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-Opening in Holidays- Kanga
2:36 When your mom has the camera...
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You guys should make another channel . “Sidemen Perfect”\n\n\n\n\nGet it? 😅
1) I have a dig bick\n2) You that read wrong \n3) You read that wrong too\n4) You checked\n5) You’re smiling \n8) You didn’t notice that I missed 2\n8) You got tricked I missed 6\n9) Now I doubled up on 8\n10) You liked the comment
Aadam Sheikh
Lol there are occasional moments of football talent every now and then in between skying the ball over the fence😂
Abbie B
It's just Simon trick shots with a couple of Harry and Toby 😂😂
Adel Velez
Most of these are simon. Unsurprisingly
Alex Haward
This should be on simons channel
Alex Prit
I was genuinely scared at the end when I saw that mask
Alex& Henry
Nice one Simon that was great I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that
Amy Shutt
You guys are so talented btw 😂💙
Andria Kobi
half of this video is simon harry or tobi
Aniruddh Ganesh
8:34 What Kinda Dab was that?😂
Ayman Malkawi
2:01 The best trickshot of all time!!!!!!!!!!
Badro DD
I feel like most of these will be from simon..
Ben Ben
You don't even know how many times Simon hit the window in the first one😂
Ben DuBois
When simon said time for the downstairs ball wash i laughed
Ben Howe
do a trickshot special sidemen sunday
Best Gaming
Dude Perfect have got some competition
Blue Guy
I liked my own comment because I’m lonely 😢
Brysen Hivon
Tobi takes the coolest shots and tricks but Simon succeeds them so it looks sick
Those 3 dislikes are Logan Paul fans
Chris Ali
If you’re reading this remember to just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things💯 ❤️❤️
Ciara C
Simons on point 😂 (if u don’t get that I’m ashamed lol)
What is the music from 2:50 to 3:22
David Santana
commercial indigenous please horizon wait remote neighbor trail surprising book work clothing state breath
Elias Chatzis
6:31 Still the greatest moment in YouTube's Football history! #SimonEqualsYoutubeFootballGOAT
Finally a montage for Simon
Ethan Parody
Yo Almost 1mill
EthanK 06
Simon likes that bin
GB5 Gaming
Notification squad
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming-Motty-Tv 06
Simon and Harry are my favourites, I kinda despise ksi, he's a total nugget.
George Bogris
Omg KSI without the bandana
George Loewy
Looking back some of these trims are questionable
H. Art
Where's frisbee crossbar hit by Josh?
Harry Jenkins
SIDEMEN:Approved for being awesome.
Hayden Ainslie
Another awesome Sidemen video.
Humayra Begum
KSI for the win!
Iustin Grigorie
3:48 and 6:32 legendary shots
Izzy Abdul
Song at 3:20??
This should be called best Simon trick shots
JJ Okocha
Nothin 2 say
Jack Cooper
Simon should join dude perfect
Jack Williams
Not even going to include Vikk’s iconic first ever crossbar hit from 4 years ago smh
Judy Chen
6:34 this is the iconic moment
Kaanatron 52
Dude perfect but British
Kadir Rencber Year 9
Who will win? \n\nLike if KSI\n\nComment if Logan Paul
Kartik Radadia
I like how vikk had no tricks shot clips even though he hit the crossbar a couple times before which is the closest to a trick shot he has gotten
Kyle France
Dude perfect who?
They are dude perfect 2 LOL 😂
Laura Hayward-Price
7:40 you know who was laughing straight away 😂
Lucas 27
Who else is watching this at halftime of Liverpool Vs Crystal Palace game
Worst goalkeepers in history; \nHarry's Dad\nThe GK from F2 freestylers \nKarius
Matija Kovacek
Where is Harry hitting his mom...\nBest trickshot ever😂
Michael Vasquez
Song at 0:05
Mr Nhem
Tobie is best trick shot skill
Naomi Ware
Whoever sees this comment you know you are beutiful 🤗💖
Nasser gaming
whats the song from 3:00 to 3:24 ???
Nicky Read
Should be simons greatest trick shots 😂😂
Nunu Playz
6:32 classic
Nura Nur
Bet you most of the trickshots are by Simon even before watching the vid
Simon has done some madness with the ball in his days. May not be as fast as Tobi but his skills are ON POINT(cheeky ksi new vid reference)
Ksi will win boxing match like if you agree
Wait Harry liked Chelsea?\nDope
Rick Bloemers
That \
Riley Mitchell
I first I thought ok just Tobi in this vid (lol)
Roadman Harris X7
Who's here after the deji diss track
Ryan Edwards
2:32 i wonder if he ever got his tenner🙂🤔👍
Since when did the sideman take over dude perfect
Sapwos !
Is this dudeperfect???
Senaru Herath
That intro was sick
Shaik inayathullah
Do a montage for every sidemen separately
Skull Cross Gaming
Why don't they make these vids no more?
Spencer Hudson
Sidemen show season 2 ?
Sunny Singh
Great Vid. Please can we have an 1hr+ Sidemen podcast
TUS Paul
Time to smash it...
Did Harry actually fall off his roof
Thivyan Aravindan
Song at 3:15?
Tiger Wings
Simon and Tobi are the best\nHarry is the craziest\nJosh is the dad\nJJ is the idiot\nVikk is the project\nEthan is the raging/giggling kid
Tom Goddard
Lol Harry wearing that blue tracksuit 😂😂😂
Tygo Prinsen
Nit first👍👌
Anyone know what song is called at 7:05
Wolf MasterAslan
I think the sidemen should actually make football challenges instead of old compilations.\nLike if you agree 👍🏻
Yungen bane
7:35 that's the wrong ball
The F7
ashvin raj
Disliked for not including vikks cross bar
big shaq
Do it for the unpaid workers..?
hehe sorry
Where was vikks crossbar? * *insert MC Punjabi track* *
j west
This is just best of simon Harry and tobi
megan fisher
when harry fell off the roof it brought back so many memories. mostly because my life flashed before my eyes of me\n almost dying.
Make a vikk skill compilation lol
scrapper 9010
Harry is an underrated footballer.\n\n\n\n\nShitty fifa player, but underrated footballer.
Simon vs the other sidemen 😂
snowboard savi
What vid is 3:30 from please
why am I still alive
That channel is already a hit get it