Lee Marvin I was born under a Wandering Star remastered

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Born Lee Marvin Star Under Wandering was

I was born under a wandering star.Wheels are made for rolling.\nMules are made to pack.\nI've never seen sight that didn't look better looking back.\nI was born under a wandering star!\nMud can make you a prisoner and the plains can bake you dry.\nSnow can burn your eyes but only people can make you cry.\nHome was made for coming from, for dreams of running to.Which with any luck would never come true.I was born under a wandering star.\nDo I know where hell is?Hell is in hello.\nHeaven is goodbye forever its time for me to go.\nI was born under a wandering star.\nWhen I get to heaven tie me to a tree.Or I'll begin to roam until you know where I will be.\n\nWhen I was a teenage girl this song had me in tears.\nAnd it still chokes me up now.\nSorry if I got the comment board wet.\nSomebody please sing with me.
Adrianus Bakels
Only people make you cry !
Andrew stokes
Didn't know what you think of the song but best Lee gave!!!!
Aspen Hamlin
I think the most noteworthy thing about this song is that Lee Marvin was an actor, not a singer. Actually, if it wasn't so deep and paired with such good music, no one would ever consider him for singing talent at all. Pretty good song.
Bernard Laufenberg
What an amazing man. Served as a marine in the Pacific in WW2, he personally participated in 21 offensive beach landings. He is rightly buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington.
Bo Sandgren
underbar artist han kunde så mycket o varför måste dom bara försvinna älskar lee så jag kan bara säga att en stor stjärna är borta gör ont
I was born under a wandrin' star\nI was born under a wandrin' star\nWheels are made for rollin'\nMules are made to pack\nI've never seen a sight that didn't look better looking back \nI was born under a wandrin' star\nMud can make you prisoner, and the plains can bake you dry\nSnow can burn your eyes, but only people make you cry\nHome is made for comin' from, for dreams of goin' to\nWhich with any luck will never come true\nI was born under a wandrin' star\nI was born under a wandrin' star\nDo I know where hell is?\nHell is in hello\nHeaven is goodbye for ever, it's time for me to go\nI was born under a wandrin' star\nA wandrin' wandrin' star\nWhen I get to heaven tie me to a tree\nOr I'll begin to roam, and soon you know where I will be\nI was born under a wandrin' star\nA wandrin' wandrin' star
Clint Rockfist
Always makes me think of my Dad, he wrote down the words and learned the song on our Dansette record player,\n\nHappy times, we had nothing of great value in our house, but a lifetime of LOVE ha ha 
Dave Roberts
Just great music thanks for the brilliant film Paint Your Wagon Clint And Lee Brilliant
David McCabe
memories of two greats
Deborah Perraton
love this song, that beautiful deep voice, not forgetting my Clint Eastwood lol, x
Del Reed
Even my own sister doesn't care for musicals. I will never understand that. So much emotion. It makes you feel the story. I loved this movie and all the songs.
Back from Nam in '68. Saw this movie in Salt Lake and was only one who in packed movie theater who laughed (very loud) out loud when he asked \
Donald Ramsey
Truer words were never writ, and a better voice was never made to say them.
Dor Aran
The Sergio Leone influence of Westerns on imagery clearly evident here, compared to more sanitary images of contemporaries such as 'True Grit' or 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. (Not referring to scripts, plots or content, just the imagery.)
Frank Hecker
Klasse Film mit guten Akteuren und rauchigen Lied von lee marvin Spitze.
Gary Finnstrom
George Daws
Great actors, grand scenery from a time almost forgotten.
George Semel
For a man who was not by any measure a singer, did a finer than fine job of it- he even got a hit single out of it! I met him once back in 1976 out in Montauk, NY, I was suck do to fog- working on my Commercial Pilot Certificate and he was there for Blue Fin Tuna! Thought it was interesting that I would be bunking out in the airplane!
Granger Natewar
What a blessed time I was born in where freedom of thought was a given, Hmmm today we have the thought police like in every move we make Have a cell phone? but not the internal will of Ben Rumson who was truly free, then you are not alone.because we were born under a wandering star.
@1:13 Lee Marvin as Ben Rumson gives us one of the greatest epic, awesome - leg-en-dary ever songs in a musical 'I was born under a wandering star' I first saw Paint your wagon in 1969 at a Saturday matinee screening with my parents & siblings. That was normal in 1969 - parents & their children doing things together as a family!
Gumboot Zone
For about 30 years, every time I get a bad cold I find myself singing this song. Next time YOU get a cold, try it. It's awesome!
