Rammstein (Live in Sydney 2001)

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fire rammstein rammstine ramstein ramstine

@GutarDrummer69 \ntill works as a specialist by a firework company!!!\n
Austin Carswell
The song is called \
The insurance companies must hate this band.. hehe
Got tickets for them in Edmonton in a few months so excited.
Brown n Orange
Keep this video going... it's getting harder to find...
Caio Cesar
Yes, its part of the performance
Christopher Robin Hake
Either those are REALLY GOOD pyrotechnics, or Till's a masochist. Take your pick.
Connor Dimmick
@grindhouse8700 no they really aren't. real metal bands like destruction and exodus are
@iniquitfear82 Slipknot has plenty of awful songs which cannot be listened to even. Meanwhile, i still haven't heard a truly 'bad' song by Rammstein.\n\nThe base in Rosenrot.\nThe guitar in Adios.\n\nDo you think any current band can match those performances?
their pyro is just awsome at every single show, cheers from Norway
Darren D. MacDonald
God... i love shock rock... where else can you see people singing on fire... a live performance is what makes a band. Your as good as your last gig, because albums can be fixed up a shit load, while a live concert is them playing the raw music right there on the spot and who's to complain if theres some fire here and there :P
Darryl Hetherington
worked with them in Queensland
David Downs
Fcking badass
That's 100% your opinion about Slipknot. There's no determined age that one has to be to start listening to Slipknot. Lol I've shown slipknot to my older friends that are in their 40's and they never heard them and ended up loving them. So there goes your theory. Not everybody has the exact same life as you dude.\nYou really can't compare Slipknot to Rammstein anyways since Slipknot is Nu Metal and Rammstein is Industrial Metal.
Emiel K
6th of december yea!
Emma McMurtrie
Aah, coolies. Or, you know, not so cool. If you get what I mean. But anyhoo, luffluff \u003c3
Ery Ren
ooh really?
Francisco Javier López
Als Rammstein die Sheisse war\n.
he is burning in hell for real ;p
George Baran
@zhawk92 i agree
HX Rainn
I thought it was going to be bigger
Hunter Michaelson
@GutarDrummer69 nomex and kevlar. i have gloves that i set on fire a lot and it doesnt really get hot. i dont know why till isnt in pain because that would still be hot
Iván Prat
Lord Exies
@Shadow40000 \n\nslipknot's NOT death metal\n\nlearn your music
Mike Guillemette
7 ppl are afraid of fire
Look at those goddamn glasses, is that a laser pointer in the left lens??
NathrazaXis X.
Nick Jones
How the hell does he go the whole song on fire?! WOO!
PyroManiac Hellfire
Till Lindemann is fireproof
Rob Fox
he gets slowly lowered into a basket of fire to this song in sacrifice to the rammstein god .. lolz
Ryan Smith
thats oli :-)
zit du schiken lars uden ^^
Silver Blood
@ iniquitfear82 nickel back is better than mars Volta :) xD
Fucking balls deep in that Fire.. I have so much respect for Till Lindemann. I love the controversial, edgey sword he uses in his lyrics and the unapologetic mentality for doing so. Art isn't meant to be limited, the freedom of art is exactly why art is so important. If you ever read this Till, keep on being a warrior for Freedom man.
Stefano Torrisi
Thenooby Aint
FAKE i tried that on my friend , didnt work :D
german black wizard
aaron maxim
come back to amerika...massachusetts maybe
Rammstein is probaly german for \
What song is this cant seem to find it on limewire!
profit before creativity
cheryl wofford
I enjoyed this.
If you watch the live aus berlin version he has a much bigger flame on his back!
conor jackson
This is sooo ga y!!!!!!
^^ its true :P hes the devil him self lol :P no its the kit he has on
I hate how they cut to the guitarist just as the lead singer is bursting into flames.. it's the coolest part of the vid and they don't even show it.
mother of god....that crowd is so lucky...
To all those who like slipnot, they are not better than Rammstein, not by a long shot, slipknot is a band someone listens to when they first get into metal, mostly 14 year olds listen to them, and slipknot is not death metal, that person doesn't know what death metal is
Everything Rammstein does is fucking genious....Rammstein Shits gold.
marty mcdonald
was there
@grindhouse8700 Yes they are more bad ass then Jonas Brothers...but not more bad ass then Justin Bieber.
@GutarDrummer69 no shit, batman
3:38 ....true talent right there. Both at the same time!!!
@GutarDrummer69 Duhh
thats pretty fuckin gangsta..I need a coat like that...trippy band
tobin jordan
Introducing Till stormborn the un-burnt father of rock
its sort of a chainmail thingy
we have to get these guys to burn Justin Bieber alive.