Van Halen – Hot For Teacher / Mia Morris 13-years old / Nashville Drummer, Musician, Songwriter

Instagram -- So here it is, my attempt at Hot For Teacher. There are quite a few people that have taken on this song and even some that have done more than one version. I knew I wanted to try it after I got my double kick pedals for Christmas and it certainly provided plenty of things to practice. The intro is obviously the part that most people think of and it required me to get a lot faster with my herta rudiments but even the fills out of the breaks are uncommon ideas. I enjoyed the challenge, got better along the way and I hope you enjoy this classic Van Halen anthem.I’m 13 years old and I want to be a drummer when I grow up. I think drummers are cool but I'm a huge fan of girl drummers / female drummers. There are some super good ones on YouTube that I'd love to be as good as one day. I thought it would help me keep focused if I started a drum series where I learned a new song every couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will keep doing it and keep getting better.

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Aaron Jake
Play some Slipknot... Or system of a down\n\n\n\nGood job btw
Abad Briman
No one commenting how hot she is because she is 13???
Aerial Mobility Drones
Nailed it!!!!!!!!!! Great Cover Mia Morris.....Nice double bass work......Epic!!!!
Holy Crap went to this concert you nailed it.
Keep slam’in kid. Great work
Brenda Pascale
You are the wonder girl! !!\n 😙
Brent Eldridge
That was awesome. Geez.
Brett Spratt
Unbelievable!!! You nailed it!!! So much talent for such a young gal!! I really enjoyed this!! Keep on the dream!!
Hey Mia, you probably won't ever see this, but have you thought about joining a Drum Corps? You'd be a stud in DCI!
Charles Black
I think you just passed Sina Drums as the best drummer on earth. I love you both. Please get your web site fully functional with products.
Christopher Schultz
Good God. Waiting to see the rock group that snags this girl...
I love that young people still like good music. Keep it up so good music doesn't die.
Dave Hayter
This has got to be one of my all time favorite drum covers! Congrats Mia!
Dave Mc
David C
Damnnnn.... You killed it!!💥💥💥
David George
You can beat my skins anytime.
David Lee Roth
Wanna job?
David O'Rorey
She rocks! I am a drummer at 36 myself, I wanna meet a girl like her in my age group she has great music tastes too!
Dexter Flight
Wow 7 thumbs down some jealous very jealous people out there that need to get a life Mia is epic 😉😉
now substitute that water bottle with beer and this video will be complete.\njk. epic cover!
Fernando Ribeiro Neto
This is one of the most epic drum intros of all time and actually you nailed it! You double bass in the entire song is solid like a rock too! Congratulations for making a great cover, girl! ;)
Awesome!!!\n⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five out of five stars.\nAll the best to you.
Foxy Grandpa
This is fucking awesome!
G.R, Dray
Ill have to say, lve watched alot of vids with junior drummers & you are very very good👍👍
Requesting Tom Sawyer by Rush. Thank you
Gustavo Adolfo Florez Motta
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Oh my God !!!!!!!
Hazyj peepme
I almost said I'm hot for this chic when I saw she was 13....this is why I hate the internet.
Ivan Santiago
Badass great job kid.
Jack Grant
You nailed it young lady!
Jason Holmes
I'm not drummer, nor have I ever tried to learn - It was never my thing. But this looks hard as hell to play so hats off to you kid!
Jc Coolidge
I admit I was cringing at the start, expecting a full-on train wreck -- I mean, \
Jimbo Johnson
I love how she looks like she's having so much fun
Joe Venth
Excellent, very good job 👏
Joesph Nickell
Wow! Nice to see a young person not on the cell phone or listening to crap rap and hip hop! Great job. Impressive to say the least.
John A
I was just browsing through Youtube videos and I came across your video. Fantastic job! Very impressive! Keep it up!
John DeF
How do you like those new pedals compared to your old kd-7s? Im still using them on one of my sets.
John Vance
Thats awesome.. You go girl..
Johnny G
K Cramer
Hot for drummer too. 🙂
Kate Kuziakina
cool video and amazing performance ❤️❤️❤️
Mia needs some of that BBC
Leonard Morrissette
Are you kidding! 13,she seems all of 17.omg
Lionheart Roar
Rock on...excellent!
Lone Wolf
Man she makes it look easy
Lynda White
So nice to see such a normal girl that doesn’t spend 24hrs a day texting. See what you can accomplish. Awesome percussion work Mia.
Nice work...keep jammin!
Melissa Cortez-Bingham
Love how she takes a sip of her haters tears in between the break... you crushed it girly❤️
Midi Fun -
This drum intro always reminds me of a cammed racing engine, they have a very distinct lope or choppy idle to them, not sure if that was the effect they were trying to achive,, but it works u pretty much nailed it :)
Mike Boyd
Wow you’re so talented
Mike Rondeau
You're freaking awesome, keep it up! Great timing!!!
Wow.. Excellent job girl!!!
I love Van Halen and I love your video! It´s great!
