Meek Mill - 1942 Flows (Official Video)

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1942 flows 1942 flows extended black lives matter fa... fall thru free Meek Mill free meek justice justice4 meek meek mill meek mill music meek millz

Aaron Hollowell
Bringing this with me in 2019.
Abbas Al
Trump not feeling us cops still killing us
Adrian Smith
Meek Mill the best rapper of this generation.
Amani Daud
trump don't feeling us
Anthony Ferraro
you will never fall with mighty GOD! amen fr
Anthony Lopez
Why would I be on Wendy when they gossip like Queens Meek Millz is the truth when it comes to this life and rap reason why I'm going to say one thing after this is he said if anybody tries to rob me he's putting a brick on their head raw work! Nobody better not ever ever ever ever try to Rob Meek Mills if so that's you writing your own ticket!
Auwal Muhammad Idris
Money Power Respect... Meek sippin 1942 like its Mill
Ayanda,Advocate Khumalo
Ayesha Go.
Damn this reminds me how much Meek is needed in the culture #FreeMeek
👀 He coming out soon
BigH Drive
This song is 🔥🔥
Still listening in January carrying this into 2019🔥💯❤\nAbsorb the Motivation✔🥇 thats what I did Meek make me feel that I can make it out the ghetto🙏❤
meek, bruh dont forget your ways. love you and all yours.
Charlene Jackson
Grown and Sexcii😋💋👌🏾
Chris 5401
This song has honestly inspired me so much \n#freemeekmill
Cincinnati _513_
Meek just speak from the heart we feel you and hear the realness in your flow
Free Meek. My name was inspired by him
Cosmology Bey
The phiily JAY Z
Cubby Nubby
Meek is forever the best rapper
I listen meek everyday because he's an inspiration 💯
DaReal DeeDee
who really that bored to go on a video just to unlike it
Davonte Johnson
Does nobody else realize he made this before he went in? THAT'S crazy smh
Dazhae Qualls
our time. REMEMBER ME! Taking L'S but gaining our plp.
Delano Mcdonald
Who's still here in 2019?
Divineshot 314
They wanna see him fall because he won't sell his soul. \n#freemeek 🔥🔊🎥
Don’t click this Okay
This guy knows the struggle. I have so much respect for meek
Dream Chaser
Duraine Carr
“I don’t need these hoes”!That line alone got me through a tough break up.
Dyllon Freeman
He has really evolved as an artist over the years #FreeMeek\n\nEdit: MEEK IS A FREE MAN
Ehebholoria Francis
Still listening in November
Elion xD
Damn i thought he died ...but it was mac mill not him😐anyway R.I.P Mac Mill
Famous topic content
It's like he didn't sale his sole and tryna show that in this videos
Farouk faroqe
Salute from Palestine
We in Kenya stand with Meek. Free Meek or we'll come running and break him out.
Graham Trailer
@meekmill. Stay focused, especially when these workers \
Higher Prespective
I love how Meek gives piece of a cake to young rappers
Hunter Smith
Maine is with u meek
Huzaifa Saleem
In Da News T.V.
Who else got HYPE as hell when they thought this was REALLY Meek mill being free'd?
Iplaymany games
Anybody listening December,2018?
Meek I love your music bro!!💜 I'm from Jamaica btw🇯🇲🇯🇲
Jarius Nelson
I gave my momma ten thousand at least ten thousand times that's a million #dream chasers #meek Mill #still listening to it in 2020
Jenie Frederick
Went they get the dollar thet will hate
Joe Bright
My dad is like 57. He gets a kick out the part about u get charged with f1 felonies when u shoot someone,stab someone. I got charged for riding a bike. Good for meek,for making people aware of whats going on out here
Joey Live
I think they wanted to release this music video soon as Meek was free but things didn’t go as planned so they just put it out. That’s why the intro starts like that
He said \
Karl Boakye
this is lit
Kathleen Blanch
Meek time coming if he focus on his 🎶 he still one out of my top five i love this jam
Kmel Beatz
Kurly Boy
When I blow up imma go back the the apt. I lived in and make a video shoot there and set the ppl livin there for a whole year That’s law!
LiquorPouring MusicProductions
What R U Gonna Do Now That Your Free Meek....Im Gonna Be Up 💯💯💯💯#ToRaw
Live Free
That's 1,000,000 for his mom. I did the math #mathboss
M Mitch
Meek does 👍 Here
u kill it son dam u go crazy on the blue notes song...
MYechou GL
that jacked looks lit where can i buy it?
Marcel Morris
No weapon form against me every time I pray at night
The message behind this video is amazing.. a free slave, preachhhhh!
Maria Williams
Ain't nothing like a black man or a black woman I love us!!!!!!!!!!
Mario Deras
Meek harvested his inner Cole on this one. 🔥
Michael Chapman
Still 🎶 Today realist song of the year.........🎧 New Orleans Love Your 🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵
Lyrics on my channel from the whole album!
Spittin bars so hard you end up behind them
Nekrø Beats
Meek Mill is pure motivation for me! ♥ THX!
Nhlanhla Onlife
here b4 1 Million Views!!!!!!!!!\nSouth Africa Stand Up!!!!!!!!!
Noah Hazelton
One Love to Meek for being a man of the people 💯❤
Nyezale Scruggs
This playback value to high
Orthodox Pirate
Jesus will save you brother, you are doing great!!!
Most of the people in the comments cannot speak basic english. My brain hurts after reading these comments.
Patrick Swanson
2019 and it's still a banger!
Pluggboy Jay
Am I the only person that hears his chains cling ever other couple of seconds🤔 ?
Back when I was broke they was koo wit it
ReCKless_ swavyy_ YT
Notice how meek raps about life and not random stuff
Ruben Velasquez
Lil Snupe chain🔥🔥🔥 Rip to a Legend bruh😴💔
Sebastian Zuniga
Meek doesn’t get the recognition he truly deserves...
Shimron Netia
Love from Nairobi Kenya
Spitta TV
Crazy how he made this before he went to jail 🤔🤔🤔 staged maybe
Steven Mlotshwa
Started off poor with plans to own more...
The Life Of Kelz
Who ready for meek to come home
this got me emotional for real 🔥
Tiger Woods
They want to lock all black men away sad
Troy Lowe
Imma get signed to Dc One Day T-beezy Struggle on YouTube
the more real you are the more hated u get
Vet Erick
feeling like free slave from china loan ////////254
WhoBishMe ect.
Cops still killin us Alabama mall shooting😑SMH
abraham tembo to starve all day to get it fast like ramadan
alex velazquez
Meek better than pac don’t @ me
bourahima dabo
meek mill 🔙🔥🔥🔥🔥
goldy blood
He always crying rappers contradict themselves ...he disrespful to his ppl than talk Abt trump..
jordan ramos
He gave his mom $10,000,000
kudakwashe mwenje
One of the realiest Gs in the game.......Meek u on the road to become one of the GREATEST
sommentality kovam
You gone win brother shining like a star love
All thumb down people..dont respect hip hop..we gone make sure we handle every impostor on the wax...bars
trevor simwanza
Beat n Word well cooked Rhaaaa dish
up scheme #2020vision
notifications gang where y'all at#free meek
william kyne
For anybody saying anything about the Lord and the devil why do you hate so much against someone whos just trying to find their way this goes for both sides. The Lord is the only one who can pass judgment or ridicule anyone. Leave it alone just stay in your course and let's everything else take it's course.
peep out \