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Blues music J... Johnny Cash best best of blues cash compilation country country music greatest hits jhonny jonny line the the man in black walk

Alberto Triana
When my day finally arrives I will go to heaven with a smile, once I will be accepted I will look for Johnny. Then I will look at him saying 'thank you my friend'. Then I will shake his hand and will look for my friends.
Alegher Alegher
Grande jonni cash .. un saluto da varese
Aleksa Jovanovic
I would add \
Allena Tyrrell
Great songs, but not the most musical singing voice.
Andrei Lupsa
All over again starts at 5:31 not 5:41. Probably you'll never see it but still.
Ankoyc Aio6
Where is Cocaine Blues!!!
He was a genious and will be alive for ever. That voice was unique.
Bobby Koneak
The man in black
Folsom Prison Blues is my favourite. Much prefer his older stuff.
Brian Morgan
The 21 people who voted thumbs down are the ones who only love that crap they call rap.
Bruno Traven
Johnny Cash is one legend...and there are couple same well singers, who are stucked in his shadow.
Carlo Carlsen
The best of Johnny Cash. Det er udødelig musik, eller med andre ord musik man kan køre igen og igen.
Christine Martindale
Johnny Cash has such a deep soulful voice. I can never get bored listening to him or Roy Orbison.
Christopher Kauffmann
johnny cash is the best country singer to ever exsist
Chuck Norris
Johnny Cash was an all time great.
Clare Leonard
I walk the line because your re mine
Claude Berger
j,aime bien cette musique des hits de jonny cash
Csanád Hegedűs
I'm hungarian, and not from this universe, but it's a best texas song ever.
David Bell
The 5
David Marazzi
the greatest musician of black country ever
Devendra Singh
evryday i listen to johnny cash.
Dinko Kovač
Yes, only JOHHNY!
Elias Simmang
Im 15 and Love the music and im from germany peace out man 😊😊
J'adore ! Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. Les plus grand chanteurs des années 50.
Frances Sandford
I think that Johnny wrote his song at jail ? Therefore he didn't loose his time at jail
Gelukkige Hulp
He is the best artist in the history of humanity. I will never forget this man.
Gergő Fülöp
where's The General Lee?? Its one of his best
Gianluigi Coretti
I love country music!!!
Gino Gantner
best country i miss you johnny cash !!!
Godefroy de Bouillon
God bless Johnny , RIP.
Graham Botha
Timeless and inimitable.
H Majhail
Cash is legend.
Hauke Fuest
Verry cool i Love Jonny Cash
James Harper
Jean-Jacques Hamel
Je suis français et j'adore la musique Country. Johnny Cash,hélas disparu,reste le meilleur et je l'écoute très souvent. Vive la Country et les USA (J'y suis allé ).Et vive Kristen Stewart, une actrice superbe qui représente aussi très bien la puissante Amérique.. .
Jiří Johnny Knoll
Johnny Cash is popular in Czechoslovakia.
Johnny CashFan
Best musican
Joseph Landrut
Johnny Cash was the greatest  singer to bring happy memories to many people worldwide.
Juliet Jj
i'm 21 and i like this kind of music :)
21 people deserve to lose their hearing
Kristan Feanfaner
Uhm, Ring of Fire?
Liliana Sovany
Ez igazi zene
Who in the HELL dislikes this!?
Mario Longobardi
Martin Bulíček
I walk the line\n
Martine Schaal
toujours joli
Matt Jones
Don't know why im so addicted to listening to cash at the moment, usually listen to hip hop and grime lol
Michel Coleou
Mélua Katie \nFor the country \nI don't care \nLaisse Faire ! \n Ho Yeee!!\nHoo yeee! \nThank you \nI kiss you !
Mikey Calsijn
Haha, 149 dislikes. Can't be. I don't have that much neighbours.
Mohanned Hamza
imagine if Johnny cash chose not to be a singer , consider if he became a solider in the army for the rest of his life
69 People the Computer unpside down to like again
Ms. Adeline August
classic talent
Music Love
The greatest we ever had and ever will have. The best entertainer , songwriter , storyteller and singer ever. \nHe was a very hot man in the 50s and 60s❤❤❤
Nicholas Cooper
johnny cash brings back brilliant him
Nienke Groskamp
oh man I love johnny cash!!!!!
Nitko Nitko
00:00 - I Walk the Line\n02:44 - Folsom Prison Blues\n05:41 - All Over Again\n07:46 - Big River\n10:17 - Ballad of a Teenage Queen\n12:29 - Cry, Cry, Cry\n14:58 - Don't Take Your Guns to Town\n17:59 - Guess Things Happen That Way\n19:49 - I Got Stripes\n21:52 - It's Just About Time\n24:02 - Oh Lonesome Me\n26:32 - Second Honeymoon\n28:28 - Tennessee Flat Top Box\n31:28 - The Ways of a Woman in Love\n33:43 - You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven\n\nThank me later
Oscar Slootweg
God's defeninetily with me because I just met Johnny Cash his beautifull music
Paolo Tucci Veneziani
tanta roba
Partrick Schmid
i miss you johnny cash
Peaky Blinder
Where is Hurt? Personal Jesus?......
Peyo Dandé
Yeaaah !!.. The best of the best
Piet van Beelen
6 mei 2017 Johnny Cash Tribute Katwijk awesome
Raivis Briedis
I'd want to listen to this on a old record player, sitting in a club chair, with some whiskey. \nLife goals..
René Schneider
nice compilation
Shannon McAllister
My brother would love this
Simon Van Quickelberghe
Johnny Cash, the legend
Listening since I was 14/15, now 18 at the moment.
Thomas Fetter
Always a pleasure to listen to Johnny cash.Thanks for leaving us that good music!
Timothy Park
Happy birthday. John  
WonN Only
I miss Johnny Cash
moi com pel alma me
One of my favourite playlists on this whole site!
The man in black,never will he be replaced !
I like both kinds of and western!
costas liadakis
The most amazing singer ...
I love Johny Cash and his music so, so much! And his life story in the movie Walk the Line a saw for many times (y). Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon were amazing!
i vaguely remember a johhny cash song about two brothers who both like te same girl and one of em gets hanged? but for the life of me i cant remember the title. Any one has a clue which song this is?
grandjean gerard
super chanteur country ne serions nous pas un peu sectaire en france pas un seul commentaire en francais
Γεροι να μαστε να ακουμε johny cash και βαμβακαρη!
jan balder
i think the mercy seat was one of his best
well raidis breidis :) i actually did that some 15 years ago (perhaps 20 years ago) this is a real joy to listen to with a shot of whiskey in your hand !mmm those times !
mohsen ameen
327 people is listening to this while sound is off
mustafa alnagar
Johnny cash is the best.
but i shot a man in Reno,just to watch him die...
Johnny Cash  my brother... R.I.P
i don't listen to country music but i love johnny cash, i don't know why.
severi saaristo
Johnny Cash is one of the greats. Love his music:)
Johny Cash bol najlepší country spevák, aký sa kedy narodil. len škoda, že už nie je medzi nami. Krása.
sophie johnston
Am I the only 11 year old who loves him
tør fisk
I was introduced to Johnny Cash in 2005 when I was ten, still listening now :)
Good shit :)
Ørjan Solstad Klausen
Johnny Cash is the best,rest in peace!
На Пурве Кишамо
*In the world of Justin Biebers, be Johnny Cash*
владимир оленченко
американские исполнители блюза-это сверхгениальное наследие для всего человечества
петр борзенко
просто ОТЕЦ