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Is there gonna be a part 2. The ending was horrible, left me on a cliff hanger😡😡😡😡😡😓😓😮😮😮😮😮
A Girl’s World
That song every time a scene begins is annoying af!
Aaliyah Wilson
For those who didn't get the ending ... The detective explained how she got the scar and got away ...she said she pulled his eye out ... They never caught him ... Baby girl was asking her mom about her real father and she looked him up online ... The guy who attacked the detective was baby girls dad .... (I keep calling her baby girl because I don't remember her name in the movie) lol
Adebayo Famuagun
The detective especially the guy are not professional.... He put friendship over professionalism
Agnes Sinja
Rubbing panty on her son.... So bad...... Am here to learn 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Aldreka Holman
I'm waab 🤣 everybody looking for the fine man... 🤣😂🤣
Alison Adkins
Man ! That was a fake attack. I watched this too long. Boy bye . The kid wants to murder too. Mercy Jesus
Angel Charms
The \
AyHanna Dennis
Samantha's real father was the one who attacked the police detective. He is the one who slashed her eye. She was a terrible detective, a woman reports her husband as killer and they didn't even follow up!!
Bernadette Lee
I like the movie but I whished it ended different. Her so--called hubby & friend r just demons, that's why u don't tell your friends about your man cause they will steal him. I guess the child went to go kill her dad since he wasn't in her life shit she took out the girl with out a blink loll
Bobby Peoples
Wow, thank you all for like our movie. Yes my wife and I have an outline to film a sequel.
Breona Moore
I KNEWWWWW the friend was in on it! Damn this was good!
Not a bad movie but I guess they ran low on the budget and couldn't finish it what a weird ending 👎
Cecilia Green
Her bestfriend get on my nerves and Charles cheated on her. Y were underwear in trunk of car. Nobody focus on daughter not that y. Who is daughter texting. Seem like mother going crazy as well as daughter. Daughter geting bully in school by mean girls. Dad took daughter out for ice cream. So she ask daughter is he a killer every time he come home late. Her husband is killer of all missing women. Daughter kill girl who bully her in school
Cha Cur
Poor wife was just clueless. Trusted everything and didn’t even know what was going on under her own roof. And all that darn crying at the police station. Not helping a bit. Pull yourself together and put some clues together before you go to prison for something that you did not do.
Cynthia Cromer
Underwear is a sign of a Predator.....
Damalie Kibirige
Nice movie but d end is disturbing, could u guyz make us part 2👌
Deatrice Brown
Its no friends this days nothing but snakes
Deedee Smith
I swear the police will get a mfer killed
Desire Barbie
Its gots to be a part 2
Desiree De Jean
That ending thou...\nThe Lady Detective said she pulled his eye out. Oh Yeah, there will B Part2.
Ebony Shell
The detective pissed me off telling dude his wife called in saying she thinks he's the killer. Whyyy TF would he tell him that??
Echo take
The wife’s friend was saying how the man is fine I finished the movie and I still don’t see the fine man or did I miss part of the movie
Eddiward Johnsiones
That little girl looks crazy anyway lol
Ella Bella
He’s fine????? BISHHHH WHEREEEEEE😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Fatuma Macharia
I have never seen a crazy movie like this one.
Getkek Offspawn
Who's fine where he at still watching the movie 😕😕
God Jesus
😥😪😫😩WOW... dude is a straight up killer and Soo is the girl 😲.. damn 😩 oh yeah ! Dude should not have told killer dude his wife called the station..
I care zero bitch
Which man is fine??????
J Rabb!t
Damn, stepdad and dad were/ are killers. I wonder if the best friend knew about the murders of the women...
Jade Forest
For people talking about this being a low budget movie. Duhhh! Bad actors, well that usually comes with low budgets. The premise however could be a really great block busting movie especially with a great script and actors especially being from a black perspective it shows family pathology. Usually I can't get through Maverick movies but this was okay. The characters are too aloof and casual. I also don't like the reinforced stereotype of black people not being thinkers, especially when the killings were so sloppy and filled with DNA.
Jadennae Oliver
Her best friend ain't shit and her husband and her daughter nothing but killers
Jason Reno
Damn she attract nothing but killers and haters in her life. Smh
Jeanette Newby
K Gibbs
Dumbest detectives ever!!
Kedrin Bullitt
But why are they gonna be dressed in their Sunday's best fixing on a damn car doe Wtf LMAO!!!
KiedraJai Tv
Why they keep saying her husband fine he UGLY af !! They could’ve used a better looking man 🤣
This movie was Crazy ...
That dude was not fine...acting was not that great...
🤔Soooo, she has TWO killers in her house & she clueless... I cannot... 👀👀👀👀👀
La Keisha Brown
This is a terrific movie. Thank you so much . The only suggestion I have is the writer finish writing the movie. It was half - you know the rest . Who would put out a half written movie. Someone with a lotta juice. This does not make any sense to me - I have seen sum movies end weird but this movie ended horribly . I would think there is a part two but usually movie would let its audience know to be continued. Really . You all are serious huh\
La'Trea De'Zhanae
Damn. The father and the daughter are psychotic as hell.
