Your Love - Dulce Pontes, Ennio Morricone [Once Upon a Time in the West]

Your Love - Dulce Pontes, Ennio MorriconeThe music theme is from the movie: Once Upon a Time in the WestThe song is included on the album: Ennio Morricone & Dulce Pontes - FocusOnce Upon a Time in the West (C'era una volta il West) directed by Sergio Leone and starring Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale, Henry FondaLyrics:I woke and you were therebeside me in the nightyou touched me and calmed my fearturned darkness into light.I woke and saw you therebeside me as beforemy heart leapt to find you nearto feel you close once moreto feel your love once more.Your strength has made me strongthough life tore us apartand now when the night seems longyour love shines in my heart.

Dulce Pontes focus lyrics once upon a time in the west your love Ennio Morricone

A. M.
1000x, every night.
quizas sea reiterativo ... pero estas cosas que no tengo ya calificativos... la pueden hacer los italianos .... genios absolutos de la emocion, la nostalgia la melancolia .. los mejores sentimientos de la especie humana... me saco el sombrero es insuperable..
Aeriko Forever
Υ Π Ε Ρ Ο Χ Ο.!!! :)  Αγάπη .. η ομορφιά της ψυχής.\n«Για να την δεις έπρεπε να την αγαπήσεις,\n να αγαπήσεις μόνο εκείνη και να την αγαπήσεις για πάντα»\nRobert Burns
Ana Cardoso
Maravilhosa !
Analia San Roman
Andreas Schneider
This song is beautiful and my heart starts to cry :(\nNo music is to replace like this song
Annemieke van Leeuwen
Great share dear friend!
Anthony Young
Ennio Morricone has the throne of powerful and lovable orchestration. He is well loved and respected
Antonio C.
Musica meravigliosa di un Grande compositore italiano....
This movie is a monument, you offer us a very romantic clip. We forget this cult movie to hold only your story .Thank you for your talent. I wish you an excellent weekend.
Benicio Feliciano
Linda musica.
Bob Fox
Bob Guessfor
+Everett Deakyne III \nDedicated to an old friend that was a special part of my life....\nYou were always my Charles Bronson & always will be....\nBob
Born Bringlight
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Capt John
This is verry magnifique version
Charlie C.
No one puts more emotion into this wonderful song as Dolci Pontes...
Colm Mcguinness
One word brilliant thanks for the moment
Criket Duke
If one has 'never been there', then one can't understand.😥\nGreat video😍
Dailybumps fan
is this real
Damn! I lost count of the number of ladies I left like Harmonica left Jill.......and that same song played in the background every time.
Um excelente filme! Uma linda canção!
Elena Labra Fuentes
Hermosa película con Claudia cardinale y Charles bronson.
Fernando Reis
maravilha !!morricone e dulce
Frances Van Siclen
Oh my God, where are my tissues !!!!!
Galileo Uriarte
Juan G cc, Eso es verdad! Conozco casos de mujeres despechadas que dejan en la puta calle a sus ex-maridos casi viviendo debajo de un puente. Verdad como un castillo, por despecho con Emakunde fabrica de viudas, huérfanos, violan a sus hijos, domicilios, envenenan... van en manadas. si esta chusma la hubieran parido en sangre la humanidad no habría perdido nada. Con mas dinero publico que tiemble hasta el tato. (Corrupción macabra)...
Gloria Franchi
Love this song and your video was terrific! \nMany thanks for the beautiful share. thumbs up!\n~ Ꮆℓσriα ~
God Sun
Grandpa Pete
Reminds me Everytime of the biggest mistake I made in life.
Hazel Eyes
Thanks for posting. My favorite movie.
Henry López
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Hunter Of Liars
..... Is this Dulce Pontes the famous Portuguese singer ?
Ilona Beyer
Die alten Deutschen Spielfilme sind die besten der Welt...weil wir Deutschen die besten sind..aber da gibt es Merkel die uns nicht mag..aber wir hassen sie alle sind nur schwachsinge Gutmenschen die ..die alte gewählt haben
Jair carvalho fagundes
Me lembrei do seu olhar, minha linda Leticia.
Jean-Christophe Brulois
Absolutly beautiful melody !
Jesus Carlos Marin Morales
solo italia puede hacer estas cosas majestuosas
John Cotton
Not a patch on the original!
Jolanta Frank
Brak słów !!!!!!
José Román Honor
que belleza de cancion
Kurt Vonfricken
Nice compilation, but that music was never used in the movie, it is a cover. Edda Dell'Orso did the original and conveyed the same thing without lyrics.
Luis Santana
Magnífico binomio Pontes-Morricone.\nGracias..
Magaret Jackson
Love it
