Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest (Guitar Riffs Battle)

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Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest (Guitar Riffs Battle)It was a pleasure for me to make this video!This bands have amazing Guitar Riffs!I hope you enjoy it!Please like, share and Subscribe my channel if you like the video!Guitar Riffs:2 Minutes to MidnightFirepowerThe Number of the BeastPainkillerThe TrooperBreakin the LawAces HighElectric EyeFear of the DarkVictim of ChangesWasted YearsHalls of ValhallaGuitar: Mayones Setius Pro Lizard

Guitar Riff Battle Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest Guitar Riffs Iron Maiden VS Judas Priest Guitar Riffs Battle iron maiden juda...

Love Judas Priest 🎶🎸😎
ALex Anikin
Judas Priest and Glenn Tipton
Alan Moser
Priest of course,but maiden is legendary too!!🎶🎸😎
Andrey Glushko
Iron maiden, judas priest-the god of heavy metall. Win-Win.✌👌
Anime Final Battle
What a great intro for judas priest! FIREPOWER is one of best songs from them, also flametrower, lighthing strike, rising from ruins, lonely wolf are epic singles of that album i mean FIREPOWER!
Antonis Athanasiou
There is only one winner: Heavy Metal.
Austin Davies
I love these battles because no one can lose! Win-Win.
Bearded Arjay
They both win! Still I prefer Maiden 😄
Ben Brooks
Iron Maiden would win except for breaking the law
Bolgar Balgarinov
Judas Priest are the best!
Bruno Cicchini
@Miguel sequeira can you do Ozzy vs Dio?
Budi Marcello Lesiangi
I always love Priest for those badass riff sounds.., and so Maiden.. But Judas Priest is The Metal God..
JudasPriest have better riffs but maiden have better songs
Maiden all the way. Maiden forever. Up the irons.
And the winner is: \n\nMusic as a whole.\nTwo epic bands. Don't compare them, just enjoy.
Caffeine Stew
Sabath (DIO era) vs Ozzy
Calvin Lalremsanga
Lol Priests has more evil, intense and THE METAL riff sound considering they were earlier... Maiden(no disrespect though) has melodies and doesn't truly sound heavy metal rather sound Power metal...Priest sound Punk, thrash, Groove...
Chapter Master Moloc
IMO, Painkiller is the definition of metal.
Chio Chan Genocide
Grew up listening to Maiden, became a metalhead because of them, started playing guitar because of them, bought every single CD and bunch of DVDs. But in riffs material Priest wins man no doubt
Connor Castle
Judas Priest Winnnnn👍✊👊👏👏👏👏👏💪
Corentin Belin
2 amazing bands
Crump’s Brother
Cyber Jism
Judas Priest all the way!!! Great vid man.
Dennis Huffman
Priest does it for me but I still like Iron Maiden. But Priest has been around longer.
Fernando Silva
Very Nice brother !\nHugs from a rock live here from Brazil 🤘
Forgettul matters
Judas maiden or iron Priest
Fênix Popper
Led Zeppelin vs Black Sabbath
Gabriel Chávez
Me quedo con los riffs de Judas Priest..... \\w/ \\w/ \\w/ \\w/ \\w/
Giacomo Cáceres González
And the winner is: Power Metal & Iron Maiden!!!!!
Definitely one of my favourite riffs Judas had created is \
Haunted Machine
And about the melodies, who wins? Just kidding 😂
Heinrich Illing
Maiden's is more playful\nIt's Because os Steve Harris Bassplaying\nAnd he composes riffs\nPriest is more stronger riffs\nBut two farly strong british Metal genius
Howard Uub
This isn´t even a tie, this is a WIN-WIN.
Hunter Sakowicz
I prefer iron maiden but the priest riffs won
Indred Kold-Fusion
Instead of opposition, wouldn’t these two legendary bands, with nearly a century of combined rock power, make a splendid double main event concert? Of course, tickets would probably start at $100 bucks, so plenty of heads up time would be needed!! Shit, they would need to jam a few together, for the ultimate encore!! Hey, a guy can dream, right?
Ivan Pastene Alvarado
A new band ...\
Ivan Sanchez
Black Sabbath vs Mötorhead.
Ivan Vidal
Priest wins for me. Both of them excellent ones but Maidens riffs are composed by Harris so maje them more one-chord style. Priest instead is heavier and last album Firepower oh my god they are more powerful than ever.
Iván Krauss
Judas Priest Win! Fatality...
J .0181
On this battlefield no one wins🤘
James Brandt
The Sentinel from Judas Priest ist missing.
Joe Lonsdale
You are a very silly man and I like you.
Joni Makaroni
Tipton and K.K!! Best guitar tag team on the planet!
Juan Antonio Blanco
May god créated the World but Judas invented HEAVY 🤘 METAL
Karan Zoroaster
For me maiden won because they're my favourite.
