Johnny Cash - First 25 years concert

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Johnny Cash First 25 years concert

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criss should just write not sing...
Ann-Kathrin Müller
Antoon Arnoldi
Heel mooi johnny
Arno Nym
I wish You Americans to find back to the good old days - when America really was a light to the democratic world and even managed to convince us, but rather with respect and patience, after the war - you won two friends and one, Germany even twice,after two firceful wars - - and what did your great - and Grandfarthers die for - to feed those unfriendly and not very thankful 'Newcommers' , who destroy everything, remotely white - A friend from Good old Germany (well - not so old - and not so good by now - we face the same problems - drugs ' n crime and the loss of the white culture - truely - if we had won , it couldn't have been worse than it is todays and in the near future -once I thought it was good , you won - but now...)
Barbara Jackson
I love Johnny Cash . I am downloading a few of his songs.
Buster Roper
The one and only John R. Cash. You will be never forgotten and you´ re sorely missed
Catherine Macleod Macleod
Hi There. 😃 I just want you to know that I’m crazy for all Johnny cash music. I Even have 2 very special songs I want played at my funeral.. when my Time Comes 😃❣️❣️❤️❤️❣️❣️
Christine Johnson
Claude Troester
Formidable !!!!!!!!!
Cornelia Denninger
The one and only John R. Cash. You will be never forgotten and you´ re sorely missed. /CD
Dahlia Apollo
Dedicated to a good friend who suddenly passed away I called him professor he liked me saying what can I do my name is sue
Daisy Collins
I was born in the wrong generation
Dan Pierce
excellent and forever,and real american not ass hols.
David Shaw
Hi 👋 thanks for this beautiful video what a fantastic show you can’t beat the old school makes my eyes 👀 water just to lessen too thanks so much for the great 👍 video.
Debra Demusz
We need these kinds of shows back
Dieter Pabst
Johnny immer wieder erste Sahne,Unvergessen.
Donna Massey
My kinfolk so sorry I never had a chance to actually meet you
Ebbe Nielsen
The \nKing
Egil Dalsgaard
Ericleiton Araújo leite
Fabio Love
1980 was 48 years old. Looks like 70
Franck Schulz
Dommage de l'avoir pas pu le rencontrer mais la musique est toujours là hiaaaaaaaaaa
Franklin Bell
The first music I remember hearing was Johnny Cash... Always was a hero to me
Georg Bläsius
Willst Du einen Schneemann bauen
Giuseppe di sante
Lt.Colombo too liked his voice , in the film they did together ! He said \
Helmut Dettke
Großartige Sänger einmalige Ausstrahlung,sowas kommt nicht wieder.
Jean-Marie Ducluzeau
Merci johnny
Jeanie Collier
this is real country music DT hear much of it these anymore
John Jansen
He is big and  one of the best!
Josh Campbell
Johnny was one of the greatest singer song writer and overall a good man
Katie Getman
This Music has been my music since a long time ago 🤖
Jesus Christ, Johnny Cash & John Wayne -- 3 Great Americans ------
Lee Meakins
Was this guy a god?...
Lien Marcy
Man in black de johnny cash
Luca Pedrana
Lucy Iris Moreno
Un genio
ja johny Casch yei ring off feijear aber siecher ein guter Mänsch das wahr
Martyn Hornby
Please,leave,the States,alone,Martyn from England.
Mike Nunes
Undertaker, please drive slow
NYFD Lisa Marie
Love this
Nate Hoffman
A thousand times better than modern country.
Niels peter Larsen
I'm from denmark i love it too
Patrick Gavigan
The. Best. Of. Johnny I love. Him so much. ,,an. June. I miss them. So. Much,!
Paul DaSilva
I've loved Johnny Cash since I was a child. He is truly a legend and he gave so much to the world through his talent. I miss him still to this day. The music industry today is dead. What a pity they don't make music like this anymore.
Paul Davison
old school music
Peter K.
I do remember him just THIS way...the man in black with his black guitar und this unique\nvoice....with love and everlasting respect from germany.....
Pieter Hovens
Love music of thd grezt johnny cash
Radek Smetana
Johnny Cash number One Country Music!
