Top 10 Western Movie Gunfights

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Top 10 Greatest Gunfights in Western MoviesSubscribe The western genre isn't just known for its spectacular cinematography, iconic characters or sense of lawlessness. Westerns have given us some of the most intense, gritty and thrilling gun fights ever recorded. WatchMojo picks the ten best gunfight scenes in Western movie history, List Entries and Rank:#10. Catching the Train “3To Yuma” (2007) #9. One Vs. Four “High Noon” (1952) #8. The Escape “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (1969) #7. Freeing The Town “Open Range” (2003) #6. The O.K. Corral “Tombstone” (1993) #5. The Train Rolls In “Once Upon A Time In The West” (1968) #4. The Coffin Gun “Django” (1966) #3. ??

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What abour the final gunfight in the meadow at the end of \
Jack Elam real badass
Clint EastWood's ( The Good,The Bad and The Ugly ) is best among those ten westerns,but we should not forget ( High Plains Drifter ) of Clint Clint Eastwood.
Alejandro Ceppi
The final gunfight in Appaloosa (when Viggo Mortesen confronts the bad guy). Just one against one but it is a very convincing gunfight.\nAlso the final one in Quigley Down Under (Tom Selleck against Alan Rickman an others).
Apoorv Ambardar
Arteom Pisarchuk
Honestly \
BENichs the Pheonix
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly is 1966 not 96
Bill Gedeon
#1. Alan Ladd & Jack Palance,\
Bob Brooke
Quigley Down Under Final Scene
Bob McVey
How could you over look the showdown in Pale Rider?
Brent Fox
#1 Once upon a time in the West. The last gun fight scene in the movie. That scene will always be #1.
Brian Davies
The one in \
Cambro 64
I know not everyone liked the movie but I like the final shoot out in Young Guns...\
Problem with you guys is that you think the world began in 1980 or something. Having a top 10 Western gunfight list without the original True Grit or Shane is nothing short of laughable. I'm wondering how the hell High Noon ended up on it.
The final duel in Once upon a time in the west. Bronson vs Fonda, a masterpiece.
Chris Schroyer
You missed a good one. From 1995 a relatively unknown movie, Gunfighters moon, staring Lance Henricksen has a killer final gunfight scene. Lance's character stands in for the local store keep turned town sheriff at the request of his long lost love now married to the new sheriff. The gunfighter has had to watch his back his entire life but drops everything to answer the request of the woman he still yearns for.
Clay Ronso
The Magnificent 7 final shootout?
Connor Brennan
#2 should have been #1.
Corey Shier
You missed the big shootout in \
Couch Raldo
Good list. Though I think it is a shame to leave out the final standoff of \
Daydrian Lewis (DAYD111)
Woah, woah! Where's the Magnificent Seven?
Derek o'hanlon
John Wayne movie where he say's the mortal words FILL YOUR HAND'S YOU SON OF A BITHCH or Val Kilmer as Doc Holladay saying I'm your huckleberry to Johnny Ringo
Duke Hust
No John wayne, and no Magnificent seven... failed list
Floyd Teter
Would have found a spot for the gunfight between John Wayne and Robert Duvall's gang from \
Gabriel Krebs
No John Wayne or Magnificent 7 even as honorable mentions? How do you have a western list without a mention of the Duke or one of the finest westerns ever made?
Gary Howie
Not a single John Wayne movie? Have you not seen The Cowboys, when the boys got revenge for Wayne's murder? Red River? How about Jimmy Stewart in Winchester '73? The final 10 minutes of Silverado? All are better than at least 7 of the movies listed. At least you mentioned Django although, when you say that he has been dragging the coffin with the machine gun around for the 'whole movie\
George Schuller
It's a shame Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood never made a Western together. They are the baddest of the badasses.
The Professionals. Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin. Great movie
Greg Kerr
Lee Marvin and Jimmy Stewart were pretty awesome adversaries in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.
Hartmut Jager
GEE, You left out \
Henchman Twenty1
Ummm, The Magnificent Seven maybe? Hello?
you must have never watched shane
Jake Alter
I'm pretty sure that The Good, The Bad and the Ugly came out in 1966 and not 1996
James Kirk
your list aint nuthin without The Duke.
Jeb Watts
that open range gun fight will always be burned into my memory for how abruptly it began. It was amazing.
Jim Morton
THE WILD BUNCH is still number one for me.
Joe Robbins
The Shootist ends with John Waynes last gunfight and he went out with style.
Jonah Hex
What about John Wayne flip cocking his lever action rifle
I think the list should have been the top 25 -- just for the sheer scope of great westerns to chose from.
