Greatest Rock N' Roll Vietnam War Music - 60's and 70's Classic Rock Songs

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No musical compilation of \
Alexander William ZALESKI
Something about rock n' roll of the late 60's and through the 70's. Today so-called rock music, has nothing but bad sound, bad vocals, and no meaning or moral. Don't call me a \
Amanda Barefoot
Bravo 2/7 Infantry \
Andres Rocha
To Joey De La Paz I'm your cousin and I miss you rest in peace God I miss you Semper Fi
Andrew Vassos
all right now
Angel Baez
Thank you Vets and Active Brothers and Sisters. Because of you I live and love this country.
Artem Ryapolov
Привет, Америка! \nHello America!
Barb Katz
Terry, I am an American - for 69 years. I was there, I lived it.
Big AL
VF-101 Fighter Squadron
Branko Butkovic
Good mix but sad to see so many comments from worms that decorate themselves with stolen valor. Sad and disgusting! The real vets will know what i'm talking about. Shame!
Bush Master Wilderness Of
Antifa is our enemy but the government is our worst enemy !!!
Carol Mierendorf
To all the men that fought for in Vietnam..thank you
Cindi McKinney
Great music selection........Still love the 70's music....:)
Clarence Uhrich
Navy YR-71 yard repair in Da Nang for swift boats, pt boats, and coast guard cutters. Yes, the coast guard served in Nam. They picked up and brought home the dead pilots. Don’t give me any congrats, save it for the coasties and the rest of the front lines. The closest I got was Charlie medical nine miles from the DMZ as shotgun for the medic. Love all you guys who had the tough duty.
Czechoslovak Military 1940's TCPC
Track list ?
DAD Hogue
ONE OF 3 BROTHERS WHO SERVED........Oldest with the 101st on Hamburger Hill, One (Gun Trucks) and Myself (Rangers) with the 173rd Airborne (Separate), out of LZ English and Uplift!
Darek Wroblewski
Dude literally the best fucking compilation i have come across, all the songs I like and cherish, of that specific type of (I guess you can call it) melodic classic rock (?).
David Thomas
MACV SOG, “Bad Moon Risin”..68, 69,....
Dick Johnson
first marine Div echo 21 I did my thing and returned we never had much radio were in the bush all the time
Dor Matsliyah
00:00 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son\n02:21 - The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black\n06:07 - Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind Of Wonderful\n09:26 - The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun\n13:44 - The Doors - Riders On The Storm\n20:24 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama\n25:01 - ZZ Top - La Grange\n28:49 - The Outlaws - Green Grass & High Tide\n38:35 - Dion & The Belmonts - I Wonder Why\n40:53 - Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction\n44:25 - Canned Heat - Going Up The Country\n47:16 - Cream - White Room\n52:12 - Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild\n55:39 - Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell\n58:20 - The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil\n1:04:42 - Free - All Right Now
Eric Johnson
If you remember the sixties, you weren't there.😉
Ethel Fattorusso
I believe everybody should do time in the military. They are such spoiled rotten kids who don't appreciate what they have and always crying about something that offends them. One year should probably do it for most of them. I lived through this era of the Vietnam war and saw all those draft dodgers not politically correct but that's what they were. When my cousin came home after doing his 4th tour in Nam he was called everything under the sun. I come from a long line of people who served in the military, Dad, Uncles, cousins etc. I lost friends in Nam and there were over 55,000 deaths practically my whole generation. God Bless our men and women in the Armed Forces, and may God protect and watch over them.
Francisco Castillo
my brother was there 1968 1969 chulai 23rd americal division he used to say those where the days rest in peace 2012
Garrett Fowler
Burton Fowler !st /8th Cav . Served in Nam 70/71
Gary Schmelzer
I was in Nam 71-72..PHU BAI... My favorite was: We gotta get out of this Place, if its the last thing we ever do...
