The Outlaw Josey Wales - Making Of

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Hell Hath No Fury:The Cast and Crew talk about "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976).

Bill McKinney Clint Eastwood Interview John Milius John Vernon Making Of Making-Of Sam Bottom... The Outlaw Josey Wales behind the scenes how ist done

Alan Rawlins
Loved the movie Outlaw of Josie Whales, I saw it when I was in the Army. The characters in Unforgiven just seemed so real and the story line believable, it is one of my favorites. I can't watch Million Dollar Baby anymore because it breaks my heart everytime. Big Clint Eastwood fan, I'll watch anything he is involved in, on either side of the camera.
Outlaw Josey Wales is one of my favorite Westerns & possibly my favorite Eastwood film (but there are many others). I like it's gritty portrayal of the West and the characters who lived in the West at that time. I also like the many scenes using Colt Army and Navy percussian cap revolvers. Possibly the greatest handguns of that era.
Badness Bob
Clint Eastwood is so cool on so many levels. He and his movies will be forever used as the yardstick for measuring quality entertainment in the industry.\nLong may he rule as the toughest hombre ever to have come out of hollywood. Much respect.\nBob. Australia
Bertram Oredroc
The best Eastwood film ever. I've watched it many times.
Brando Guy
His movies are nothing but great! Movies now a days are not worth a shit literally
Brian Clevenger
Best Western ever.
Bruce Jones
Man Clint EASTWOOD, what a great actor director all of his movies are very special to me. I wish him and his family the very best.
Buck Fush
Best movie ever. Yanks are still evil sick cowards.
Bunne Rabb
And that's how you make a great film without CGI
Chris Bolin
There will never be another Client Eastwood.
Christopher Thrawn
An American Actor.
Cito mp
My favorite conversation between Dan George and Eastwood. Josey says to chief when I get to liking someone they aint around long.. and George replies, I've notice when you get to disliking someone they aint around very long either. lmao
Craig H
This was great. Thanks for uploading. I can, and have, watched The Magnificent Seven and Outlaw Josey Wales over and over again.
CutEmAll Jack
JEWISH owned Hollywood hates any movie where Whites find their identity. Jewish Hollywood also hated Andy Griffith Show, Dukes of Hazzard, Smoky and The Bandit, and every other implicitly White Male Movie.
Very nice. Great to not only see how the movie was made but to see the directing side of Clint Eastwood during the actually making of the movie, Josey Wales. He truly is a great producer and director. Thanks-Tom-WV
Dan Turner
There were Americans against Americans in the Revolutionary War too.
Dave Pawlikowski
David cawrowl
Wow, this was great!
Dean Bolyard
The best western ever! Love it.
Fred Bennington
Well mr. Carpetbagger, we have something in this territory called the MIssouri boatride.
Gallopin' Galumphus
What low-down, mangy galoot dislikes this? . . . Spit!
Gary Burley
the bit in the film where the kid is dying and the film moves from singing the rose of Alabama to a haunting soundtrack moment as Clint tends to him like a father to a son. always gets to me. amazing tender scene. one of the best films i have ever seen
Graham Rickit
Love the part where clint spits on the dog.
Grandpa the Grey
IMHO, one of the top 5 westerns ever made.
Great Western MGM
I really found it interesting and fascinating how sympathic and supportive Native Americans are portrayed in this film. Thats a stark contrast to the earlier Westerns (including John Wayne's yes) but in Josey Wales its very well written and executed. Clint did an awesome job making this film
Hippy Wizard
Mr. Eastwood please, please make just one more old retired gunfighter turned rancher goes on a revenge hunt searching for a ruthless gang of cut throats that hurt someone you cared about.  Please I promise to go see it!!!!  I think it's safe to say millions will want to see it.
Howlingmad Mudduck
When I am explaining the southern side of the war of northern aggression. I tell people to watch this movie.
Itinerant Patriot
Better to die a free man than live under government oppression
One of the best films Clint ever made.
Jason Kane
I always thought this was a more fulfilling and more complete western, and a better picture than Unforgiven,
Jeff Sartain
Great documentary of one of the best western movies.
Jesse James
Outlaw Josey Wales, and Pale Rider are my favorite Eastwood movies
Jim Digriz
Thanks for sharing this revealing insight into one of my favourite Westerns. An amazing film with a stellar cast.
Jody McGowan
By far my favorite Eastwood movie, they don't make movies like this anymore.
John Bowerman
I went to see Logan's Run instead of this. Big mistake that was.
John Fuentes
People always rave about \
John Smith
Very talented man. A legend!
Jorge Callico
That squaw sure has gone to seed. Almost aa badly as Clint's partner Tyne Daly from \
Josey Michael
I reckon so...
Keith Terry
Love this movie. Its the constant hero movie against oppression and in defence of your family and honor. Im from Sweden and our equivalent would be \