The final gunfight in the western Purgatory. The bar gunfight in Outlaw Justice aka The Long Kill
Lawrence Dockery
What about the Northfield Raid in The Long Riders?
Lex Dunn
The Magnificent Seven (the original)
Little plant
Show us the gunfight, we dont care about what you have to say.
Lucas Kane
The final duel in Once upon a time in the west. When Harmonica finally gets his revenge.
Luke Myers
Qugley down under?
Where is a Few Dollars More and the Catina fight in Rio Bravo?
Matt Prater
the final fight in pale rider where preacher takes on the marshall and his deputies
Michael Martin
Where the *&^% are Silverado, High Plains Drifter, Outlaw Josey Wales, and Magnificent Seven???
Michael Watson
John Wayne. The. Shootist
Milkman Productions
you should have put John Waynes stand off in the original true grit
You have to flip 1 and 2...the are both incredible, but the Mexican Standoff is truly iconic...
You need magnificent 7 final showdown at the end and when they enter town with the guards. Could you do a 2nd vid?
When harmonica kills frank. It deserves the top spot followed by the mexican standoff and then William munnys revenge
Nick Adams
Paul Harrell
The final scene in John Waynes last movie, \
Pedro Alexandre Dillemburg
the scence with the machine guns in the movie \
Shane's last battle in the saloon has to be #1!
Phil Pickett
for a few dollars more???? pocket watch fight.....#1
Razor Morningwood
The Pale Rider final showdown.
Richard Marshall Bowman
Richard hoelscher
true grit john Wayne fill your hands you sobs. john Wayne first cussing \n\n\ntombstone. no \n\n\n\nKevin Costner no \n\n\n\nalso. big Jake. your fault my fault nobody's fault I am going to blow your head off
Ruben Rodriguez
'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' was a true masterpiece. It should be #1. \nJohn Wayne facing off against Robert Duvall and 3 other gunmen in 'True Grit' was one of my favorites. \n'Winchester 73' ended with at terrific gun battle between two brothers.
Shoob MacGruber
For me, the final gunfight of \
I thought the movie Shane had a really good, although relatively short, gun-fight scene.
The Life Of Cringe
lets be honest we all wanted the good the bad and the ugly to be #1
Thomas Gould
Fistful of Dollars: \
The never was a man like \
kinda surprised John Wayne's shootout in the meadow in True Grit didn't make the list
WhiteLightnin 67
True Grit? Pale Rider?? Quigly Down Under???
Win Gates
How can you leave out the final gunfight in Shane?!
Outlaw Joey Wales has several but my favorite is at the outpost when the two men try and take Josey captive and ask him to hand over his pistols, but Josey flips them around and smokes their ass.\n\nMagnificent Seven gunfight was pretty damn good.. Plus the knife vs Gun scene.
Zoe TheCat
The Mexican standoff in The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly is not only the #1 shootout, it is the greatest scene of ALL TIME.
The gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone should have been number one. Doc Holiday vs Johnny Ringo number two. The rest of the list is pretty decent.
bobby boucher
Unforgiven was a very shit your pants revenge fight! Those guys drinking having fun than happen to notice death just walked in!
Wrong scene from Once Upon a Time in the West. Should be the final duel and revelation of Harmonica's identity.
donna nash
Lee Van Cleef one of the best actors to ever live. Miss him horribly!!
Frank vs Harmonica in \
fuk tard
None of these guys hold a candle to Arthur Morgan.
Henry Fonda's shoot-out in \
iha asc
I would add the final gunfight in Shane, the final gunfight in A Few Dollars More, the duel between Bronson and Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time In The West.
Actually, you could include all of Clint Eastwood's  Spaghetti westerns.
karl wills
1953 Shane,Jack Palance & Alan Ladd best gunfight scene ever
larry potter
What about the Wacko Kid, (Genev Wilder), when he shoots the guns out of the hands of boss Taggarts men in Blazing Saddles. You don't even see him draw he's so fast. Not even Clint Eastwood or John Wayne is that good.
You're a low down Yankee liar.\nProve it!
Love the \
Shane, The Shootist, True Grit????? Sad omissions.
No, do not agree at all. You are missing Shane and Pale Rider.
How about the final showdown in Quigley Down Under? \
Great to see Clint at the top! Open Range should be higher up the list though.
The Gunfight between Shane and Wilson in the movie \
tongo bongo
Where is the movie \
one of the best scenes ever THE WILD BUNCH, loved that final battle
unrepeatable raddish
I still say \
The Wild Bunch climax tops 'em all! Greatest Western ever made!
william wright
This is a sad list and Mojo which often gets it right gets it very WRONG !!  The problem of course is that westerns are hardly made any more and if you watch them then you need to love movies of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s far more than more recent offerings. \
john wayne in true grit .