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TVXQ! new album 'Catch Me' has been released.Listen and download on iTunes & Apple MusicTVXQ! 동방신기 'Catch Me' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

Catch me DANCE DBSK KPOP MAX SM SMENT SMENTERTAIN... SMTOWN TVXQ! U-Know hulk hulk dance hulk dancing 東方神起 동방신기 유노윤호 최강창민 캐치 미 헐크 헐크 댄스 헐크춤

This song only has 28M views?! This song is my KPop bop!
Alessandra A.
3:11 i literally can't stop replaying changmin's note WHOA
Alexis Antill
No matter when you listen to this song, Catch Me will ALWAYS be the legendary song and dance. They're so amazing, this song and dance still takes my breath away.
Alien Child
Don't hate me for this, but in my opinion, these guys are and will always be far better than the newer boy groups !
Aliii_ Rxsa
This is one of the first Kpop songs i've ever heard. Still love it now tho\n\n\n\nPs: And i have to see that song live once in my life.
Allie Hirt
Best boy band ever tvxq
Ana Cruz !
I remember this was the second K-Pop song I listened to after Gangman Style all those years ago and here I am still listening to it! It's a drug people K-Pop is a drug!!!
Angie Hui
BTS' 8th member
I'm shocked this doesn't haven't have more views.
Bakka Doo
Let me preface this with an obligatory \
Bella Tremi
It's been almost six years but this mv literally looks like it just came out this year... This song never gets old man.
I wanna marry Yunho so bad
Chain Reaction
Their voices!
Chris Chriscargo
jesuswow just went through three music videos of tvxq and every concept, every choreo, and every way it's filmed and edited is just even more on a level of amazing
Christian Chen
First kpop idol crush ever. Yunho
Christopher Gayle
Uknow is so hot. Always had a crush on him.
Crush On You
Am here because they performed on Running Man ep.116
To all the new people, welcome to the wonderful world of kpop, enjoy your stay! xD
Diana Flores
2018!!! y viendo la mejor coreografía del kpop !!!
Dolly Guadalupe
Listening in 2018. \u003c3 This song is still as amazing as when it was released.
Doren Basco
Best korean musician is MC Muhyeon
I cant believe this song came out 2012.. Feels like it came out 2 years ago!
Erica `i think`
Chance of Love and now back to the start of it all. Wow.
Erza Zairi
Filipino Countryball
Name a more iconic k-pop duo. I'm willing to wait.
super arm milk choreography\niconic
Gamer Tag
That's some high quality voice right there
One of my favorite kpop songs of all time
Hadiy Aizat
Every single comment is about yunho and im so mad. Bruh what about mah boy CHANGMIN
Hatihsam Mo
2018?? Anyone here watching this?
It's amazing to see their views so low but they have the highest album sales and largest concert crowd in kpop :)
J Hsa
Ok why is everyone talking about yunho what about the other member ?
Jannah Victoria Dasal
Why did I found this song just now!? This is insane. Hahaha. This is my new jam.
Jayson Kelth
give like if u keep watching at 2019
Jenifer Costa
2018??? ❤❤❤❤❤
Jennie Galvan
first boy group I was obsessed with and still am❤ but other kpop fans seem to not even know about them like it breaks my heart💔 its about the same with Vixx💔 love them as well💓❤😍
Jiminie Pabo
I always come back to this MV because TVXQ always amazes me. They never stay with the same music style they always try out new ones and that is what I love about TVXQ. TVXQ ARE THE GODS OF KPOP AND THE KINGS OF MAKING JAPANESE SONGS! 👏 👏 👏
Joh Alvarenga
This is so ICONIC!
John Rey Victorio
Dunno y no one is talking bout Changmin. He is so freaking attractive, his dancing skills and powerhouse pipes were flawless too 💕💕
Kate T
When kpop still wasn't so mainstream☺ For me this is still one of the best mvs ever💙👏
Shout out to this music video for getting me into kpop and effectively changing my life \u003c3
All this people saying stuff like about how \
Kawaii Kpop Jessica Watts
I have an unhealthy obsession with Yunho
When i first clicked on this video i thought that even the backround dancers were part of the group. But when i saw the same two men acting for the camera i said\n \
Omg it's my first song kpop 😍😭 now we are in 2018 it's strenge i love FOREVER this song and tvxq 😍🇰🇷😭😍😍😍🇰🇷
Lanie Mojica
im loving their song now... off road and catch me are two of my favorite song of them
Lee Nelson
I just discovered these guys and they are WAY BETTER than any contemporary boy group I've ever heard. They're basically the reason Kpop exists, right?\n\nOh, and I Think I'm a Cassie now.
