Toaru Kagaku No Railgun S - Touma takes down Accelerator

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And protecting Misaka and her clone.

Ael Cantila
If Touma is will get bald, his face will look like Saitama
Afro GG
We just in wait for a S3 now.
Amber S R P
Ultra instinct touma
not seeing any comments about accelerators backstory bit.. in tears
ArchKyleBlitz 13
Technically this anime is based on girl power but they put much emphasis to this fight and touma
Black Phantom
Accelerator vs Deku
Brandon Boring
C'mon now I have to re watch this anime
Caleb Hastings
Touma's bad luck won't allow him to die. For having the power to defy god he'll be forced to suffer through every conflict he encounters.
CodeBlue Archives
Touma best dude.
Crystalic fire
7:33 that's what I ask myself every day
Dark Mystery
Foreshadowing: Both at 5:59 and kind of at 6:08, either clouds or dust appear as wings on Accelerator's back. Foreshadowing arguably one of the greatest moments in Railgun/Index history.\n\nAlso, I forgot how sad this scene got with Accelerator, with his backstory and his supposed real dream.
This arc was 20x better in railgun
I feel like Railgun S portrayed this battle much better than Index did.
I don’t know why people give this dub shit it’s not even bad. This scene is definitely one of my favorites by far in the series.
FunPack Family
0:17 - 0:23 I find this funny as a gamer
Glepner von
This should have been on watchmojos lost of top ten anime punches instead of the final punch with agnesay
Golden Fantasy
Is this guy immortal?!
Why’d they change this scene so much for rail gun?
Whats Toumas abilities and how can he even beat Acc?
My one question is, why doesn't Accelerator keep the power? He's already felt it. Doesn't that mean that he already knows how it works?
Huna Zaky
Plot armor : protag always win
Hyde Zach
What does third string mean? It seems like some kind of insult, but I can’t find it’s meaning,
Isaiah Franklin
ItsMegaz XD
Bty what eps is this?
Jeraldy DP
If its dub it suk
John Czubko
What ep is this
I really like the Index series but the way Railgun executed this arc and extended it with better animations and portrayal of the characters is just clearly superior here.\n\nIndex the first time unfortunately rushed it so much, and with both seasons each arc was rushed overall. Animations for Index can't compare to Railgun, especially the second season. I wish Index too was great as this spinoff show.\n\nI really hope that the creators do a better job with the third season.
Julian Skilton
It doesn't matter how many times stronger you are. If he is zero, you are too.
Karbang Damin
Why i feel like misaka shouuld have defeat Accelerator
LaLa Ilayda
Uhm guys? Can someone tell me :\nWhat’s Index? \nAnd why is there this fight twice?
The battle is so much better in this than in index.
looks like the fortnite storm :)
Manash Das
I think it's would have more dramatic if imagine barker gone berserk and showed us a little glimpse of what it actually is.
Matt R.
I need To Aru M. III Right Now!!!
Who else than me wish to see touma fight against all the lvl 5 Espers in the city
i have not watched this anime yet but does accelator die if he does why???he is not the bad guy!!! he nust wants friends he is a misunderstood poor boy!!!!
Mike Perez
Do they realize that the clones kinda try to kill accelerator too ? Living the best life that they can (as in trying to kill a single guy).
The Japanese VAs are better.
Mister Turk Turkle
Mr. Gentleman Robot
Muhammad Usamah Shahid
Should one watch Railgun or Index series first?
Noob tastic
i'm kinda busy now, so post your stuff and we can argue later
Obito Uchiha
Here , wished Touma got berserk again...
Orion Prime
So we know who is gonna win this fight but whos gonna win touma's heart😂😂😂
Phantom117 B
yeah it's finally unblocked :)
What makes it better to me is the inner monolage of acc's at the end; like a Grinch monment, he as a villain upon realizing he's lost actually considers the words of the protagonists and questions his actions. This makes what he does later more in line with what we know, although index shows alot more of him and the process which put him here as well. I watched this first, and found myself confused as to who the little girl with him at the end was...
Plutia chan
It's like everyone is a chunnibyou and this guy is just a norman person beating up said chunnies.
Touma went Ultra Instinct
Damn it, why the plot armour...\nHE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD!
Randstein WolfShield
5:23 i think he broke something xD
Renai R
Rinku San
What was the point of the coin at the end?
Roberto Karlo
We need a new season of index and railgun (and a accelarator anime)
Roni Rayn
why there have a dub? when they have sub?
Sarcastic Shinigami
Austin Tindle is awsome.
Sergio Bocanegra
Can anyone imagine Touma being friends with Accelerator in (A certain magical Index III) after there rematch
Serious dude
Isn't touma a lvl 5 himself? Bruh
Sha Britt
I felt for A
Skittles GO
1:18 turn caption on lol
Think of it for a second:\nTouma's hidden power and hidden name meaning is \
The Heartless Hero 2077
That's my little bro! I'm so proud, Touma gets ALL the girls...\n\n\n\nSeriously though, you'd be surprised how many people think I look like him..... I guess it's that we are protective in the same way.
The White Wolf
KATS WATER BROKE AT NOON TODAY! Spending the night in the hospital with her. Lilly is expected to be born tomorrow! So happy!
The-Art-Of-Whoopin Yo Behind
1:32 Best OST of Railgun.
Accelerator is Gilgamesh
Timothy Lei
Wouldn't his right hand negate his life force?
Ulquiorra Cifer
This dub is pretty good
Watcher weatherly23
...That's it, after seeing this fight and two clips with Last Order, I'm now gonna go ahead and watch the Index/Railgun series.
Will Fikes
The original version of this fight from Index was pretty underplayed, but this? Fucking. Awesome! Haven't seen a fight this good since Alucard vs. Anderson!
William Ratliff
English name?
Yi Z
plot armor trumps all
Zaire Ash-Shafii
Looks like Touma...\n*puts on sunglasses*\nTook the wind out of his sails.
Zatch Kirigaya
This is why you don't watch Index before Railgun
bang coolpaints
This is the best work jc staff had made
well, thats a gigantic, ugly asspull... makes no sense... accelerator shouldnt be defeated by the likes of that... but plotarmor and asspull, do ur thing and destroy the story... WELL DONE, die in hell
jaykwan rice
mohammad rizwan alam Alam
Even the strongest is brought down by his own arrogance.... If he had just decapitated, I don't think there is anyone in the academy city that can beat him. As for touma, all accelerator needed to do is hit him hard enough so he wouldn't interfere. But I guess touma was just lucky/unlucky enough.
7:28 Dunno how I can feel both sorry for the guy getting his face smashed in and still happy to see said face smashing at the same time, but here we are.
Touma really needs to learn how to fight better. If he had grabbed Accelerator by the wrist with his right hand, Accelerator would have been helpless as a baby.
the ninja prince
Oh that BS accelerator should have won
tyano jason
Still waiting for A Certain Scientific Accelerator and Index 3
zhang Sam
Don't you guys feel the dub sounds like Google text to speech?
Дмитрий Коршунов
dub... with no warning in title.
what accelerator just have to do is just make distance use something sharp cut his hand then next second all thing will be over.