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The absolute best scenes from the 1993 movie TOMBSTONE - In my opinion

Bill Paxton (TV Personality) Kurt Russell (TV Personality) Po... Sam Elliott (TV Actor) Tombstone (City/Town/Village) Tombstone (Film) Val Kilmer (Author)

Playing red dead redemption 2 i'm like Doc Holiday at the ok corral :-)
Ike had a horseshoe up his ass the entire movie.
Albert Ramsbottom
I liked the scene (not on here),where Wyatt is told who Ringo is in the saloon,and then he goes on to say ,''And who's the other idiot''.
The only western with a gunfight better than this has to be Open Range. But with all the good acting going around with Kurt, Powers Boothe, Michael Biehn, etc., Val really did steal the show. It wasn't just one or two or three great lines. It was the whole film! \
Apollo B.
This is one case where the Oscars failed. Val Kilmer was Oscar-worthy in this role & deserved a nomination.
Aubrianna Werlinger
I love the part when he Winks at the draw when everyone else is serious and then the guys expression is hilarious
Great Movie. Probably last Great Western. \nKurt Russell was great in this movie. But as good as Kurt was Val Kilmer really made the movie.
Ben G
I always forget all the actors in this movie....Kurt Russell, Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, Thomas Haden Church....and of course, Powers Boothe and Bill Paxton, RIP.
Bob Orsini
Truly an acadrmy award performance by Holliday.
Brent tripp Thomas
Love the western times and love being drunk to support it
Butch Dye
“I know, let’s have a spelling contest.”
Chad Arndt
Christian Romero
Whenever doc taps the butt if he guns before he shoots. It reminds me of a deadly spider getting ready for a kill
Colton Larsen
Doc Holliday, the first troll.
Val Kilmer should have won the Oscar that year, Hands Down...
DTown214 North
Doc Holliday
I'm your Huckleberry...
Val Kilmer was absolutely STELLAR in this movie. That he didn't get an Oscar is total and utter crap.
Edwin Thompson
neither Tombstone or Wyatt Earp are factual {{ skirt around the truth... but no one really knows about Tombstone Arizona 1881.. Alaska a town called Nome Wyatt Earp he told my grandfather about Tombstone and it was nothing like how Hollywood portray it I have letters sent from Alaska to my grandma from my grandad referring to Wyatt Earps life when he was wearing a \nRepublican law officers tin star {{it was a cover for his illegal businesses in all the saloons he told grandad he made moere money from running gambling tables and prostitution than from wearing a tin star Tombstone was a corrupt town ran by corrupt administers and the Earps were at the top of the tree but thats how the so called wild west was boomtowns after boomtown is where the Earps would go ... at time of kill or be killed..........
Frank Raborn
I was just fooling about.....I wasn't...Val Kilmer was by far the best Doc Hollywood
Gene Paulk
Must be a peach of a hand !!! 👍🏻👍🏻😎
Gentry Tipton
One of, if not, \
I need that painting in the background lol!!!
HAM Miranda
Val Kilmer stole this movie. His scenes were the best
5:45 In fact, you're probably seein' double... I have two guns.. One for each of you!\n7:49 Why, Johnny Ringo! You look like somebody jus' walked over your grave.\n\nVal got the best lines in that show.
My mother is an Earp who is a distant cousin of Wyatt’s
Idiot Savant
“Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.”
J Sharp
Kevin Jarre was the screenwriter who created this story and wrote so many of these wonderful lines for Tombstone. Several lines were added by Russell and Kilmer during shooting but the story and dialogue are still primarily Jarre's. Jarre passed in 2011, aged 56, of a heart attack. Please tip your hat to him!
Instead of getting all in someones face when they piss me off, i now tell them, I'll be your huckleberry.
James Roper
The most dangerous man, isn't the fastest draw, or even the most accurate shot. It's the one that just doesn't give a shit. That's what made Doc Holliday so dangerous. He didn't care about anything or anyone else, except Wyatt Earp and his brothers. Doc knew his days were numbered. So why care if you live or die, when you're already dead?
Jermaine Martinez-Perez
Doc Holiday is definitely one person you would want to fight on your side.
Jimmy Giles
Val's portrayal of Doc was the shit man!  His best role ever.
John Ector
Val Kilmer gave one of the best performances in motion picture history and did not even get a nod from the academy. Everyone who saw this film would agree with me I'm sure.
Tuberculosis is definitely a huge part of what made Doc so dangerous. He was a dead man walking, and he knew it. That and the fact that he was brought up as a southern gentleman meant that he would not tolerate certain behavior.
Val Kilmer is such a badass in this movie
Lord Hoth_09
“Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself!” Best line for anyone, anytime, anyplace.
Billy Bob Thornton was fat in this movie.
how did Kilmer NOT get a nomination for that is beyond me..
Marc Templer
An outstanding movie. Great cast, script and soundtrack...\
Marie Cee
You missed a few. \nLaw don't go round here law dog.
Matt Fleming
RIP Powers Boothe & Bill Paxton\n\nGone before their time
Matty Boy Anderson
You could add the rest of the movie and still call it \
Max Pain
Red dead redemption 2 looks awesome
Michael Davis
Val Kilmer being cheated out of an Oscar is just further evidence that the Oscars are all about politics, and have nothing to do with quality.