Rebecca Jewell
Thank you 25 yrs Marvelous share Johnny Cash always.
Redfern No.75 Squadron, RAAF
Whenever i think of Johnny Cash i think of his song \
Richard Grecheski
ring of fire
Richard Habicher
This is one of the finest and there are so many tributes. I treasure this and brings me back to the best years and memories! Richard
Rick Paterson
First saw him in Calgary Alberta about 1958 (also Johnny Horton) anyone else there.
Robert Fontaine
Awesome footage!!!
Robert Sampson
Rodney Nicholauson
Missing Tommy and Roseann Cash.
Ronald W Provo
Love you John Cash.
Roy Vance
Jason claypool
Serge Dompierre
Just FANTASTIC from the Great Man in Black. A real American. Thanks so much Jhonny. We missed you
Living in England, we were starved of incredibly entertaining shows such as this. Thank goodness for You tube.\nBrilliant entertainment, what talent America has given the world.
The Randy Crime Channel
My Dad loved Johnny Cash. That's all he talked about, he had every picture there ever was of Johnny, he heard every concert, he has every cd and every song. My Dad is dead now. My Dad was the biggest Johnny Cash there ever was. And the ONLY Johnny Cash fan he ever needed. R.I.P. Michael Roger Herschman and John Ray Cash.
Tomás Juan Gil Grimaldos
A este monstruo habia escucharlo estando a gusto con una copa en local pequeño y con alguien a tu lado que supieras que te quiere eso es mas de lo mas, esperanos querido amigo en los sofas del infierno todos los golfos las putas y la gente que sabe vivir es feliz sin amenazas de que te va a castigar el altisimo, quiero que me castigue con placeres el diablo rojo.
Vearl Chase
Johnny Cash singing is Very Great Singer.
Vojtech Rems
Výborný Johnny Cash a jeho vynikající podání.
abel mangacoy
my favorate country song all music
ankrono plays
what song is it at 12:00 ?
JCC and JC might be no more. but her music will be here all the time and forever,
aw g
32:48 the statler brothers song was very beautiful and touching...
bigfan J.C.
Wat ziet John er hier slecht uit.
buster brown
It is just a crying shame that Luther died so young. Although Bob Wooten was great in his own right and had to fill some very distinctive shoes, The Tennessee Two/ Three, never sounded quite right without Luther.
daniela masek
What a beautiful voice, it touches the soul.
david erman
24 thumbs down to one of the greats of all times. A composers or writers dream is to have him cover their song and 24 whatever's know better.
Genius......enough said......
What a great concert! Simply wonderful. Thanks a lot  for sharing with us.
he lived life his way and then some and despite the turmoil it was truly worthwhile
george adams
When I listen to that one song they do together I really know they love each other and he said on Larry King live he didn't want to live after she died I never had that kind of love.
i hate country music but johnny cash is awesome.
jan Frijters
Geweldig mooi
jane gertrude
I love this bit of trivia... Momma Mabelle Carter was the creater of \
i grew up on johnny cash but i learned to love his music the last 20 years. \nall i have to say is.....OMG i never seen this! what a wonderful video! thankyou soooooo much for sharing. when the statler brothers did the song for johnny, it was sung with such emotion!!!! i wish i got to catch a concert like this with johnny cas, but i was too young. johnny will always live on in my heart! i owe this to my dear old dad in heaven too. i loved watching this! \nps my best friend, my brothe FRANKIE,r on the way to atlantic city one day, played a concert of johhny cash in the car on the way down, and i was hooked. about 20 years after my dad played johnnies music in the car. i owe my friend Frankie alot for letting me listen to this beautiful music again!
lois plumley
best part of this you have harry phil don and lou
Oh, Kris!  Give us a little harmony there!  Great post.  Enjoying it very much!
maria boletsis
LOVE the Statler Bros and Carl Perkins, man no one can touch them!!!
music_margaret bobby
I love Johnny Cash music .he's so good.
pat megoran
.love island
This can't be 1980, Mother Maybelle died in 1978.
The two duets with Kris and Carl are some of the highest music pinnacles I ever found on youtube.
John i miss ya
Stále krásné ,
zarrouk frederic
une légende!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!