Criss Angel Season 5 episode 3 - Mass Levitation part 5

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the newest show from Criss Angel. Mass Levitation

Angel Criss Levitation Mass Season episode part

Adriano Ferré
Could it up in full hd 1080p
Afanwi Götz
What's with the breathing
Ahmadreza Khorasani
هیجان انگیزه!
Alex Hije
Someday we will meet you I love satanic
Alex Schofield
Wow all demons in the mall to help cris angel...this is a damonic activitys...
Altamir Junior
2:51 - LMFAO .... the woman was hanging on for dear life so she wouldn't fall... she even holds the bar... remember that she's on a show and releases again.... Criss.. your act is awesome.... but please, hire better actors next time... lol
Andre Muhammad
Woww amazing
Anh Đồi
Bobby Goodwill
Safe to say He is No Angle.
Cak mas Kuswo
Dale Blade
They arent actors Hes been used of the devil. I had a friend who moved away and got in that stuff he called me one day and talk about it and told me he felt like a little god. The bible speaks about that magic. read Exodus
Dallas Jenkins
I've done this before and each time I levitated I've had this recorded however last time I was 10 and believed a lot more I love it
Daniel Marcinkus
My arms raised all by themselves. I could feel it happening but I couldn't do anything to stop it. Weird
Devilqueen Devilqueen
I didn't feel anything
Diego Araujo
Slk o cara e um capeta mano
Diego Espindola
Kiero ser asi
Enrique Araujo
No se a escrito nunca una historia Biográfica como la de Crissangel en do da la historia de esta humanidad
F0rTn1T3 Pr0 11
Yang kena sihir adalah mereka orang2 yang tidak beriman ke pada TUHAN.
Faithia A
Frederick Johnson
Cool, but I get jealous every time I see someone get hypnotized I've been trying to hypnotize myself using self hypnosis information and subiminals since the 1970's way back in elementary school I wanted too use hypnosis to improve my memory for studying learning and remembering it all anytime still trying subiminals so far only my dream seem too have perfect memory recall I haven't figured out how too have perfect memory recall while I'm awake it's very annoying. Although the budist monks I believe said the subconscious is the real conscious
Gerardo Pozo Severino
all simple tricks but cool \nfor example 4:13 4:26 see above
Gustavo Arriagada
i levitate !!!! thank you cris !
Hani Hana
😂😂😂stupid magic
Harish Ac
Nice krish
Harley Quinn
Harry W Smith
The women he's levitating are more relaxes then the men.
Holy Jonson
Yes yes i did yes🤗.
Hussein Ali
Ivan Hermes
Jack Mechelson
I'll just believe the Christian Bible...
Javier Rivera 7470
I have to waite till the marijuana kicks in 🤣
JeaLor21 Acel
Im believable 😍😍
Jelena Jolli
Is this real?😱
Jhon Betancourtt
Falso la 5 mujer en el aire brilla el cable al subirla ojo!!
Jhonata Evangelista
Tu é louco velho, se eu faço isso vai vir varios demonios pro meu lar. Tchaaau
Jonice Andales
is that real
Kentank Mmk
Krono Zoid
4:25 If you didn't see the wire then you must be blind
Larry Turner
i started shakeing while doing this
Leo Kyu
mantap keris
Lisbia Hays
demons help him
This was easily done. Only people who floated are actors, others are not.
isso e real estao tudo que vivemos temos que acredita na palavra de deus por que tbm e real acredite como voce aqui nesse vedeo entao deus real existi acredite e cre nele pois so ele salva e mais poderoso que qualquer coisa
Marcelo Garcia
Bruxaria nao e truque😈👹
Mekhi ladson123
Im your bigest fan
Michael Pascoe
This is a bunch of bull. I was on this video. He had us close our eyes for about a half an hour and told us not to open them or they would have to reshoot. \n\nAll of those people that levitated were paid actors. The first girl he went to I saw coming on with the production company.\n\nThe the girl that was the point of view spectator practiced her reactions ahead of time. My friend was suppose to do it, but they change their mind at the last minute and he got screwed out of his part.
Mohamad Khairul
Penyembah setan criss angle alls jin help her....aku percaya benda ni
Morrissa Ice
seek a website for answers to the accusations of the doubting one
Muth Long
Thank you to mr angel ford,, I have never seen a ny thing like these, you are amazing, have a great day,
Myro Erasmo
Look at eyes on cris angel \n1:26
Nick Mendelion
some people levitating...looks like mannequine...
Anti christ
Patel Kapil Kapil
this is a black magic
Ping Demol
Did you see at the back of his jacket its demonic and is kinda monster
Riandi Putra
Is the best
Richee Richerry
Its funny i did felt something unsual like being lighter but my cat lied down on my feet so im sure i did not levitate just psychologically felt lighter. My cat cuts the scary part.... Thanks zach
Rifqi Agung
I'm Levitate to other city with My Plane.!! What a Magic.!!
Robber Chen
Rosemarie Cajis
Dimonic leaving her body...god is the most power full ...
Sam Mar
Ellos Están Aqui este es uno de los no humano que caminan entre nosotros y no decimos nada
Sanju Sen
amazing video Criss Angel great magician
SpyParanormal Philippines
why does he doing like a black magic!
Stuaner Elly
yng Terangkat ke udara..imanya nga kuat👎
Sunny Thymes
💜💛✌💮💮🌸🍃Blessings to Kriss, THE Magician of magicians😉✌
Suvan Mumay
สุดยอด สะหาย
Tahmid Chowdhury
I don't know how he did it but no magician dare to attempt mass levitation like Criss did. He surely has some innovation, techniques and made magic popular. Magician of the century for a reason.
Tanner Unwin
Nah just felt really weird
Tejal Parekh
It works
Telio Kaious
Hey criss it didnt work.. 😄😄😂😂
The Foto Guy
i got headeache 
Yvonne Untaran
Nah doesn't work lol
Zero Spree
bren tacos
1:10 literally tells her to sit down
eka syaputra
Aku berlindung kepada allah dari godaan syetan yang terkutuk . \nAstagfirullah aladzim.
girish nair
Truly, for me, it seemed to be pretty staged. There were no natural reactions, everyone seemed to be acting as per his instructions.
herval02 herval02
???? lol actor
Dorky trick
kati gomes
Satanas tem um escravo Cris
kris_frapedias sporos
i didn't levitate my self aha hey criss didnt work with me what happend?
las vegs trip stoker
Is Chris at the Luxor or Planet Hollywood
marvin villasante
Notice all of his beLIEvers have broken English or literally can't even operate a keyboard. 😅😀🙃
mistymoo Moo moo
Did you guys see the woman in the ‘trance’ position her arms twice? He is really weird acting over bs. He didn’t pick a black person to do the ‘special’ things to also. He is a racist.
onur çevik
paulo fancio
ther ís man demon,this not is thersthe word .
public pranksters
How much did he paid to all these actors 😂😂
The people that he levitated are selective actors the rest bystanders
wilfred solinap
What the I'm flying what the!!!!!! Yea I did
Евнух Пацифист
Stupid Antichrist, i hate him. \r\nOur Lord Jesus will kill him.
Никифор Палыч
На 4'30 виден тросик...