Nick Jaramillo
I have to say as a singer musician myself I'm a singer yeah I can get some drum beats myself but nothing like what you're able to do with that song you didn't quite perfect actually I would say it was like I mean right to it tee, seriously I'm not just saying that it was right to Atty I mean if if Alex wasn't drumming,? You could feel in like if you had to fill in? You could fill in very easily and you did a fine job 10 out of 10 easily I mean maybe even hire?, but for real I mean it was simply amazing you got a lot of talent you should be proud and just don't let it go to your head, LOL I'm just joking maybe when your eight or nine years old maybe your dad and parents listen to that but but yes I mean you are right on target the timing everything so it would take a bit to learn that and it's obvious that you're not new, I would estimate you probably have had 12 13 years and maybe you're like 20 to 22 years old and you've been playing since I was 7 years old or whatever at that time you didn't know about what you're doing but you got better as yours. On and you were determined that's obvious
Nico Montinola
Hey cutie that was superb! I wish i could play like that
Professor Time
MY WIFE: What are you doing???\nME: Watching this girl drummer.\nWIFE: No you're not. You're enjoying illegal fantasies.\nBUSTED AGAIN.
Ralphy Mendiola
Okaaay sooo You just crushed one of the most iconic rock n roll drum beats of all friggin time and you made it look so effortless. Your type of rare talent should be displayed worldwide! Gosh that was insane. Thank you for this performance!! 💙
Rebecca Stout
Oh man, how I would love to hear you place this on a real set. Maybe not Lugwig, but the tintier Pearl sets.
Rhonda Martin
Way to go Mia! You are so “AWESOME” Keep M Coming 😍
Richard Neuzil
That is totally make it look the Zep cover you mentioned playing at a fast time to warm/up strengthen your legs.......reminds me of distance running training. Except I do not think you will blow out your knees after 19 I did
Rick Schuman
Well done. i always wondered what this would look like.
Rj the great
Making random noises I see 💅
Rkk O'Tilley
Dayum ! VNJ ! AND ...I hope I dont sound so base when I say that ,there were never ANY 13 yr old gals that looked so good when I was a kid...keep on rockin !
Scotty Scotty
Awesome girl! Great seeing you master a classic rock jam!
Shawn Manning
Putting my bid in for a cover of Alter Bridge Metalingus
I'd like to paradiddle her snare.
Stuart Keith Guitars
This makes me glad I never had any daughters. Rock 'n' Roll and adolescent boys. I'd have to kill all of them.
Teo Ortega
Geeze you need ten brains to play this rocker on drums nice girl your a rocker a gazillion thumbs up
Terry K
You need to do Between the Buried and Me's White Walls
Tim Davidsson
Wow already a young drummer :D Keep it up and im looking forward too see your name on the big rock concerts in the feauture :) \\oo/ / from Norway :D
Timothy Klaus
Amazing job! You’re incredibly talented and I look forward to seeing more awesome covers from you!\n\nOne of my all-time favorites. Great taste in music.
Travis Albrecht
You're so talented it's scary!!!! Amazing job!!! You rock!!!!
Trenaway ElDaryl
Chris Hansen is about to come a knocking to some of you commenting on this.
Vincent M
You must have worked on that for hours and hours. You sounded great and that double bass drum foot coordination was amazing. If you have not already try listening to guys like Elvin Jones and Alfonse Mouzon who is my cousin. Elvin in particular can play polyrythyms and more difficult time signatures than rock and roll 4/4 time. Rock requires a high energy and stamina but jazz requires playing outside the box and more musically. Great job young lady!
White Ninja
From one drummer to another: Your energy, enthusiasm, timing and coordination are remarkable. Even if you were 18, to accomplish this song with the tools you have in front of you is pretty profound. Wishing you success in future endeavors.
sorry Alex , its like this , we got a new drummer and well.........
A hard song right up there with John Bonham stuff. your feet and your hands have to do things that are completely independent of one another ! unlike any other song, you're right Mia the song is a beast !
This chick is rad!
Perfect, flawless, stunning!!!
dan sloan
Anybody thinking what I'm thinking???😈😈😈😈😈
dreadlocks outdoors
Girl, that was awesome!
fast fords
Wow that was freaking amazing! You were perfect on the drums😊💖
As a drummer who played for over 40 years.... You rocked that !!!!!! There are 535 idiots that gave this a thumbs down... Probably boy band groupies... Loved it keep rocking
james berry
you still drumming as i said befor you are very talented but i found one song not to many can play well right that it just a thought think you could play Wipe Out The Surfaris
Hi Mia-We just found you on here recently and I was showing my 9 year old son some of your wonderful videos.Thank you for putting this out there.You really groove and also I \
Really awesome performance. Great work here. Love the double kick
kold_kadavr_ flatliner
Not one soul will perish\nwho puts their trust in Me.\
You go girl! Nothing but talent. Word!
That was just fantastic, Alex loved it i'm sure.
rod powers
\\m/..young lady....\\m/...indeed.
rolf stamenov
Hot babe great drummer
semaj epits
sexiest drummer on earth
licky licky
While really great on the drums, watching her play makes me appreciate the skills of Alex Van Halen much, much more than I previously did.
weng demesa
yannis gouras
If she's this good at thirteen by the time she graduates high school she will have been banned from local drum competitions for being too good