Speed Chess Championship: Magnus Carlsen Vs Wesley So

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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and one of his most touted potential challengers, Wesley So, contest the final speed chess championship quarterfinal match. Don't miss the very best playing blitz chess!Sign up for FREE online play:

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Way toooooooooooooo many nimzo Larsen openings in these events. I understand why they don't want to show their prep, but how dull.\n\nI would rather watch these blitz events if they were just a 960 event.
Abhisek Shah
stop talking about your prediction and focus on the real game
Aditya Vadali
Is Carlsen on drugs ?! Y is he acting like tht ?!!!
Akai Nishin
That was hard to watch. All credit to Magnus for playing well in parts, but the score flattered him. Wesley just dissolved, and Magnus was getting away with some very sloppy play himself. That's sad to see from a great GM like So.\n\nIn the controversy over the evaluation bar (which I quite like), I found the pop-up subscription and you reading them out much more distracting, Not to mention the fact that you were getting played like Bart calling Moe's bar.
Andrea Bono
Cliffnotes: Magnissimus Carlsen vs Wesley So so
André Silva
Is Carlsen human?
Avenged foREVer
Its my king on a box, have you ever heard that song? No? Ok, good hahaha
Beats by Clover
Does Wesley have a gf or is he kissless handholdless hugless virgin like myself (20 years old)
Birdland 1
rensch is crying everytime Magnus outplay an opponent lol bring him boxes of tissues he gonna need it
C Thompson
Usually I have to watch these on mute because the commentators are so brutal. But Hansen actually has some pertinent and meaningful insight that is not just a bunch of canned mumbo gumbo like you usually get.
Cacalari Bus
who the hell is interested into the chess.com prediction? Does not matter how much work you put into the crap.
Camilo Fossemale
sorry, can anyone answer me, because I was wondering, How do you organizers of the tournament control that players aren't taking advantage of computer analysis while playing?
Chris Iver
Poor wesley, that was ruff
I like the stock fish add on.
i'm so disappointed you're using the engine bar now. it's so distracting from appreciating the position and the player's skills. i wish you'd employ a more limited use of it. following a human story is so much more interesting to me than being implicitly asked to constantly compare the player's moves to the omniscient super engine.
Cyric London
When these games are played from people's homes, part of the rules should be a separate cam fixed on the player at all times, to make sure there is no hanky panky going on with engines. I don't think anyone cheated in this match, but this should be part of the rules nevertheless.
Cyrus Van Beethoven
1:32:15 The G-spot \n\n\n\n\n\nLol @ Eric \
Dan Martin
Magnus is clearly joking So!
Mike Hunt 69\n\nYour what?!\n\nGood job Danny~
Eivind L
I hope you remove that live Stockfish evaluation to the left of the board in future matches. It's very distracting.
Evgeniy Raskolnjikov
Wesley must feel really confused, getting adopted twice.
Fa dyel
I was going to watch hardcore porn, but then I saw this video
Florin Lupașcu
I just keep wondering what is Magnus almost constantly watching in (his) top right spot...?!? Somebody from chess.com could answer if players were allowed to have access to the streaming at the same very moment they are playing?
Frank Reif
MichaelHunt696969 and bendover. Twitch chat trolling.
GXP Sports & entertainment
Oh man,Magnus is out of control! Chess.com has to start doing anti-doping exams on the players.
Geoffrey Welford
Three pieces of Feedback:\n\nGreat show, very entertaining, keep up the good work :-)\n\nRemove the bar on the left - we don't care what the engine thinks. \n\nStop saying 'everybody' all the time please Danny.
Gilliard Passos
2:33:13 that pretty much sums it all up
Hammond Voodoo
The only way to beat Magnus is probably by better calculation in classical chess. In blitz and rapid he's invincible.
Hoss Cartwright
Too stronk
Jakob 'Kousei' Poon
Jeremiah Vinsant
On the G spot lul
Jeremiah d
2:40:25 \
This video went up *as* I was searching for it. Perfect timing.
Joshua Kohl
You can see Stockfish in the reflection of magnus’ glasses! :))
Why's Magnus laughing so much
Mansa Gabriel
Magnus does this to everyone. It's like swimming against Michael Phelps or racing against Usain Bolt. You come in second with best effort.
Marco VanBree
How about Eric & Yasser or Eric & Svidler for a commentary duo sometime? :-)
Mark N-M
The game was really interesting but please get rid of the evaluation bar. It kills all the excitement in the game!!
Markel Stavro
Wesley So: \
Markus Domanski
Too weak too slow, at least today.\n\nAnyways, the engine bar one the side is annoying because it's a moving part in the view that is simply distracting. Besides that, I would certainly prefer Danny to talk like half as much. There is no point in asking questions in a way that leave his partner only room to confirm and to basically repeat what has already been said.
Martin Conneally
Norway has the strongest man and 1 of the smartest men in the world. Something in the water!