Klonis Archer
0:12 2 Minutes to Midnight - 1984\n0:43 Firepower - 2018\n1:26 Number of the Beast - 1982\n2:29 Painkiller - 1990\n2:39 The Trooper - 1982\n3:15 Breaking the Law - 1980\n3:50 Aces High - 1984\n4:38 Electric Eye - 1982\n5:04 Fear of the Dark - 1992\n5:57 Victim of Changes - 1975\n6:25 Wasted Years - 1986\n7:15 Halls of Valhalla - 2014\n\nMetal Rules.
Liam Case
Awesome job man! Maybe some time you could do Dokken vs W.A.S.P.
Listus Crow
I love judas priest so much!! But i do like iron maidens rifs in this ^_^
Luke Runeberg
Electric Eye rusts from being so metal
I have just been introduced to judas priest. Thank you
Tie. Iron Maiden is just as good as Judas Priest and Judas Priest is just as good as Iron Maiden.
Martin McComb
Started listening to Priest about 78 and started on Maiden about 80 or 81. Though there were imitators, no other bands at the time blended the heavy guitar sound with such a wide and powerful range in the vocals. Their harmonys are still inspiring new musicians to this day. These bands are the epitome of heavy metal.
Michael Di Pietro
excellent video.\n\ni did grow up listening to lots of Judas Priest. thereby i am more inclined to know their musical nuances (ie the \
Michael Mendoza
NineTeenth Spirit
Heavy Metal is the winner
I admire Iron Maiden, but Priest is more powerful, monolithic. For me, this realization came a few years ago during their 30th anniversary tour for British Steel. The last minute and a half of Steeler, their delivery of that instrumental portion was the fiercest, most brutal attack I’ve ever heard at a live concert. The timing, the precision, the volume, the speed, simply amazing.
Oliver leben
Judas Priest!!!!
Dream Theater vs Symphony X
Phillip Gurney
Okay made my decision.....I pick .....IRON PRIEST!....
Pink Guy
Iron Maiden all the way for me. I love both though.
Reuben Seldo
In the battle of Maiden vs Priest riffs, we all win!
Robert Delfino
Two great bands. When I was younger I preferred Maiden, but now I prefer Priest. Comparing their old songs they are equally matched, but I think Priest's last few albums are better than Maiden's.
Rodi Makdesi
You make the day man🌷\nLed vs van \nMotor vs deep\nSabbath vs dio\ndef leppard vs Motley crue twisted sister vs skid row\nSlayer vs exodus
Ryan Thompson Guitarist
Halls of Valhalla might just be the best Priest riff ever
Ryu Jinsoku
Iron priest vs judas maiden 🤘😂🤘
Rômulo Montes
Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple
Shaun mcinnis
Well done! I know this stuff a lot of time to put together .Awesome work
Sirius Black
Why did you split my heart in two perfect bands? :( hahaha
Sirius Gaming
Love how you used new school and old school tunes from both bands! this is brilliant! my only gripe, is that riff for number of the beast, the main riff bit actually starts an 8th note before the bar starts, its a common mistake made by like everyone, so its fine ha
Stephen Asbridge
Good job we have both of these bands. British Metal- The Original and Best!
I love Maiden but Painkiller \u003e anything Maiden has ever done.
Syntaxe Error
Judas Priest team!\n\n\nP.s.\nBoth are legend, but honestly, painkiller defeat all iron maiden riffs;)
I am a big fan of both, but I prefer Judas Priest.
Valentin Papadopoulos
,sorry maiden but i prefer judas
Valentine H
iron priest wins
Vedant Kailas
nothing can beat the trooper
Two metal gods, simply that
Judas Priest + Iron Maiden + Black Sabbath + Saxon = Best heavy metal
Wesley Gabriel
heavy metal wins
Yata Garasu
Team judas.\n\nBut it's blasphemy to messure both gods. They are both legendary!
Ziad Hassan
Maiden makes me happy , Judas priest gives you that riff right in the feel , Judas priest my favourite
adie. b
My 2 all time favorite Bands ❤️
anatoly parker
Metal gods I worship them both
Excellent video buddy!!! Next time please do a video between Iron Maiden and Metallica
erhard kolrus
priest is a winner...
ghost man
Judas Priest wins all.
Someday we're all gohna die, but heavy metal will survive\nJudas Priest rules \u003c3
metal lord
Judas Maiden!
robert fassnacht
im sorry, its like deciding which child u luv more :)
sexi guxu
damas y caballeros la pelea de ka historua IRON MAIDEN CONTRA JUDAS PRIEST y el ganador de esta contienda es IRON PRIEST DAMAS Y CABALLEROS UNA PELEA DEL SIGLO
teghlat David
why is this video only 8mins ? :-(
Πρόδρομος Παπαδόπουλος
Judas Priest.
Джефф Жартівник
Judas Priest-best of the best.