No Malice: "Mr. Me Too" Wasnt About Lil Wayne, Wayne Dissing the Clipse (Part 3)

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Watch Part 1:In this clip, No Malice clears the air about "Mr. Me 2" being an alleged Lil Wayne diss, stating that he and Pusha never had an issue with Weezy.According to No Malice, they were actually cool as he pointed out the music videos they've done together, most notably Birdman's "What Happened To That Boy." No Malice also discusses the legal issues that stalled Clipse's second album from being released and the subsequent mixtape series that was developed that amassed the group a cult-like following.However, No Malice had to admit that he wasn't initially feeling the mixtape lane and was much more concerned with the label situation. Nevertheless, Clipse bolstered their popularity with the We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series allowing them to tour globally off the tapes while their label situation was still in litigation.

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