Matej Petras
as I was searching for this video on google, the title of aftermatch article just killed me. ' [certain player] dominates... defeats [certain player]' ... Thats indeed the best way to spoil and ruin everything
Matt Barger
If every game was an independent discrete event, then yes 95% would be correct. But the whole reason we watch a speed chess match is precisely the opposite: a game might be discrete, but a human chess match is a test of endurance. Players get tired or they react to momentum shifts differently. I'd be interested if there's any research on this already?
Mostafa Photography
Eric \
Love this series but I do not love this commentary. Game of tickle? Terrible Daniel. Drop that 'joke' as soon as possible and never mention it again.
first time I've seen an interview with Wesley where he didn't thank the Lord
Nacalated Coolie
Is Eric Hansen a transsexual?
Great Sunday! Thanks chess.com and Chess Champions Magnus/So
Nicolas Rodriguez Castillo
Wow, Magnus is such a TROLL, I love it. You could always tell he has this gleefully sadistic side to him, but the classical chess world is too formal and rigid for him to express himself fully. In this format, you can see Magnus in his element, laughing at his opponent's blunders, casually slaying a top ten player while watching Real Madrid, like it's nothing. He completely dismantled Wesley's chess and then broke him psychologically to the point that by the end Wesley was playing like 200 or 300 points below his rating. The bullet section was almost hard to watch, like a bunch of piranhas devouring a slow and clueless ox. \n\nGrishuk is another story though, Magnus better bring his A game. And then, either Naka or Karjakin... This gon b gud.
3:26:44 What a sneaky play. Wow.
Magnus with the maximum disrespect, talking and doing other stuff while playing lmao
1:36:53\n2:03:41\n2:12:30\nFor some good laughs
Old Uncle Bob
Epic Magnus beatdown!
Per-Axel Skogsberg
Stop flipping the board! Now it's unwatchable.
Rohan Maheshwari
Magnus should have played in the computer chess championship that just concluded.... Not here.... Nonono
Saw Saw
Daniel Rensch is doing a PHENOMENAL job handling these videos for chess.com. Guy deserves a raise. Always cordial. Always understanding. No reason not to subscribe.
i thought live streaming rape is illegal...
Is there a statistic for how often Danny Rensch repeats a word when talking?
Love how Carlsen adds insult to injury by doing other things LOL
Smar1 k
who else believes that nobody is in the room with carlsen?😂
Stefan Holbek
My goodness ... Wesley got short-Carlsen'ed! ;O)
I haven't even watched the video but I believe Dan needs to shut up and allow Eric to talk.
Struggle Chewie
Surreptitious Writings
so glad you had the post game interviews! great games. Magnus is just so damn good. Wesley was so sharp at times and somehow Magnus found the way out.
Taranga Chess
Is eric is a man?
The V8
carlsen was high when playing this.. laughing like crazy when he draws or won
TheAdmiralThrawn 116
i was gonna watch some tranny porn ( passable ones ) but i decided to watch this. was not even dissapointed
if eric commentated by himself this show would be 1000 times better
Tom Wostoncroft
Shout out to Mike Hunt and Ben Dover! Thanks for subscribing. I like Jenna tulls too! Mike lit o reese.
Holy cow! I never knew that raping is allowed on Youtube.
W Bennett
Not a fan of So. I root against her every time she plays.
Wasch Karte
Undo the engine thing. Please. It really destroys watching it and trying to evaluate it yourself. Let the commentators do that, that's why they're master players. \n\nPlease.
auf der mitte
Magnus and his habit of crushing super GM's like it was nothing
bryan keers
'thanks for mikehunt696969'
Keep the bar!
PLEASE stop putting full screen nonsense on the board during games. By all means put some analysis or predictions on the right hand side, but the main board should be in full view 100% of the time for blitz/bullet games.
do not laugh again
eric has a sexy voice
eric gerard
magnus is too strong . this is not fun to watch him destroy others GMs. he should play against computers and leave GMs alone for good.
ermir pozhegu
Magnus the machine....
fury 12
Opinions in these comments are all over the place, lol :D
Love the stockfish evaluation addition
govind m Prabhu
A year ago when Magnus beat Hikaru I thought it was a thrashing but the score was only 14.5 - 10.5\nThis is a real thrashing
magnus turned evil when the bullet portion started
2:57:35 is a crazy swindle by Magnus...
You didn't ask why he was laughing so much!!!! Why?!!! Why did you forget to ask such an important question ¬¬
thanks for sharing this, awesome how fast they are in thinking
Word of the day: pre-predicted 33:39
i see many dislike the stockfish evaluation, but i think its nice for us on the lower level to keep track on the match. nice job
sabbas eleftheriadis
when you thought Ding got a beating, this comes!! Gross.\nAnd Carlsen cracking up during the ending, damn.\nDefinitely not human, SF is his father!
suprema depollo
Remove the bar on the left please. It distracts and we want to know who the comentators think are winning not the engine
Haha, at 1.36.50, mike hunt!!
vijay kokate
Like the addition of Engine bar on the left very much. Great insightful Commentary by both. A joy to watch
2:03:48 Shout out to bend over 👍
Nice to see Mike Hunt make an appearance