER DRUMSTICK, AND THE 3 BOYS ON THE BACK WHERE LAUGHING AT IT!! I SAW IT! AND I KNOW THEY WHERE TALKING ABOUT IT! I really don't know why they have to do that.. But it's okay, her smile made me calm down again :) I just wanna let her know that I love her music and I love her facial expressions like enjoying every single second of the song and wow, wow! AND JUST WOWW! It's like she feels the beat in her venis, and that is something that I love :) I have a crush on her right now, her smile made me fall in love with her ;-; hahahaa
Hail Satan
I’m falling in love
Hampus Björklund
Just to let you know someone inverted your clip and posted it on FB in low quality and got 2.2 M views. LINK : https://www.facebook.com/104718152934619/videos/1220383434701413/?pnref=story
Heeby Jeebies
Suddenly I want to learn drums.
J11 BG92
You can absolutely see that she loves playing the drums.. 😊 so cool
I wish I even looked that happy while doing something
Jans YT Surfer
Is she a solo artist? Because I can see her drum covers on several other channels with another drummer named KT and obvi I can't read the characters to go figure it out XD. And I'm increasingly beggining to stan, so I was also wondering if this is the official channel '^'.
Jason Swagborn
Seriously feeling that energy! This chick is the real deal!
Joao Afonso
This girl is amazing i mean dude wow
Juan Nieto
Estoy enamorado de esta chica
Kenny F Rea
I hate that song.....I still enjoyed watching this.
Can we get 100 likes for this comment
Khalifah Dasopang
guys, no matter how good you are on something, there will be one asian girl better on it
Kpop Universe
2:42 that drumstick left because it couldn't handle how perfect S White is
Kurt Xl
Drummer skill level: Asian!
Leonardo Eufrasio
If she plays like this in the streets of Brazil or Argentina, the heat of the crowd will be much different.
Luciene Ferraz
Gostei eficiência total
Lívia Sodré
Maria Diana
She lost a stick and she didn't lose stride. Her smile didn't even go. She's amazing.
Even the plastic bag on the cup is feeling the wibe.
Much with a Mouth Dogepool
I love her facial expressions, just enjoying playing the drums..
Such a cute, wholesome video.
Otaku Girl
Omg she is the coolest and cutest thing i ever saw. ❤️❤️
Pablo Sotto
Malditos ninjas ..
Paul Sanchez Cordova
I have a crush on her now.
Plamen Ivanov
Okay, slow down a bit. Skill and technicality are there, but... Can't you people hear these fills are waaaay too much for this song? A good drummer wouldn't necesserely mean someone who can do great bpm, but would mean someone who can pick the best rhytm for their music.
Can you teach me how to drum like you
Raul Benevides
Performance perfeita. Toca demais esta garota! Já virei fã! Sou do Brasil. :)
She seems to have fun
She's so happy, I really I appreciate that.
Russaz Suraj
Scotovic Jones
Thanks once again S.White. I watch this lady every day from your postings. Her happiness is excellent relief from long days at work - so beautiful.
Secret Billionaire
Japanese crowd can sometimes so boring.
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou esta la
Nem um BR aqui, que milagre, esse vídeo está fazendo muito sucesso no Facebook Brasil. Muito top.
Her stick trickery just makes me feel anxious. But her smile is so happy. I want to be in a band with her.
Stephen Trawick
I hate this song, but her drum skills are solid.
Sthephannne Xavier
Toca muitooooo!!! \n\n*Alguém BR?*
Vallari Nyayapati
Holy Gods of Olympus, her smile is so contagious!
Wesley Brown
Zac Mims
You are the cutest goddamn thing I've ever seen 😄
Zouhair Madid
I love China! People around the world are awsome.
chat2stephen Oz
INCREDIBLE!! So Talented!
dSoza dSoza
Porrrrr meu , técnica pra KARAI véi ...\nSou batera , o malabarismo das baquetas , é muito treino ...\nEntão dou meu voto de muito boa apresentação ....\nSe ela não tem variação , teria q assistir ela numa banda ....\nTambém acho q o batera , tem que inventar nos toques e variar é o principal de QQ músico ....\nAté o cantor ...\nVide , ouça TIM MAIA E BANDA VITÓRIA RÉGIA .....\nSÓ ISSO ......!!!!
She could start to try on playing better and choosing better songs than doing cute faces.
Watched this a dozen times, still brings a smile to my face.\n\nI think it's because of her smile; this young woman clearly enjoys what she is doing and I think that more than anything is what makes this a good performance. I remember watching a video of Green Day doing \
e bai
Can we get married|?\n\nLOL\n\nSO awesome.
deserve move views... :D
i need some tea
ivan katić
i would really like to see her drum cover of Pendulum - Tarantula
kelvin valdez
Raw talent
why do all of these audiences look dead?? im literally sitting on the toilet screaming.
m s
That crowd was terrible! Some of the best drumming I've ever seen. Think about how much worse we are at everything in our lives than she is with those drums. Amazing.
Awesome drumming, I think it's the first time I see a girl being so good on the drums and enjoying every second of her playing. Wintersun's drummer sent me this :D
The fact that she is not saying *\
Hello 9gag, my old friend.
She look sooo happy !
que sera sera
Haha crazy skill! Cant call it anything else than sexy! ^^
rainbow 6 guy
Why would anyone dislike this?!?!?
2019 💕
sad user
Now THIS is a sexy woman
vape nation
That's hot
vida loka
Parece eu tocando bateria.
x1.25 speed :O
zero strong
Вова Петров
Михаил Митин
Красава, самое главное самой кайфовать от того что ты делаеш.....!
александр портнов
БЛИН как доставляет вид этой девчушки... Она просто балдеет с себя. и есть с чего (я имею ввиду ее потрясающую игру). Прямо через монитор тянет ощущением ее кайфа от того, что она делает. И по большому счету ей видимо похеру на зрителей как таковых. ЖИВЕТ по КАЙФУ и не напрягается
Very cool!