Gerry Dooley
Boy, the Vietnam war just had the best music
Iggy T. Hippie
I served our country, and I served proudly in the USAF. But, not in Vietnam, I was to young to serve but old enough to know, and follow the reports. Old enough to watch family members, friends of my older Sister, and others go. Seen some return, and some only partially returned, those men left a part of themselves in the jungles of Vietnam, and some I never seen return. Some of the comments that I have read are a little disturbing, especially negative comments from someone who has never put-on a military uniform. As far as the draft- dodgers as people have called them, I believe that the only ones that should voice an opinions on them are these 3 groups of people 1) The men & women who served in Nam. 2) Widows of those killed in Vietnam, or death had direct connection with their tour of duty in Nam, 3) The Draft Dodgers themselves. I know its a little bothersome to many Vietnam Vets to here people talk about anything to do with the war if they weren't there.Also, I don't care if it pisses anyone off but my Son who turned 17 today has been told by me that if he ever visits a recruiting station that he better plan on Dad wooping his ass! And, I also told him that if they visit him at school that I want to know about it. They Aren't getting my Boy! \nIn closing I'm going to say that I bet the person wasnt around during The Vietnam War, which is fine. I'm just saying that because there are songs on this playlist that weren't even written until well after the war. Take Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama for example.\nPEACE
Creedence... what a song... pure awesomeness!
Married 4/68, drafted 19/68, first baby 8/69 Americal/23rd. infantry Div. LZ Stinson 9/69 headed home 9/70. Still married 50 years later, first son 49 yrs. old.\n I wasn't a fortunate son, just a working stiff with a new wife. The U.S. government said, to hell with my wife and baby, let them make it the best way they can, but did give them about $60 per month for food and housing.\n Hell South Side Bank in Tyler TX even ruined my credit because I was late on a few car payments even though I was not legally responsible for any debts till I got out.\n I now draw 100% service connected disability and Social Security and know full well it had nothing to do with protecting our country but was so some very rich people could get much richer. JUST LIKE THE PHONY WAR ON TERROR.
Janice Robinson
Mike Robinson; i was station at Da Nang Air force base in 69-70
Jeff Littlefield
who are the airheads who dislike this,
Jim Burns
How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?
Joe Atwork
Sgt Joe 3/506 101st Airborne... 11 Bravo.... '69-'70 now just Old Joe Thanks for posting.
John Bernstein
TET 1968, I- Corps, A Shau Valley, Quang Tri, Phu Bai, Hue.....Co. B 1st Bn. 501st Inf. 101st Airborne Div. \
John Kensington
I was in Nam, came home in 71. this music sets me back big time.
Johnathan Watsonson
I am so sorry for the way you were all treated when you returned. I was not born yet, I am so ashamed of my parents and the people around back then that did that. You are ALL heroes , You should have come home to a heroes welcome. You did what your country asked you to do. Thank you all so much for what you gave for this country. from the bottom of my heart.
Joshua Mccallister
Thank you all for your service and thank you for the mix helping me open my eyes to see what my grandfather had to go through just to make life better for his family
Judy B
My father and brother both served in the war...retired AirForce and Army. Thank you to all you have served our country!
K Vue
HMONG Warriors stopping the Ho Chi Minh trail salute to General Vang Pao
Kate Stiefer
'65 - '67 Daddy-O was a USAF Colonel ( Wing Commander of the 3rd Air Division) flying B-52 sorties out of Andersen AFB, Guam. I was a young in paradise. They kept the sorted details to a minimum.....but we knew it was heavy, because Mom would go up on the rock and count planes as they were returning. She came home crying every time....thankfully it was because all of them kept on coming home. The only time I remember 52 going down was when Major General Crumm (Commander of the 3rd Air Division) went down heading for Viet Nam when his B-52 was in a mid-air collision. That's the only time I recall my father crying. \nFlash forward to coming back to the States.....Travis AFB, and I was a Candy Striper
Kenny Maxwell
To all of those who served over there and gave their lives thank you and love you!
