Clipse - Grindin (Video)

Clipse's official music video for 'Grindin''. Click to listen to Clipse on Spotify: ---------Lyrics: From ghetto to ghetto, to backyard to yardI sell it whip on whip, it's off the hardI'm the...neighborhood pushaCall me subwoofer, 'cause I pump base like that, JackOn or off the track, I'm heavy cuzBall 'til you fall cause you could duck to the fetti govsSorry my love, what I'm seeing through these eyesBiz convoys with the wagon on the sideOnly big boys keep deuces on the rideGucci Chuck Taylor with the dragon on the sideMan, I make a buck, why scram?I'm trying to show y'all who the fuck I amThe jewels is flirting me, damned if I'm hurtingLegend in two games like I'm Pee Wee KirklandPlatinum on the block with consistent hitsWhile Pharrell keep talking this music shit......Grindin'! (Ahhh)......Grindin'! (Ahhh)Grindin'! (Ahhh)Grindin'! (Ahhh)Grindin'! (Ahhh)...(Hu-huuh...)

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I’m going to the 6 while bumping to this heat 🔥🔥🔥
Aidan Harmer
HAD TO revisit after the Drake beef
Alexis Guinn
I'm here to show my little brother that pusha t aint new to the game ...I was in first grade when this song came out yall ! I'm glad pusha back
Andre Henerix
I had to look back...he whooping drake ass right now.... Crazy
Ant Chancey
The guy that murdered Drake!
Anthony Bailey Jr
Banele Ngcamphalala
What was Drake thinking (SMH)
Big Jay
Pusha T career is officially revived lol Drake shoulda never responded good job Genius
Billy Twyman
Drake should had done his homework
Summer 2018?
This beat is forever classic
All the youngsters WON'T UNDERSTAND..... PUSHA
Catch the Wave
Drake say what? Pusha Grindin' on Drake now.
Christopher Nicholson
Clipse and pharrell needs to reunion make a comeback who agrees with me
Cleveland Worldwide216
Thinking about riding around Toronto with playing loud as hell doors open
The younger generation will never understand the impact this had when it first dropped
DaysOffLead ToOffDays
Who else here cause The story of Adidon was so cold they ended up bumping Grindin like when you need to watch a funny show after a scary movie to settle you down
Pusha *TEA*
Donella Dunn
Sooooo here bcuz of the drake murda... Lol lol I miss a good rap beef from time2time...these comments are 4real life... Thanx Pusha for that real thang back moment...
Dre Centelo / Andres Beatz
Thumbs up if u heard this when it dropped in early 2000s LOL #30sGang
Eduardo Suárez
pusha put drake back on his wheelchair
Evo x Brian
Pharell has looked the same age since he came out the womb
Exclusive World Premiere
Disguise in the rap so the FEDS back up....Malice was dropping game early...Ralo, Big Meech tried it
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
one of the greatest beats of all-time
pusha t and pharrell is a timeless duo
General Tso Joe Hayabusa
Just had to come back and pay homage to the duo that gave me something I had never felt before.
Greatest Ever
Thank you Drake, you set a fuse to something special this summer
Who here after the drake beat down..😂😂😂
Hasiyna Fall
I swear Pharrell is a vampire bruh hasn't aged. ..I hate young people don't even know who pusha is...
Have Hope Football Hut
The very definition of a classic.
I Spilled A Glass Of Milk So God Abandoned Me
Drake got murked lol
II Logan II
Who here Bc of the drake beef with pusha
Adonis brought me here
Pusha use this beat again to kill Drake
Izzy Mendoza
This will never die out. This that eternal heat type shit. I still bang on tables and walls, and everyone instantly knows the lines.
Hands down, the Grindin' beat has to be in the top 10 best beats ever.
Jay Kowsh
Jay thaProducer
This song is the reason y pusha and pharrel dont age
Jerardo Samarripas
Push, Malice, or Pharrell haven’t age not one bit lol
Jerome Edwards
I'm here because of pusha and drake beef.who else?
John Paul Mendez
Thank you for finally putting Drake where he belongs!!!!