Liz UKnow
Yunho is a very attractive!
Maruf Raihan
BIGBANG may be the kings ...... But thy are the GODS
Mary Kathleen Sapp
In my opinion one of the greatest choreographed Kpop videos ever!!!
Maryelle Mac
Mike Crosoft
OK people, the Fine brothers got me into it. I really like this song and the whole video. What else should i listen to? What other band? What album? Fine family do you have some k-pop playlists on spotify? Now that i'm hooked i need more !
まだ聴いてる人(日本)\nA person still listening\n아직 들어 있는 사람
Nathalia Costa
Nawaal Bhuiyan
this song has literally changed lives
2018 \nI love you
Remember back then when they dance this on running man lol
I remember this from running man ❤️❤️❤️
Rhema Williams
I still remember when I first saw this video...I still consider this one of the greatest kpop songs ever and one of the best choreography ever
Riana Krista Mandia
I grew up watching Yunho. 😍😍😍
Roya Khalasi
This song, vocals, choreography, mv, outfits, concept, and overall vibe and aura is the most exceptional phenomenon in kpop.
exol here, supports tvxq. thanks for help yesterday^^
Sa Mi
Ofcourse melody is...😭🤧 oh GOD changmin's highnote..
Sally W.
They're so HOT ε-(´∀`; )
Saltchipper _
before bts\nthere was tvxq
Sam LeSassy
They are bloody amazing and yet people are going crazy over BTS without even looking at these legends
Snow Yuki Yap
Listening in 2018, TVXQ! is the king of the K-Pop forever ! TVXQ! is my favorite K-Pop male group !
How to recognize a song from 2012: *wubwubwub*
TVXQ are one of the last in a dying breed of K-pop. I saw them live in 2012 and they are flawless performers. Intense choreography, perfect almost studio quality vocals and insane songs. There are no groups in K-pop who come close to being as influential and as perfect as them.
For those who came from The Fine Bros,\nIf you want to listen to more of TVXQ!'s songs, I'd recommend,\nKeep Your Head Down, Before U Go, Humanoids, Something, Spellbound, etc.\n\nIf you are wondering why there's only 2 members. It's because 3 of the members left the company because of \
Thwin Mie Ko Ko
Yunho I've been loving you for years and you're the king of my heart! I love you ! I love DBSK
Tiara Suele
2018 ❤
Vicky Snz
I want world tour
I just love this song! I keep listening to it like crazy!
Xiumin's Wifeu
I love how the two of them keep going and keep on being a legend.
ZeSt Trần
Raise your hand if you listen to this in 2018 :)))
Zel 00
On a TVXQ! Marathon. These guys are amazing as ever. ❤
You know Yunho!
jaden _ lamou
This song and this vidéo and this dance choreography deserve billion and billion and billion likes 👍 tvxq are the best 👍💯👏👏❤❤
jess b
Who's here after watching the chance of Love video??
just a fangirl
imma new to TVXQ and when o heard yunho's,\nyunho: KAJIMAAAAA~\nme: BOI😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
klaudia burzymowska
i remember finding tvxq on the react channel, and loving it instantly. i didn't know that few years down the line i'd become addicted to k-pop. what a coincidence
max is so handsome like omg
lalala bloomies!
changmin's high notes gave me goosebumps O-O
luna chang
October 2018 anyone ?
crazy performance.. \u003e▽\u003c
reem shtewi
Yunho 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤
song arabella
one of the most iconic kpop songs ever
stacy wiley
Can't wait for U-Know and Max have their comeback very soon including their new CD! And upcoming world tour.😄
tenmilesof peachblossoms
Catch me Nooooooooooooow . Still lovin this song no matter how much time passes.
THE LAST PERFECT GROUP STANDING! From vocals, choreography, production, performances; name it THEY SLAY! Proud CASSIOPEIA #TVXQGODS
wafae meu
Oh my god yonho is very handsome 😍😍😍
yazmin Garcia
chagmin esta bien bueno 7v7
хайсэ рё
Changmin~a😭🖤💗🖤\nYour voice are the best in this world
2018 still love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️