Krysta L North
Thank you boys for your wonderful service
Larry Linn
When I arrived in Vietnam, as a common infantryman, back in June, 1969, they guys wanted to know what was new. I told them that bob Dylan and Johnny Cash had a great duet called “Girl From The North Country”. Most of the guys did not believe me. I do not remember whom was more upset, the Dylan fans or the Cash fans. It was symbolic of how our country was divided at the time
Lea Blev
I want to thank each and every one of you all that served for this country, at some point or another, may God bless you all,
Linda Camire
In memory of my dear Tom. A proud member of 101 st Airborne Viet Nam. Miss you so much, Honey.
Luminya M
I think Guess Who's American Woman should have been on this compilation. Great video.
Matt Krieger
I want to personally thank each and everyone that was there. A bad time in the world. Your being behind our country still means a lot for me. I wasn't old enough to go but I was old enough to understand the turmoil it caused everywhere. Thank you so much for seeing it thru no matter your feeling about the war!
Michael Duvall
25th Infantry (Electric Strawberry) 69-70..... CIB earned the hard way... .Welcome home my brothers.....
Michael Mason
Born in 53' was in the draft in 71' but my number was well above what they were calling up. My brother--in-law got drafted and a good friend at the time (conveniently) got a medical deferment. His father was a doctor. By 1970-71 the war had become very unpopular and we were teenagers, what did we know - only that the times were crazy.
Michael Neville
2/1 Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Bde, Americal 7/68-7/69
Mike Pavuk
377 Combat Support Group 1966-1967 Ton Son Nhut
Namvet 67-69
Was in Phu Loi- Di An - Lai khe 1967 to 1969. H H T. 1st Sqd 4th Cav. 1st. Inf. Div. Great tunes. Brings back SOME good memories
Nikolai Sednev
Wars always started by politics, but ended by soldiers.
Peter Kamm
Das ist einfach nur eine klasse Musik!!!
Peters World
Best music ever ..greetings from the Netherlands ..!!
Philip Yeatts
Joe Milliken, Special Forces Vietnam 65,66,67,69 and 70, 1 bronze star, 3 Ar coms, purple heart
Proud Veteran
Rock on my proud brothers
R'v Thima
born in the wrong genration to listen the best music , honor to all veteran of the Vietnam war you will never be forgoten
Great playlist as i sip an ice cold drink on a scorching hot summer day. RIP to all the Vets. with love from England
Robbie J
Awesome picture. Merica 🇺🇸
Robert Nucci
I love to hear all the crap about doing away with all things military. what happened to \
Robert Perez
God bless all you brave men and women.
Robert Riess
Born early fifties, spent much of the 60's doing things I shouldn't have but still here! Loving life and still grooving to the music!
Robert Willea
Born 1960\nDesert Storm soldier, Army Engineers \nWe made it home
Roberta Klemmer
You were just boys but came back Men and the ones who did not come back left a hole in our hearts, I was just a young teenaage girl and I recall my older sisters friend she had a crush on getting sent off.. I decided I just wouldnt fall for any boy because they could draft him and I would get my heart broke. Sad time but very grateful not just for the service of those men and women but for the sacrifices their loved ones made . God be with you all.
Awesome....100% disabled US Army veteran...PTSD......lucky to be alive......I visited the Oregon Memorial to Oregon Vietnam Vets in Washington Park today..i took photos of all the names..God Bless these men...I explained what happened to my 25 year old daughter...
In memory of my father, who served two tours of Vietnam and was a proud member of the 1st Calvary
Scott Sanders
Just missed that war. My draft number was I think around 230, but good ole Tricky Dick cancelled the draft in '73 when I graduated. My father (a Lt Col US Army) was glad I didn't have to go though. He taught soldiers escape and evasion in Ft. McClellan, AL and biological/chemical warfare at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver, CO. I can't imagine rocking to anything like that generally speaking, but I guess you had to be there in the midst of Vietnam. Anyway, was glad I grew up in the '60's and '70's, better times than today for sure! Hats off to all you brave soldiers who had to endure so much. You certainly deserved a parade instead of the way things turned out. You are not forgotten........
Sherri Parker
That War still Pisses Me Off.
