All the Miss Moneypenny scenes 1962 - 2012

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Aaron Kenyon
My favourite thing about Bond is his interaction with Moneypenny, it shows a little bit of his life at home when he's not on a mission. It just feels so mundane
Aimee Ward
It just isn't Bond without Miss Moneypenny.
In a way Moneypenny is the luckiest and unluckiest Bond Girl as she holds Bond's respect and affection but will never be in a proper relationship. Though that's probably for the best since Bond's lovers either die or disappear.
Samantha Bond is my personal favourite, as I grew up during the Brosnan era, but goodness GRACIOUS, Naomie Harris takes good care of her body.💪
I so wanted Cate Blanchett to be the new Moneypenny
Anon B
Maxwell owns this role. Has all the features the character should - such as class, intelligence and an element of unobtainability. I think she was even good as an older woman as somehow that works in that particular role.
Some how I didn't find Money Penny in Casino Royale very sexy
Can someone do the same with M scenes?
Blue Thunder73
The first MP will be my fav. forever.....
Moneypenny listens to BARRY MANILOW??? Oh... Moneypenny, I thought you had more sense than that.
Charlie O Connor
Oh, Moneypenny....
Cheyenne Art
my father always calls me moneypenny :)
Chris Peplinski
I will say Samantha bond looked better with longer hair since the shorter hair made her loom older. However at least she could see she kissed 007.
Cinephile 98
Sir Sean Connery and Lois Maxwell had the best James Bond and Ms. Moneypenny chemistry ever.
Da Wolf
i grew up on Lois Maxwell. so of course, she's a fav. just felt she stayed around to long. honestly, she started looking long in the tooth in later movies. but i have to admit, i found Samantha Bond and Naomi Harris HOT. and i love that Naomi was a more active Moneypenny. made more since actually..
Dennis van Dok
I was thinking of making something like this but you beat me to it! Great work, and thanks. I don't know what I expected from such a compilation, but I'm surprised the Moneypenny character remained so consistent for all these years.
Devill Spankalot
I can't take this any longer. Moneypenny minus the British accent is officially black! What's next huh? James Bond is black, too?! C'mon have some thought for us Bond franchise fans in Asia, can you? Truth be told, Asians don't find Black persons charming, intelligent or hygienic. #spanked
Oh, Moneypenny, you'll always be the best example of the friendzone for years to come
Don Draper
Hello everyone, thanks for the amazing amount of views on this video. I listened to your tips and created a new version including 2015s Spectre. You can find it over here:
Elmer Fudd
Lois Maxwell was the best and Caroline Bliss was the worst.
Eve ill Anderson
Ferruccio Guicciardi
Lois Maxwell is the real Moneypenny ...
G. H.
Always the first money penny, liked m. as well. Really liked q hes a trip. now whos playing m.? smile One thing is the volume drops way low.!
Gabe Rodriguez
In my opinion, Lois Maxwell is the only real Moneypenny. After she left the series, they should have retired the character altogether. No other Moneypenny has really left much of an impression.
Gabino Ceron
Miss Lois Moneypenny Maxwell, the one and only.
Gorilla Pimpin'
samantha bond was the best
The first and the original Moneypenny look almost like that young lady works as a receptionist at the eye exam the Costco I work at.
Moneypenny was one sexy MILF.
My favorite scene is the one with Lazenby. It's a crying shame we didn't get more out of him.
The reason why Lois Maxwell didn't leave her role until after AVTAK, was because Roger Moore was a close friend of hers, and influenced her decision to stay through his tenure. A shame that they never quite captured that chemistry on-screen except for FYEO and OP.
There are some Moneypenny scenes missing, especially featuring Lois Maxwell. From Russia, With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service and A View To A Kill all feature Moneypenny in extended scenes that aren't here. Maybe they'll be loaded when the clip is updated with Spectre.
James Rodrigues
Only one M secretary that was Lois Maxwell
Jay Jay C
Out of all the missions completed, Ms Money Penny is the one mission & Cock tease to get away from him. \nSaucy little heartbreaker🔥💔🔥💔🔥💔
Jon Snow
2020 007: James Bond is a female vegen non-binary gendered environmental activist and Moneypenny is a transsexual male lgbt supporting immigration lawyer and neither of them flirt without asking permission first.
Joseph Van Buren
They forgot two scenes from thunderball
Joshua Preston
The Brosnan/Bond era reminds of the Moore/Maxwell era.
Jubal Knight
Samantha bond was the least attractive money penny of them all.