Michelle B
Val Kilmer at his finest
Mike Wilhelmson
A good reminder for all us men. We've become too far removed, too liberalized.
Miles B
What about the scene where Wyatt Earp says \
My great-granny told me all about it it's a Long Branch is where you shut Wyatt Earp and all his buddies down pimps I really love all the stories of cowboys Marshalls and so forth all but the truth but the truth is out there on our blood still I'm an Allison all Cattlemen Cowboys weren't bad like Hollywood parfaits now for the policeman it was all set up to control y'all Hank 3 I love you thank you dearly
I have always appreciated how great Val Kilmer is.
Nick Cantu
I think it’s safe to say that Arthur Morgan is based on Val Kilmer‘s character in this movie if you can’t see it your blind
Pat Seguin
How could the \
Quinton Morgan
I'm your Huckleberry
Renae Jones
The best movie ever! I have watched over and over. Val Kilmer stole the show. Superb acting from all. I'm your Huckleberry... Say when. Down by the creek probably walking on water. Just awesome. No one could have played Doc. Holiday any better
Richard Kyle
Billy Bob t at 2:03?
Rob Jones
Val Kilmer played the definitive version of Doc Holliday. His portrayal of this fearless man\nslowly dying of consumption was perfect, yet he was ignored for an Academy award.\n\nSuperb acting in a superb film.
Robert Hayes
For my generation. This and \
S E2333
“I have two guns, one for the each of you”... baddest movie line ever
Sal S
Throw down boy
Ringo: I was just foolin’ about...\n\nDoc: I wasn’t...
Doc Holiday is a beast
Steve Nugent
Thanks to Doc Holiday in this movie, whenever my friends say I've had too much to drink I respond \
Strontium Mutt
If Doc Holliday as deadly as he was portrayed in Tombstone with a pair of old pistols? Just imagine how deadly he'd be with a pair of Colt 1911s. He'd have massacred the Red Sashes single handed.\n\nThe modern world needs more Doc Hollidays imho.
Billy Bob Thornton was THICC in this movie
Suzy Sue
I love Val Kilmour as 'Doc'.
Terri U
No matter how many times I've watched this film...It always feels like the first time!  Not only one of the best Westerns, but one of the best films, EVER!
The Blind Bluesman
Just want to let you know your sitting in my chair...
The Hidden Face
Thurnis Haley
Tracy S.
I love Val Kilmer in this movie he's such a badass. Great cast that's for sure.
Trae Williams
this video should be 2hr14m long
War Veteran’s Mustang Redd
Are we cross
The best thing about Doc Holliday is how accurate this was to real life. Sure the death of Ringo is still a mystery, and Ringo was the very last Cowboy to die AFTER Earp's redemption ride, but the idea that Holliday killed him is the most likely. They even found Ringo upright next to a tree as if someone placed him there and with one round discharged from his gun. When he was at gunpoint and the shooter says \
William Poole
I always find it kinda funny that Doc doesn't even do anything for the first ten or so seconds of the battle, because he fires both barrels to scare the horse and shoot the guy behind it well into the battle. Just kinda walking around for a while lol
Zecuencia ☣ Games
Val Kilmer ... wow! the best
Zen Master
Always thought this was the most underrated western made. I know it gets a lot of love, but this is my number 1 all day. Such a damn good movie, great cast, and never boring.
abc xyz
You called down the thunder, well now you got it!
dilly dilly
Who's playing red dead 2 right now?
I think it's incredible how you can see the change in Kurt's eyes at 2:37, he turns from a friendly neighborhood lawman to a cold blooded killer in that instant.
doug marcus
kurt russell has an extraordinary sense of picking great films to work in. he deserves a lot more credit than what is afforded to him.
Notice how Doc seems to delight in his victims? After he plugs Johnny Ringo in the head Doc yells \
geoff beyer
You left out the train station scene that kicked the whole end part off??
ginger vitis
I feel the one guys frustrations it is aggravating trying to play cards with your brothers kids
gregory green
Val Kilmer should've Done Pirates of the Caribbean. Sort of a non-gay Depp.
Oh...Johnny, I apologize; I forgot you were may go now.\n\nBEST LINE IN MOVIES EVER
lora 1111
One of my favorite movies.woulda loved to live in those days.where men were men&women were women.none of this gender,p.c. crap.
Ask anyone their opinion of a supporting actor who completely dominated the movie they were in. And Val Kilmer will always be my first answer.
This, Silverado, and Unforgiven - the triumvurate that rescued the western as a genre :D
proverbs 9:10
This was Val Kilmer's best movie ever in my opinion and he's done a lot of good one he should have won the Oscar
I honestly think that we all know a real life Ike canton. Full of talk and also full of it at the same time. #yellabelly
reduce cotwo
Nobody ever captured the best Doc Holliday as well as Val Kilmer did in any western movie imo...Very subtle, almost unintentional... Great upload!
steve skerritt
amazing Ringo draws first but Doc is still faster
tara beachtel
The Academy Awards stopped mattering when Val Kilmer was snubbed for this.
The Johnny Ringo Cup Scene.