Skip Shepherd 01
To all that served thank you.
Skye Saathoff
Stella Lynn Serne
I appreciate this music. It saved my life. And I was born in 92.
T.Gerard Russo
God bless.our vets
Terri Santoro
The music I grew up with and we sent our boys to war with. Featured in the series Tour Of Duty..
Volunteered Us Army 1967 and service with the 1st Bn 61st inf regiment 1968-1969.  Wounded 12/06/68.  Honorably discharges 1973
Thomas Hunter
too young for nam but i served from 1990 to 2008. to all my brothers who served in Vietnam thank you for your service and welcome home. Better late than never my brothers
Vincent Crooks
the image of the blokes with guitars is worth a thousand words.
William Parsons
Did not go to Vietnam, was not old enough to serve, besides.......... I'm English, I followed the news as best I could and remember saying a prayer each night at bed time for the GI's. I remember feeling very sad at the age of 12 or 13 when the troops were pulled from Vietnam, even at that young age I felt the troops on the ground were let down badly........... By everyone. I felt for those that had died and mained...... For what! I did not know at that time just how a solider deals with the shit that comes his way............. But at 15 years I joined, (boy solider) When 18 joined man service...... Went on to be a 'lean green fighting machine' Army Commando, (79 Kirkee) 17 years for the crown! Saw a lot of shit go down and a fair few chuncks head my way. Did my own Vietnam, OK.....less palm trees and mosquito’s for sure. 4 tours N Island, Falklands war and other stuff........ It was here I understood my fellow fighting men from around the world and down though the age......... What I'm saying is; Respect to you guys in the boonies of SE Asia............ Respect! \nAnd the music, never understood it at the time, I make up for that now!
Willow Zeyphr
Thank you for your service Daddy, too bad we couldnt talk about it... I understand the shituff u seen scarred you and couldnt speak of it,but I love you for your service and Im proud of all men and women who served this country in peaceful times and war... Youve got more \
Wrenn McCallister
68-70 C co 1/7 Cav., A troop 1/9 Cav.
alex brazier
23rd TFW, 74th TFS - 1970
Vincent Benedetti. PFC. A CO, 1ST BN, 61ST INFANTRY, 5TH INF DIV, USARV Quang Tri (March 1, 1949 - May 21, 1971) RIP
bill collagan
God bless Vietnam Vets and ALL U.S Veterans. Treat them with the respect that they deserve!!
daniel pelayo
Always brave, always young in our heart, a great generation , still alive and fighting
james turner
This generation CANNOT understand the generation of boys and girls who went off to war in Vietnam. Yes, there were plenty of American Ladies there, too... Serving in UNIFORM!!! None of us wanted to go. None of us wanted to be shot at. None of us wanted to have mortars and rockets fired at us. None of us wanted to witness our best friends being blown apart during battle. This generation cannot understand us, because they were not raised by our parents. Who were our parents? Our Fathers and our Mothers had served in World War II. They had served in Korea. They came home as 'Heroes'. They were men and women of \
jay failing
Great comp; too bad this music is associated with such a tragic period in our history. It should stand on its own.
karl migeon
I was born in 68 but have always felt the strongest connection to it(almost makes me believe in reincarnation  .Thank you all for your service!
rocket man
to the veterans, I am a thirty year old hard working hippy. long hair, tatoos, and I listen to this \
ronbow namvetusmc
Was all over I Corps in 1969-70 manning radio relay sites. 101 was GTG. USMC 1967-71, RVN 1969-70
roy skuderin
USAF, Det. 1, 39th A.R.R.Sq. Air Rescue. \
russ elder
God Bless you guys.....Navy 75-79
tony eskue
USAF SAC 8th Air Force
1972 2'nd Armor Div. Tank Gunner (11-E)
wayne legendre
1970 to 1974 .vaw 126,USS FORRESTAL CVA-59,all because i got a pre induct physical , instead of induct physical, i got too choose which branch of the Armed Forces to service,with Honor, FOR MY COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!