Hammerschlägen M
At the beginning I was thinking...\
A voice like mollasses mixed with granite dust, fantastic
Hugh James-Berry
(Lee Marvin)\nI was born under a wandering star\nI was born under a wandering star\n\nWheels are made for rolling, mules are made to pack\nI've never seen a sight that didn't look better looking back\n\nI was born under a wandering star\n\nMud can make you prisoner, and the plains can bake you dry\nSnow can burn your eyes, but only people make you cry\nHome is made for coming from, for dreams of going to\nWhich with any luck will never come true\n\nI was born under a wandering star\nI was born under a wandering star\n\nDo I know where hell is? Hell is in \
Jalal Hameed
Listened to this after decades - and it just looked as if it were only yesterday
Jenny Hildebrand
Lee Marvin, A Great Actor ~May he be At Peace~
Jesse Wright
I loathe musicals, but this is a great song.
Jessica Elikowski
Love this song remind me of my grandad this was his funeral song the words are all him
Jo Burden
I still remember seeing this movie as a 16 yr old. I am now 63, never forgotten.
John Amidon
Wonderful in it's simplicity; my personal anthem!
John Gerry
The best version I have ever seen! Really well done. Thankyou!
John Gordon
Do you know where hell is hell is in hello what an observation x
John Gould
I am 82 in a month. This song still sits with me as I traveled most of my life esp. going where I had never been on purpose. Never had a sleeping place, a job , friends or family and sometimes not enough money to get me further down the road. I mostly did this while dragging a wife and kids with me. I am still a house painter and drywall man after 54 years but settled down these last 5 years. What a voyage..
John Woodworth
fond memories here...I was on the set in 1969 in Baker, Oregon.---I was about 50 feet away when Lee Marvin sang this song---saw clint eastwood too.
Jon Goldney
Lee Marvin in \
Jorge H
They drank and smoked day and night... When real men ruled Hollywood.
Jose Zegada
I love this !!!!!!
Ken Pasco
Lee Marvin, one my favorites. I made it a point a few years ago to visit his grave when I was visiting Arlington National Cemetery.
One of the best parts of Paint Your Wagon...loved it!
Lauren Wallace
Reminds me of the days when life was beautiful****
Mar Schell
Einfach Herrlich. So wonderfull. Thank you !
Michael Constable
Michael Towle
Who knew Lee Marvin was a master song stylist. I really like his rendition. A real man facing a daunting future.
Neil Weston
Nigel Moore
There's only one lee Marvin awesome acting
Nour Mourad
I didn't watch the movie yet... So is it any good ??
Reminds me of Gill who lived in Churwell, near Morley. I loved that lass, nutty as a fruitcake, but I adored her. She never hid the fact her old boyfriend Mick was serving time at her majesty’s pleasure. Such is love I cared not. One night however, he was waiting for me and her when we returned back to her house. He was not happy. We all sat in my green mini (her mother included) to discuss the situation!! Gill died in a car accident about 3 years later, she was not yet 21. I will never forget her.
Peter King
I truly hated this movie. My mother loved it, now I understand way. This movie is a true classic, and NOW I love it.\n\nThis could easily be my theme song
Peter Mead
O was born 20 years after this movie and I can say I prefer the music from this era and earlier more than the modern crap with no talent. Raw talent back in 50's and 60's pure entertainers not businessman looking to make a few quid.
Peter Nicholson
Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in a MUSICAL! Can life get any better? Thanks for the music.
Petula D
I didn't think these two could sing, and to have them in a musical.... fantastic musical, even better song
Ralph Williams
1970 and I'm still singing it today
Raymond Jenson
Oh for the days of my misspent youth. Lets face it non of us were angle's in those days. Thanks for the memories Lee.
Right of the crazed left but not quite right wing
LeeMarvin a war hero.. RIP old boy.
Robbin Pryor
I'm having this at my funeral. Semper Fi my brother
Roberto R. MOLA
WANDRIN' STAR\nComposed by Alan Jay Lerner,Frederick Loewe\n\n\
Roger Egerton
This song reminds me so much of my late brother Bob, keep wanderin' r'kid till we meet again xxx
Ron Young
Sarah Atkinson
Unique and unforgettable song. Credit to its writers, but Lee Marvin is the unforgettable factor
Savage Snayle
Lauren life is still beautiful just forgotten how to appreciate it.
Scott BC31H
I grew up listening to the soundtrack to Paint Your Wagon. It was one of dad's favorite albums. When I finally saw the movie, as a young adult . ( many years after it's release, I realized it was one of the best movies ever made.\nBrings back memories.
Simon Parnell
Great lyrics
Specialized 29er
Infectious this been singing it all week.
Stephen McManus
Truly great song.
Steve Mason
Mr. Marvin definitely one of the \
Sums up my life really.\nAnd I would not change one minute.\nFreedom is the most precious gift.