Lanee Herndon
What in the world???? This movie had me all tuned in. her husband and best framed and daughter , WOOOOOOOOW
Leonard Ryan
That is so sick that little girl took that little girl's panties and shoes
Lissie Chamberlain
The little girl kept saying cool
Lola Renee
Like what tf??????? Did she just ask her step father was he a killer😳😳😳
M-Town Shugg
1min 41 sec in is throwing me off!!!
Mack Carter
Killing your bullies not so good but fighting them is a little bit better I think
Maria Green
The best friend need that ass beat. The ?? Being asked should have a red flag up.
Marjorie Exantus
I am waiting for part 2
Michelle Hobson
Wow! Gotta watch those \
Michelle Nicklaus
Omg the mother in the beginning was like a pedofile with her son SMH
Ms Shanee
If he’s fine then what is ugly? 🤦🏽\u200d♀️🤦🏽\u200d♀️😂😂
That Stupid detective should have NEVER revealed the wife called in to the station. That's why in reality no one wants to call in anything because they don't know how to maintain confidentiality.
Natalia Davis
This movie was filmed by an Obama phone 🤣 The mom needs to get her thyroid checked...looks suspicious 😥 The husband ugly and he looks like his breath smells like boiled peanuts and sausage gravy. 🤷
Ne Thomas
My Movie for the Night!! Plz ppl don't spill it yet💯
Neil Williams
Nelson Alome
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Nelta King
Awesome flick ! Kid might B killers real child, way they take em out... [email protected] she traced her real earth father, wow !!! Dont like way it ended tho, tks., 4 share n...SOoo I guess wife took murder [email protected] nite good ppl...
Obaapa Cynthia
Why it end like this and I won't every woman to be careful we all see what has happens
Pebbles OntheTrack
Good Movie. It got to be a part 2. So the father attack the Lieutenant Cop (eye patch at the end) and \
Queen_2Preety Me T
Wtf did I just watch lol
Horrible detectives🤦\u200d♀️ you are not supposed to touch evidence or the body without gloves.
Ruschelle Smith
Omg smh mother messed him up as a kid..bestfriend always wanted her man..her daughter is a killer..foolish ending..shoot!
This kid is a lunatic!!!
Shan Moore
How you that calm if your husbands a killer ijs her acting is good but she should of been a little more scared good movie though
Shaneka Crockett
Ok, Is the fine husband coming in a part two, cause I missed him in this one...but I do wear glasses........
Sharon Boatman
Who was texting dat lil pyschopath- the step dad?!?!
Shronda Smith
Oh my I really feel bad, because the husband is damaged from his childhood his mother was crazy. The daughter has lost her mind as well we never know what people are thinking and how they will act or react. This is a good movie and it is crazy, the wife is in serious danger the best friend is nuts this is what you call sleeping with the enemies...
SunRaysEye Kemetic
I don't know what Maverick considers a fine ass man, but that wasn't him! Lol
Tashianna alise Stockdale
the detective is stupid 🤦🏾\u200d♀️ like why would he tell the man his wife called In the station just crazy ..
Toni Birch
Those detectives couldn't catch a cold in preschool.
Tracey Del-Gado
Do they need glasses that man ain't even close to okay wtf!
Damn...the daughter too😱
Violet Carson
i am about to check this out right now. i just received my notification for this movie. will comment afterwards.
Yvette Jenkins
so the man that was the lil girl real father was the one that raped that detective because remember she said she clawed his eye out before he did her face like that this was a crazy movie like wow. sad... bad things happen to good people everyday an it sucks. I didn't like the end they never caught niether one of them that was killing. that man is sick for teaching his step daughter how to kill. why do the police always blame the person that was trying to tell them who did the murders happens every day in real life so many innocent people in Jail too. things really do happen like this
brenda howard
Y'all so silly the ones saying he not good looking he not ugly either just because his skin tone dark skin an heavy set trust me the ones saying that is the one fall for the ones that's dogs them cheated on them the lady's/ girls take they husband, boyfriend on Maury to take test is he lieing an cheating they just want a free trip an they put up with it cause he light skin mix but the main one giving them STD an got 5 kids on the side.😂😂😂 An Drive other Chicks around in car they paying car notes LOLMBO.
city slicker
Cee lo
racquel depass
Could this cop be any more stupid ! He actually told the man the woman called the station.
shan zeena
Don't like how it ended.felt like I wasted my time watching it
shinegal naome
Eee this movie tatal betrayal
anybody notice the police lady eye look slashed
tashna brown
The detectives aren't confidential. SMH...
tboogiewitdabun B
Ok it’s bothering me to hear this song between each scene... that’s a problem
tracy matthews
these are some bootleg detectives.. who in the hell tells the suspect they investigating that he's the killer..