Лейто убивает копа - 13-й район (2004) - Момент из фильма

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Release date in Russia-January 27, 2005Original name-Banlieue 13Country - FranceDirected By Pierre MorelAction, crime, Thriller,Starring David Belle, Cyril Raffaelli, Tony D Amario, Bibi Naseri, Dani Verissimo, Francois Shatto, Nicholas Voirin, Patrick Olivier, Samir, Gasmi, Tariq Busigin, Marc AndreoniEvents unfold in the near future-in 2013. The action takes place in Paris – a city where street arbitrariness thrives. In the most unguided area under the number "13" suddenly appears a nuclear bomb, and one of the best police – Damien – sent on a dangerous mission to neutralize the warhead. As an assistant, he is given a native of the area – Leito, who has his own accounts in his native place.The constant change of frames and tricks of the actors make the film bright and dynamic, and the denouement is absolutely unexpected.----------------------------------------------The video contains copyrighted content. The copyright holder is monetizing this video. Copyright is respected. Information can be found here - For copyright issues, please contact us at: [email protected]

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