Jose G
Came here after Story of Adidon. Pusha T hasn't aged.
Barz and beats! Here to reminisce after hearing Drake diss song
Nicole Wray - damn what happened to her?
Katrice Lashley
Who’s here after “The Story of Adidon”? 👀
Keith Bell
This would go off live concert push still look the same damn near 20 years later
Kwamie Christmas
All 3 of them still look the same is whats kind of crazy to me
Pusha T doesn’t look like he’s aged even a day hahah
Levon Epps
This was the go to beat at the lunch table.
Liberty City El
NORE, Philly's Most Wanted, Fam-Lay, Magoo, Skillz, Nicole Wray & Teddy Riley, all made a cameo in this video... \nI bet y'all youngins don't even know who half those people are.
Lit Nation
Damn drake lost lol
Drake hasn't had a song better than this
Maurice Rousseau
Pusha should have used this beat for the Drake diss
Mike S
Pusha has been having the same hairstyle and rappin about crack for 20 years straight.
Mizz Daviz
Had to Show my 13yr old who Pusha T is!
Modia Nefer Ra
Pharrell laced that bih and the clipse wrap that damn!!!
MoneyMakingBarbie Bih
Story of Adidon brought me here #RIPDRAKE
u couldnt escape this song in 2002-2003
Ms Applepye
I know this came out years ago but this needs to be trending. This joint is still fire!!! #Kingpush
Rest In Peace Aubrey Graham
NYners718 !
How many of y’all was hear before the Drake beef? 👀🤔
Native Doll
These vids gonna get new play now thanks to Story of Adidon 👏🏼😂
Nini Prom
The Story of Adidon 😂😂🤣☠️
Omillo Adams
Who came here because of the drake beef 😂🤣
Oshy2 real
It took me all these years to jus realizing they rapping abt pushing cocaine😲
Oswaldo Joseph Silva
R.I.P. to all the tables since late 2002.
im here becauce of the Drake diss. I have THE MOST RESPECT FOR PUSHER T. The Story of Adidon WOW....
RJ Snow
Just had to comeback and listen to King Push!
Renae Smith
Going to school in Norfolk Va back in 2002/2003 they used to bang on the desk, I feel old asf
Rob v w85
This beat was so crazy when it came out.
Roland St Gerard
Whos here after listening to his Drake Diss?
SaiyanZ Entertainment
Drake Studying this video looking for something to use
Who else having a Pusha T/Clipse binge after the burial of Drake? LOL
Back when you could actually understand what rappers were sayin'
Sm00th SiLkin
The story of Addidon anybody 😂😂😂
Steven Haynes
This shit so hard still
Dont let this distract you from the fact that it randomly showed up on your timeline right after the Story of Adidon.
Tazmatik Official
Pusha T “Adonis” record brought me here 😂 😂
The Bizness
Pusha made me double back on his old Clipse shit.
banging on the lunch tables during lunch period with a rockawear sweater a nike strap book bag and a bacon egg and cheese...
Tow Life
Who else came here after he dissed Drake?
Trap Casa Border Gang
And to think Malice is the more lyrical one, Drake in trouble
PeeWee Kirkland. That's New York City street baller shite. Y'all don't know about that life at all.
Tyv' Ali Cross
if the beef between drake bought you back
adrian augustine
The lunch tables used to be banging 😂
allen bowers
Drake tryin to Compete with this...? 😏
LMFAO! Who else used to beatbox this on school desks? Killin' it!
janicia williams
Not here from they beef .. Here because im on a trip to memory lane ... Man i miss music from the 2000s
noel 12
This took over my brain as a kid growing up them cafeteria tables murdered.
Might just roll by a Synagogue in Toronto bumping this.....
Who here after Drake Diss?😂😂
This beat is still legend. You can do it anywhere on anything. Congratulations on Daytona Push. You are a bad dude.
I didnt appreciate their flow back when this was hot but i do now #afteradidon lol
wesley b
may 30th 2018 the day pusha killed drake. the late 90s early 2000 is back in 2018.
whats my name jigga
Damn back to the days in middle school 7th-8th grade... Timbs n rocawear hoodies