Tesia Hunsucker
Funny story.. My grandpa loved lee Marvin (particularly this movie too) and all the classics like gene autry, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, etc. my grandpa passed away some time ago and I have named my son after him; his name is Gene. Ironically, this is actually the ONLY song that will calm him down and put him to sleep. \n\nI know my grandpa is looking over him somewhere from up there.
Tiglath Pilezar
This is the first record my Mom bought me, I was only about 5 years old. Still love it. Good luck America. From the U.K. GREAT STUFF.
Virginia Wright
I absolutely LOVE Lee Marvin singing I was born under a Wandering Star. It makes me smile.
Wayne Wayne
Wow! This reminds me of my old (late) friend Alfie Holmes, in facial appearance, temperament, attitude and strength of character (an immense gent). What happened to the world? Looking back, it went from bad, to better, to almost good, to confused and then to ... the weak charactered mess it is today. Kinda makes me wish ... \
Wendy Nadin
the only person who can sing this song,he brings a meloncoliness to this song, absolutely perfect 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Such a relaxing song. Love when he says, \
Willie Wilson
If you truly believe you were born under a wondering star give yourself a thumbs up?
I remember my Mum and Dad going to see this film one evening. They left us kids with the grandparents and within a week they had bought the soundtrack album. They played it forever. I still have that album after they died ten years ago.
alec cap
Like an old friend coming to see me, love and remember this song with a time when time meant nothing
One of the very greatest musicals!
wunderschönes video mit einen super song....dankeschön....glg.axel
It's from an era that made film's properly , wonderful stories , brilliant musical themes that most will never forget ..
brummie pc gamer
not many people know this,but this got to number 1 in march 1970
Never got bored with Lee's soothing voice after 50 years! Whenever I have a bad cold and chesty cough, I sing this song because only then I can reach all the deep notes..... and it makes me feel better :)
As a young lad, my girlfriend dragged me to the cinema to see this film. I sat there in a huff... bloody musical! Not long into the film they launched the stiff out of the grave to get to the gold and I pissed myself laughing, stuck with it and it's always been my favourite musical of all time. Who in his right mind would put Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in a musical together? A genius, that's who.
Reminds me of the days when Trump wasn't president.
snow can burn your eyes but only people make you cry so true
The first time I heard this is in my junior school Christmas classroom party back in 1969. It was in the same year as the moon landing and Miss McNeil had us make our own Christmas crackers and she brought in fairy cakes and juice (a big treat back then). A boy named Brian Middleditch who had a haircut like Friar Tuck, wore short pants that were too big for him with no belt to hold them up, was blotchy faced like some alcoholics are, had a constantly running nose, didn't have m/any friends, was accident prone, stood up and said in his Billy no mates croaky voice. \
gem stone
My favourite song of all time. I was 6 or 7 when it came out and have lived the life Lee's singing about since I Ieft home at 15.
james fellers
The most underrated western ever...
karen baker
October 1085 I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Tel-Aviv. The song came on the radio and before long all in the lobby were singing: Germans, Belgians, Australians, and we Americans. It brought us all together, sitting and sharing great conversation and songs. They need a department in the United nations for us.
lorna casey
this guy looked like my DAD, Andy Steele
shane moore
when he returned from the war he worked as a plumber`s assistant
simon hunt
A song my dad and me sang together , he took me to watch it at the flixx Lee Marvin magic . Always brings a tear . Thanks dad x
sister Medici
Invokes a melancholy mood. Smooth and chilled.
steve Brok
I was a 9 year old kid watching this film ! as soon as Lee started singing i joined in and then all around me in the cinema everyone joined in - what a memory I'm 53 now !!! Great song and still is now!!
The drive-in theaters around here are planning to close because the digital format of new films doesn't lend itself well to drive-in screens. I immediately thought to myself that if they'd show old films like Paint Your Wagon, Bullit, Airport, hell, any of the '60s, '70s & '80s hits I'd pay money to go see them on the weekends through the summer! Anybody else?
wayne mullally
The greatest musical ever made, and most of the cast couldn't sing. I was just a kid when it came out in theatres. What a flop. I remember watching it in my parent's rec room a couple of years later with my grandparents, my brothers and sisters and some girl friends and boy friends while my parents wer in the Caribean. We laughed and Laughed and LAUGHED. It was a moment in time like no other. It was the end of flower power. It was an early seventies - sixties hangover. Our innocence was gone. Watergate was on the way and we were being softened up for Disco. Aids would kill disco and soon would arrive the over indulged late eighties. Even then we would have no idea of the entitled age of shyte we are in today. Still, Paint your Wagon stands the test of time.
One of the best movies ever! Love the music. Lee Marvin is a wonderful actor and real life hero.  Loved this.