Best Western Movies Of All Time Part 1 - If You Love Movies Western You Can Not Ignore It

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#gignrign 77
Great!! TLJ and Duval can't get Any better🤘💙
Achmed Mohandjob
And, at 29 minutes and fifty seconds ... they put that bucking strap back on the stud.  Someone needs to tell them .... that ain't how you break a horse, it's how you get one that's already broken to buck.
Adinaldo Mundim
Ótimo filme poderia posta-lo dublado ou legendado em português.
Adrian Lois
En español Please, muy buena miniserie, yo la vi hace muchos años
Antonio Pagliuca
a low budget movie , nothing happens .....
This is not only the best western movie ever, it's one of the best pieces of art ever made, it's so heartwrenching and moving, it's a shame more people haven't seen it
Carlos Lopes
There are four parts?
Emil Hartman
I can not stand Robert Ulrich
Hector Hernandez
Fucking awesome
Jason Mcdaniel
Good ASS Move 😢
Jerry Pettaway
Great movie.
Joseph Carpenter
Joyce Bright
My favorite movie of all times
Kram Drac
Thanks for posting this timeless western.
Lekir h
Leonard Viljoen
Real McCoy no spaghetti loved this
Les Lassiter
Quite possibly the most boring western of all time. A real snoozer. Nothing more than a western style soap opera.
Marlena Linne
Max Watts
lonesone dove a classic
Mike Johe
They some damm good actors in this movie
OR Gabriel shalom
A real fantastic western movie , love it and like it alot. Love the two main actors, they are real prolific actors.
Raul Sanchez
Yes , wonderful movie. Me gusta ví y , compré la película.
Ray R Jr Huber
Awsome movie.. get a bunch of junk food and just kick back all Saturday relax n enjoy.
Reed Silvesan
probably the most realistic Western ever made
Robert Dunn
Click bait, this is not classic western , I do not appreciate this bs. Best Western Movies of All Time hahaha.
Robin Wowchuk
Lonsome dove was ment to be wat it is if youu want gun movies watcth them
A friend of mine is in this movie...
Sarah Burggraf
A man that wouldn't cheat for a poke dont want one bad enough... Lol best line ever
Scott Jones
T West
Someone went through a lot of trouble making everything in this movie look as authentic as possible , I can't recall seeing a western as true to the period as this one! BRAVO!
Tamura stout
I'm such a great fan of lonesome dove!
Thomas Rodriguez
Nice clean normal life western.
I'm God....
Tom Barker
Robert, Thanks for uploading this.
Yasmine Nazarine
The best movies the best actor's👍\nI've seen it complete movies
Best Western - isn't that a motel?
fps _iron
those Irishman... lol
The book is much more detailed and AMAZING. The movie is good but not even close to the book.
marty Slay
The Big Country is a dang good movie, just like dis unn
Love it only western better is the wild bunch
peter okeefe
at about 20:00 you can see a rack of guns behind them..2 repro henry's one looks original and a winchester...also dee's hat is civil war artillery..wonderfull when they pay attention to real detail in a movie!! not so much anymore..even the actual history in todays movies is badly distorted
fantastic, read the book before it became a series. they put it on screen just the way imagined it. Great casting.
runningbear whitedove
We absolutely love this movie, we have 7 copies of this movie we love it so much! Just in case one gets broken we have 2 at our cabin and the rest are at home all 3 of our kids have this movie ,well I guess that 10 copies all together. We also have return to lonesome dove,streets of Laredo, dead mans walk , Comanche Moon. Those are good to.
wlljohn bey
This is the greatest of all Westerns ever seen on TV.