Loay Fraih
God what a movie\n1.the good the bad the ugly\n2 .the outlaw josey wales\n3 .high planis drifter\n4. Pale rider
Great Filmmaker and Story teller. Thank you for making society think!
Matthew Baca
Great movie which of course couldn't be made in these PC-sterilized times.
Matthias Stepancich
The narrating voice fits this so well that it could have been part of the film itself.
Mike C.
Seen every one of his movies. This one was a damn good one... My brother and I used to turn to each other sometimes and say \
Mr B
Papa T
My favorite western. Thanks for sharing, and greets from the Netherlands!
Pat Aherne
One of the great classic western movies.
Paul Gallagher
Paul Hawk
Great movie....Clint...a living legend....
Peter Little
Chief Dan George made this one for me............
Phil Frederick, III
Is that \
Phone One
Love to say its the best but depends on my mood .G THE B AND THE UGLY or pale rider or high plains drifter plus unforgiven .Idk probably choose HPD tonight
Robert Lamb
Best movie every made as well as best actor
Robert Lloyd
Still watch it a couple times a year. The scene between Josey and Ten Bears is the very best ever.
Robert Schaefer
Awesome movie Clint Eastwood you rock. OMG they don't make great movies like this no pc just actors acting no politics.
Rodger P
Josie Wales confronting and communicating with Ten Bears is the single best scene in any movie ever made, in my opinion.  It is sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues.
Rory Schweinfurter
I agree with every review of this movie \nThe movie is based on a book called \
Sabrecat Smiladon
Hard to compare Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.....loved them BOTH equally
Sammy Thomas
I’m glad you got here when you did or i might would have killed her!!!! lol 😂
Sheila Outside!!
Holy Smoly... Didn't realize how dangerous it was to film😯😨😱
Ten Bears /Josey Wales possibly one of the best movie scenes ...EVER
Great one, thank you.
Steve Fowler
Clint would have made a good President had he decided to run when he was a bit younger.
Damn! Those two Walker Colts he carried!!
Love Clint , love the movie.
Tom Brady
Clint Eastwood, a class act in all his films.. don't know if he's religious. But he's always held the moral High Ground..
Wedgenut Tanker
We are about to have another war between Americans and it wont be civil.
William Merne
Clint Eastwood- a great actor, director, producer and human being. I watch everything Eastwood, many times.
I was around fourteen when this came out. I have watched countless times because it is my favorites over all the Westerns, and there have been so many great ones. I could not help but to view Native Americans in a different light after this one, The Chief Dan George and the Indian Girl as well as the Chief at the end - his character really came across as honorable yet strong and fair - was someone to look up to.\nThe shop keep scene beating the Indian Gal always makes me mad though, just goes to show how great the actors were.
Clint Eastwood=A National Treasure
Yo Bentley
If there was ever a perfect movie, this is it.
bob burroughs
Yup, the best.
brad bechly b
Clint never made a bad movie, I grew up watching him
The man is a genius at his craft.  Correction -- ART.
delon a
What? Clint a conservative Republican and Trump guy is supposed to be a racist and he brought a positive portrayal of native Americans? That goes against the liberal narrative!!!
Clint Eastwood is an American treasure. I don't always agree with his politics, but his intelligence and integrity are unquestionable. He's sometimes underestimated because he's so low-key, but his example is something people ought to pay close attention to.
fly 13
One of the best. A real pleasure watching him work behind the scenes. You can hear the admiration for him from the actors. That speaks volumes!
giovanni pilu
god i love this movie, i will never get tired of watching it, pure brilliance...........................
joe m
Great movie
johnny llooddte
great movie..when was this interview made
Some of this movie was shot near Oroville, CA. About 30 miles from where I live. I met a guy who had the job of driving the actors around. Once, he drove Eastwood up to the Feather River Canyon about 20 miles out of Oroville. Eastwood told him stop and he got out of the car. Then he told the driver to drive 10 miles up the road and wait for him. Eastwood was an avid runner. The same guy was also given the task of going to San Francisco airport to pick up Sondra Locke and bring her to the shoot. According to him, Ms. Locke was a loon. She was snotty, demanding and insisted on berating him all the way back. He said it was the worse 2 and half hours of his life.
Thanks for posting.
matt s
a man like wales lives by the feud
meljr none
I absolutely love this movie...I have it on DVD and would occasionally watch it. And like he said at the end of the documentary, although \
nick f
what a great film, one of my all time favorites.
nick harris
one of my all time favorites...
My all-time favorite movie!!!!
shot forshot
Geraldine Keams was awesome in this.
The scene with Ten Bears has to rank among the best scenes of all time in any movie.
My favorite western ever.