Kent Donaldson
Lois Maxwell was such a stunning woman.
Sorry, but there is only ONE Miss Moneypenny. All the others are just trying to fill Lois Maxwell's shoes.
Dr. No had the best Moneypenny scene :)
I will say, Lois Maxwell really aged gracefully. A rare beauty and a class act.
Liquid Ocelot
I love Lois maxwells voice \u003c3
Lon Tanner
I will forever dig Lois Maxwell first as Moneypenny. Not just because she's the first, but she was truly the best. I also liked Caroline Bliss too cuz she captured a lot of Maxwell's approach to the role. I kinda like Naomie Harris cuz she's different but some of the sexual tension and flirtation is still there but not like the other two. Samantha Bond was just too far a departure from her for me. Too hard to get.
Lone Wolf
Ahhh... The 60's! When people still had class, men were men and women were women.
22:53 Q:.....
You missed one -- the second Thunderball scene where they discuss Domino's \
MadRoberts22 Gaming
1st moneypenny is my favorite
Mark Powney
Miss Funnyfanny
If this happened today... #MeToo #TimesUp
Maxula Pretto
First Moneypenny was the best.
Where's the #metoo feminists crying about this one?
It makes me so sad when he goes through the previous movies stuff 7:16 , Sean is the real 007
I remember Lois Maxwell used to write a column for the Toronto Sun newspaper
Mogens Schmidt
only connery and moores bond Can flirt with her
After Timothy Dalton, Moneypenny kinda sucked.
Paul Allen
I loved the reaction of the movie theater audience when they learned the name of his field partner in Skyfall. It sort of harkens back to the old days of James Bond.
Paul DG
I met Lois in 1982 through a mutual friend in Toronto and got to know her quite well. She was a lovely lady. I found her to be very down to earth, warm hearted and kind.
*Money* *Penny* *Samantha* *RETURN* *25* *JAMES* *BOND*
Rickest Rick
i wonder how long until they try and make bond gay... ya know theyll try.... btw the chick who played moneypenny in the living daylights was seexxxxxyyyyyyy
19:22 She's HOT.
Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga
I loved the first appearance of Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny. Her dialogue with James Bond is really good.  On the other hand, with the short hair Samantha Bond (in Die Another Day) looks like a younger clone of Judi Dench.
M has a labor-saving device on his intercom. When he presses a button an automatic recording of his voice saying \
Moneypenny? How about a Nickelback?
Seth Myers
I honestly thought moneypenny won james in die another day. Who would have thought if was fake?
Slyguy threeonetwonine
19:59 Jesus I have never seen 007 come under such heavy fire before. He's getting shot at from all directions. How he escapes unharmed is a testiment to his skill.
Naomie Harris is by far my favourite Moneypenny
Stone Solo
Lois Maxwell was a very beautiful Moneypenny.
Once can chart the damage that 'feminism' has done to society over the years, from this video.
Talia Price
Naomie Harris is the best moneypenny.
The Celtic Crusader
No other actress did \
Naomi's voice makes my body tingle. Incredible woman.
WildWing 1955
Lois Maxwell, the first, the original, the only Moneypenny. Those were also the best Bond films.
Naomi Harris with Daniel Craig's bond is by far the worst portrayal.. she's rather annoying and in Skyfall she was so cheesy in her scenes it was cringe worthy
Hate to say this but last money penny character doesn't fit...
Love the list; love 007, but why not include all the other scenes with the modern Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) from Skyfall? The epic opening train scene, the shaving scene at Bond's hotel, & her backing him up on the mission should've been included, amirite? I'm kind of confused because you included the obligatory 'office scene', but that's it...
i didn't even know who moneypenny was but i liked the reboot girl the best. The dialogue was pretty well written in Skyfall.\n\nreminded me of my female friend who is always into witty banters.
danny c
Caroline Bliss is horrific in this role.
Moneypenny \
hero hnl
She looks so attractive & young in Dr NO....
15:30 The lady assassin on the screen must've paved the way for Xenia Onatopp!
Caroline Bliss who played Miss Moneypenny in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill was the Best Miss Moneypenny for me!
2018 Moneypenny will be transgender
Well, now we know that Universal Exports is located near the Canadian Embassy in London. See 15:20.
Obviously first Moneypenny was the best
Uh-Uh, in the conference room. Every Double Oh' Agent is there including the secreteries.\n\nSomebody's probably lost a dog.
Caroline Bliss hot as hell
trevor bell
2:30 Lois Maxwell - every red-blooded male’s dream.
Bliss was the cutest moneypenny ever.