Alyson Hannigan Jason Biggs - American Pie 4 Das Klassentreffen interview (2012)

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American Pie 4 - Klassentreffen - Alyson & Jason do not talk a lot about the movie, but they have a lot of fun! - Darsteller / cast: Jason Biggs , Alyson Hannigan ( Lily from How I Met Your Mother - HIMYM ), Seann William Scott , Mena Suvari , Shannon Elizabeth , John Cho , Tara Reid , Eugene LevyGenre: comedyRegie / directed by: Jon Hurwitz , Hayden SchlossbergKinostart Deutschland: 5. April 2012Kinostart USA: April 6th, 2012offizielle Filmsite: http://Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Universalused with authorization

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Andrew Flood
Ano Nym
Das sind ja 2 alberne Vögel :D an guter Laune scheint es denen nicht zu mangeln ;-)
Aoife Willow
Does anyone remember Alyson Hannigan in Buffy ??? love her btw
Jakarta .Nuts
is she drunken xD
lol them 2 work great good interview
Alyson Hannigan is awesome! I love her laugh :D
Zac Roulston
Is alli pregnant
ariana army forever
Is it me or does Jason look like Jake Gyllenhaal when he laughs/smiles ?
For someone who seems so nice, Ms. Hannigan has a wicked mind. And great timing.
Such great chemistry, it makes me have a better feeling for the movie... that'll actually be super duper funny than my original thoughts of just normal funny.
it would be cool if Jason Biggs guest starred on How I Met Your Mother would that be cool?\[email protected]