Maria Leo
V che dolcissima melodia
Mart. Leitao
Dupla imbativel.A melhor intérpretacao que ouvi ate hoje desta maravilhosa musica
Nathalie parage
C'est treste
Patrick Farrell
Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, beautiful words and a movie I have not seen yet.\nThank you for the video.
Paul Putnam
Where do you start with this masterpiece of cinematic art ? \nCast, music, locations, cinematography, direction ? All brilliant, all ground-breaking. \nIf you havnt seen it, put it on your bucket list of things to do & get taken in by perhaps the greatest 'western' ever made. Once seen, never forgotten. It will change the way you look at cinema & movies forever.
J'adore, j'ai fait une version en français sur ma chaîne. Philonico
Pierre Saebi
Spannende Minuten in einem großartigen Film, der Geschichte geschrieben hat.
There isn’t an actor or actress today that could match Bronson and Cardinale or Fonda and Robards in their roles. Morricone’s original score is a masterpiece.
The best movie ever... and CC
Reinaldo Piccoli
Sensacional cantando tocando está musica sempre estará em meu coração
Richard Moon
Thanks again
Ricky B
Absolute best rendition of this song. Wonderful and hauntingly beautiful!
Roger Auclair
Once Upon a Time in the West, the greatest western ever.
Rui Santos
Dulce Pontes fenomenal voz de Portugal
Sasa Ervic
Goodbay forewer! ♥ SASA
Solange Ryschawy
Musique une merveille et la voie sublime ⭐️🎶🎶🎶🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🦋🦋🦋🎹🌈
Stanley Cho
How she can sing this song so beautifully!I hear this song everyday. This song makes me think about so many beautiful memory in the past.
Stephen Boyle
Still listening
Stratos Kladakis
Πανέμορφο τραγούδι με την μοναδική φωνή της Dulce Pontes από μιά υπέροχη ταινία!\nΕξαιρετική δημιουργία έφτιαξες Χάρη! Μεγαλούργησες ξανά!!
Sunbirds Music
Wondreful song....I close my eyes and be with you....Turn darkness into light....
Tonia Iliaxtida
Wow, what an emotion!
Vickie Lynne
achingly beautiful to watch ....
William Griffin
FINDING the 'toys' of Charles Bronson. she realizes what his long term intentions were to build a train station. Few ever knew he was Lithuanian .. died at 81. 15 yrs ago in 2003 of lung Cancer
William Lilliott
Dulce Pontes from the depths of her soul causes grown men to weep. Most incredible performance ever.
Xavier Van Leeuwen
M A G N I F I C E N T ! !\nApplause!
Yanni Leroux
this is insuperable
aramal cramas
Dove c'era Ennio e Sergio leone, i film non avevano bisogno di molte parole per dare emozioni.
betty stephenson
amazing video thank you for sharing it
Magnifique !
Claudia Cardinale, one of the most beautiful women ever!
eniretak33 Pal
Magnifique chanson et voix . Très beaux extraits de ce film. Merci
inde parki
ΥΠΕΡΩΧΟ    ΦΙΛΕ   ΜΟΥ  .....!!!!!!\nΟΜΩΡΦΑ    ΤΑΞΙΔΕΥΗΣ   ΤΟΝ   ΑΚΡΟΑΤΗ    ΜΕ   ΤΗΣ    ΟΜΩΡΦΕΣ   ΑΝΑΡΤΗΣΗΣ   ΣΟΥ  ...***************\nΣέ   εύχαριστώ  πού   τό  μοιράστηκα..!!!!!
Claudia Cardinale takes my breath away, just a spectacular woman in all the ways a man can think of.
jari järvi
vau todella upee kappale,love.
Μαγευτική φωνή που νομίζεις πως δεν την αγγίζει η φθορά της ύλης! Πανέμορφο τραγούδι!
Danke für dieses wundervolle Video...Grüße aus Deutschland....
lonemale mcphee
That... was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the post.
lutz dunkel
der beste Western aller Zeiten
miki kikirez
Enio Morikone genijalac!
natalicio soares
Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda MARAVILHA
nuri ozmann
No doubt, this guy made beautiful music, best portrayed the moods , can not get better, and there has been no better,
pedro carell
Jorge GangrelHace 1 año\nLo mejor es no casarse ni tener relación estable con ninguna mujer. Vale mas ir de putas y evitarte este tipo de cosas. Ahora cualquier hombre puede ir a la cárcel o ser arruinado solo con que una tía lloriquee un poco. Corrupccion macabra...
ramazi Gabrava
raul garcia
bellisimo ennio,
vallejolo zat
Υπέροχη οπτικοακουστική προσαρμογή! Εξαιρετικά τα λόγια της ποίησης που συνοδεύουν την παρουσίαση, απαράμιλλη η ποιητική δεξιοτεχνία του Λάκωνα ποιητή! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!
Βασ. Κ.
Το soundtrack της ταινίας είναι εξαιρετικό! Το τραγούδι και το album Focus των Morricone - Pontes πρώτη φορά τ' ακούω! Αγνοούσα την ύπαρξη του,ευχαριστώ!..υπέροχη επιλογή, θερμοσυγχαίρω!
Виталик Силаев
Игорь Русаков RUSAK
* Р * И * А * для Вас Господа музыканты !!!!!!! + + +