♫♥☆ N-TRANCE ft. ROD STEWART - DA YA THINK IM SEXY? (Eurodance) ☆♥♫

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♫♥☆ N-TRANCE ft. ROD STEWART - DA YA THINK I'M SEXY? (Eurodance) ☆♥♫N-TRANCE are a British Techno Dance Electronic, music group who were formed by Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth, in 1990.The group has sold over 5 million records worldwide and some of their hit singles include "Set You Free", "Forever", as well as covers of the popular 1970s disco songs "Stayin' Alive", "D.I.S.C.O." and "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?".1991-1994N-trance are Dale Longworth and Kevin O'Toole; back in 1991 they met at a Manchester college whilst studying on a sound engineering course. They decided to form a band which went through a variety of names before ending up with N-trance.Their first commercial release was "Set You Free"Featuring the superb voice of Loveland vocalist Rachel MacFarlane. "Turn Up The Power" really established them as a band who make quality music; selling a massive 600,000 units in the UK. It is, in fact, the sixth biggest selling single of the year so far and elevated them to new heights with success across the world including top 20 status in Europe and Australia.1995-1996Internationally, "Stayin Alive" was one of the biggest UK exports of 1995 reaching no. 1 in Australia and being top 5 in almost every country of the world. N-trance's long awaited debut album, "Electronic Pleasure", was now available. It comprises 12 tracks including all the singles. The album does go a little deeper than just being three or four singles packaged with eight fillers; every track is there on merit.People have commented on how the three singles released so far have differed from each other - the Euro-style1997In 1997 they were back with a single called ""D.I.S.C.O."" and it's real disco groove in 90's style.In September 1997 they released a cover of ""Da Ya Think I'm Sexy"", it's a song in the samestyle as their old hit cover of "Stayin' Alive".1998-2000N-Trance released a single in March 1998 called "Broken Dreams" and it's an adaption of Mr. Misters song"Broken Wings".N-Trance also finally released the album "Happy Hour", it contains all the newest hits ("Da Ya Think I'm Sexy,Paradise City, Broken Dreams, The Mind Of The Machine"...), a total of 11 songs.In August 1998 N-Trance released a cover of the Guns'n'Roses hit "Paradise City".In Decemeber 1998 N-Trance released a single called "Tears In The Rain".In May 2000 the single "Shake Ya Body" was released.2001-2002In 2000/2001 some unauthorized remixes & bootlegs of "Set You Free" surfaced. The record company thought that instead of pursue these legally they thought it was a good idea to collect the best ones and release them into the public.The compilation "Best of N-Trance - 1992-2002" has been released in the UK.2003The single "Destiny" was released on July 7th.2004The 2x12" promo for "I'm In Heaven" was released in May in the UK.The single "I'm In Heaven" was released in November in the UK.2009N-trance finally decided to digitally release, on iTunes, their 1997 album The Mind Of The Machine. It will include 2 new tracks, Free Running and The Earth Is Dying, in a similar style that they used back in 1997. (DAI, EE & Eurodance blog)N-Trance es un grupo inglés de música Electrónica Techno Dance, muy de moda en la década de los 90. Esta banda es originaria de Greater Manchester, Inglaterra. Sus integrantes son Dale Longwonth y Kevin O'Toole. La mayoría de sus canciones mezclan estos estilos de música con covers.Álbumes:* 1995: Electronic Pleasure* 1999: Happy Hour* 2001: Best Of N-Trance 1992-2002Singles:* 1995: Stayin' Alive (Cover de Bee Gees) * 1997: D.I.S.C.O. (Cover de una canción de los 70 del dúo francés Ottawan)* 1997: Da Ya Think I'M Sexy? (Cover de Rod Stewart)* 1998: Paradise City (Cover de Guns N' Roses)* 1998: Broken Dreams (Cover de Mr. Mister, cambiada por Broken Wings)I love Techno EurodanceThe best decade nineties 90sEnjoy it!Comment and Subscribe...Thanks.Dj Masterboy2000fulArequipA - PERÚ

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