New Western Movie - Northern Patrol (1953) - 720p

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Director: Rex BaileyWriters: James Oliver Curwood, Warren DouglasStars: Kirby Grant, Chinook, Marian Carr

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Blacque Jacque Shellacque
Hollywood hogwash.
Jim LaGuardia
These people need acting lessons.
Lex Hawthorn
why is it cut down ? I'd love to watch the whole movie.. :/ as in full screen,
Pedro Figueiredo
Legenda em português pôr favor
Petrus Mulder
Scarlett Johansson +18 vid.eos ♥
Shawn Murphy-Holland
Chinook was my dogs parent. Gerta.
Stephen McDonald
I didn't know what to expect, but this is a good movie.  Worth the watch.  Marian Carr as the 'Quebec Kid' (without a trace of a French accent) is very good.  You can tell she's enjoying the part.
I never knew the American Rangers had dogs.
Good premise but Kirby Grant's Mountie has a glass jaw and moves like an old lady. How can a guy like that be a hero?
Haven't seen these Grant mounties since I was a kid. Thank you. Grant of course is best known as Sky King.
richard armstrong
thank you very much for a kirby grant b western i have not seen. any chance you have northwest territory 1951, yukon manhunt 1951, wolf hunters 1949, trail of yukon 1949, or fangs of the arctic 1953?