Magnus Carlsen Beats Liverpool Defender Trent Alexander-Arnold in 17 Moves!

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Ajay V
It's like playing against level 1 computer...!
Akshay Bharate
Please don't waste your time on such stupid games. We are expecting a lot more interesting games from you. Doesn't matter whoever plays. Just ignore them.\nLove from India
Aldo Zulfikar
Thanks god magnus carlsen don't armbar him
Ali Jaafar
wtf is this software it's an anti-winning software
Andrej Uchiha
Should play Frank Lampard vs Magnus Carlsen xd
Anjan Sharma
Please feed us atleast 1 video a day... Otherwise Youtube is disappointing. ✌️
Anton Mossberg
Magnus ”Carslen” really annoyed me lol
His Name is Trent Alexander—Arnold
Ayush Tetwal
Please don't call it soccer its called football
Ben Dover
Congratulations, you have just found a mate in one!!! Lmao
Brad Hodge
HULLO everyone!
Cheng Zhou the Younger
Awesome\nUpdate: wtf was this game
Chris Butler
It's called 'football' not 'soccer'
Christian Scholte
I suppose his play has nothing to do with the software (however it worked). He just seems to be a really bad player who doesn't know much more about chess than the rules...that's all ;)
Coach McGuirk
The eye tracker was just for show. We all know a player of Magnus calibur does not need to look at the board to make his moves. If anything the eye tracker would be a detriment because he could look in misleading places while thinking of the board state internally. Also why did Magnus play white? It seems unfair to have the vastly superior player have the offense.
Creighton Miller
I think you're overestimating the defenders ability to plan and play the game.
Cskwill return
hi! Please do Kramnik Vs Alexandrov from round 8 of Batumi. I like to see the engine analysis
D. Val
Agadmator: \
Daniel D.
Still much better than Billy Gates
Dr. MG M
I like to be honest and this game is not even worth showing. Should've continued with Fischer vs Spassky series
Could have been any 1500+ player instead of Magnus and the match would've been the same. \nWhen your opponent blunders all the time, it is very easy to find 100% best moves
Emanuele Nesi
I N T E R N A T I O N A L \nS U P E R S T A R \nS O C C E R \nD E L U X E
Fiolos Hubert
As a norwegian Liverpool fan and chess enthusiast, this game was completely uninteresting.
Fish Animations
Magnus’ smile in the photo was :))))
Flamboyant Thug
Blundering against champions is the first thing they teach when someone joins the Liverpoolfc.
Gnoll Chief
Move 2, all is well for now. Move 3, and it's over.
Hugh Tube
This is probably the only video where \
Jan van Erven
never seen such a bad game
John Dennis
Stick to football and keep that sat nav for your car ynwa 😂
Joydeep Bardhan
A football player with Black pieces against a chess world champion in the game of chess = *Bambi attacked by Godzilla*\nEye tracking software my foot! Those people in Kaspersky hated that defender so it was just an opportunity to unleash the nerd rage.
Ayy Antonio, how are you? \nWhere were you bro?
Khomiko ow
I dont think the software was the problem. He clearly doesnt know chess.
Kuya Zeki
The worse reply from black I've ever seen, Even my 6 yrs nephew can play better than this..
Leigh Kaposi
Wouldn’t take a world champion to beat a patzer like this
Loris Collasky
How is it possible to play the world champion with a so weak level !
Low-Fat Milk
This was mildly interesting and I doubt it took much of your time or robbed us of more meaningful content. Please ignore the haters and make whatever videos you want to make.\n\nP.S. Football or Soccer is fine, most Americans will be able to figure out what you mean based on the context. TBH I would expect you to say football as I would be shocked to learn that Croatia has any kind of American football teams.\n\nThank you for your videos, it was a pleasure as always.
its football :S
Magister Ludi
Why was this game played? And why bother to showcase it here? \nWorld Champ vs total noob.
Soccer is just U.S terms of Football from U.K, just like sweater and jumper, pants and trouser and lots more.\n\nJust please, people, shut up and learn english
Manisha Shukla
It is the first video of you which I disliked
Mladen Tokovic
Nisam bas dobar sa engleski, ali znam da ces me razumeti, postavio sam par predloga za meceve a ti prikazujes ovu partiju, totalni amater protiv svetskog sampiona...
TAA the Grandmaster of Melwood.\nThe future tactician captain and manager.
Murtaza Shabbir
Never closed porn this fast
Obada Habak
After this fookin game I’m gonna take a shower and sleep for a month!🤦🏻\u200d♀️
One Love
Pointless video. Carlsen, one of the strongest players in chess history beats, Trent Alexander Arnold, a total chess novice.
Screw the haters, I like novelty games sprinkled in with the serious games.
Paul May
Trent just seems really poor at chess, doubt it’s software related.
Pete Smith
Soccer is perfectly correct. The relevant history is when the Brits codified various forms of football into two games. Rugby football and Association football. Since then many other forms of football have been codified; American, Gaelic, Australian Rules etc. No single variety should be known as 'football' to avoid confusion. You say Rugby or Aussie rules etc. And you should say 'Association' except the word is a little cumbersome. Which is why it was abbreviated to 'Soccer'. Soccer, for Association, is much more correct than 'football'.
Pockets MacCartney
If he had used his feet it might have gone better.
Raj Sarkar
#Suggestion Agadmator pls don't show such stupid games in your channel just because Carlsen's opponent is a famous person. This ruins the beauty of chess.
Ramiro Perez
big agadmator's follower here, but what's the point of covering a silly game like this???? definitely adding nothing to my \
In the late 19th century a group of schools got together in England to formalise the rules of the game of football. The primary debate was on whether or not players should be able to pick the ball up with their hands. The schools made two versions of the game Association Football and Rugby Football where you can use your hands. The word soccer is posh English 19th century slang for Association hence two types of Football soccer and rugby. The U.S took Rugby and changed the rules around and then called it American Football. The english working class played alot of Soccer and started to call it Football since they played with their feet and soccer sounded posh. So in reality its Soccer Football.
Rekt Manözil
magnus used mostly his mind not eyes to trying for luck
Richard Feynman
Quite not a big surprise!
Ryan M.
I quit chess back in August. I committed a lot of my time over a little over a year to chess and couldnt get above 1300 online. I finally admitted to myself I couldnt get to the competitive level I wanted to be at so I stopped playing. I watched your videos everyday and didnt unsubscribe because of how much respect I have for your channel. This is the first video Ive watched since I quit and I think Im going to watch daily again. Although I wont continue to play my own games, I thoroughly enjoy your commentary and you make chess really enjoyable. I really appreciate the beauty of the game as a spectator. You should be proud of the work you do here and that youre able to have that much influence on me.
Ryan Wolfe
this game should be included in the chess sorcery playlist. 😘
90 IQ + software vs 150 IQ. Outcome predictable.
Smith Jnr
It had nothing to do with software, he's just a terrible player.
Huge Liverpool fan here so this is like my two worlds colliding, but this is some ATROCIOUS chess from TAA. Great player when it comes to football, but man, he is not very good at this.
i thought this video was funny. i don't understand why all the grandmasters in the comments hate it so much. is it some kind of pseudo-intellectualism?
Not really a fan of showing games like this I'm afraid. Even I could have played a better game against the world champion.
Tan Hat
Carlsen could easily play this game blindfolded, so why would they think he would even bother looking at the piece he's going to move hahaha.
The Atlantean
That's what happens when you can't force diversity to win. Chess is still won on merit thank God. If they could they would just automatically declare someone brown the winner 🙄
The Nigerian
What do we learn from this ? That thick footballers can't play chess , everyone knew that . I don't want to watch the game of football where Magnus Carlson is getting nutmeged by this dude the whole game either
Toby Perez
Your unbelievably strong composure and straight face through this whole game is admirable, agadmator
Eye tracking software against a GM.... they play the game inside their head. They just look at what move the opponent plays.
Vatsal Jadav
Probably a contender for the worst game ever played in chess history!
Venelin Borisov
He is a football player who only knows the rules of chess. Why are you surprised of those weird moves :D
Virio Guido Stipa
You're fired!
Well, the Liverpool Defender may be the worst player that ever played Magnus Carlsen.
Zane Truesdale
Waste of the world champs time
Zoom Amer
bad football player and even worse chess player
Just to let you know, his name is Trent Alexander-Arnold buddy :) brill video as always!
abcdef ghijlkmn
Trent is like under 1000 rated
Have to agree that this isn't worthy of the channel, which I very much enjoy. Ridiculous to bother analysing a world champion crushing a beginner.
chixs T
Even Carsten wudnt suck like Trent in soccer
He's called Trent Alexander-Arnold, not Arnold Alexander Trent
exponent mantissa
Now we know why he is a defender and not a good one.
gruffydd gozali
I wonder what Magnus's face was like during this game lol.
hank jones
Has the guy actually played chess before lol
hil mi
that is how i played chess when i was 7 LOL
A laughingly ridiculous game not worth showing to anyone
khaled T
It is football
martin kalemi
Why should we be interested in this game???
pes hemak7
Nice you played PES 😤😤
The opening 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 Bd7 should be named into \
robert m
waste of time to show that game...
Soccer vs football is 100% because America called their sport football even though it's not played with your feet and it's not a ball, just because America can't invent their own fuckings names
yashwanth kumar
You're a croatian right? You call football soccer omg!
Make it fair. Magnus should have to move his pieces with his foot or forehead or else he gets a yellow card.
Ívar Garðarsson
Never realised how elites't chess player are, this comment section is really something else...
רומן צם
달지 마 달면 시간 낭비야댓글
There is a dog behind you \nAnd it is so cute