Grange Hill - Cathy gets the cane

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BBC One (TV Network) CBBC (TV Network) Grange Hill (TV Program) Grange Hill 1978 - 2008 Jon Lamacraft

Adrian Symcox
always fancied mrs mcluskey
Alexander Jones
Cathy's mum \
Blastfrom thepast
Cathy definitely needed to be caned in every episode. And Trisha.
Bob Clo
Back in the 80's my junior school headteacher used to make us bend over and touch our toes then smack us on bum with his bear hand.used to do this to the boys and girls!!.. he's now retired from teaching and is a vicar!!
Carol Eskra
If anyone ever did this to my child it would be the last time they ever did it!
Carol Hutchinson
How dare someone think they have the right to injured and degrade someone's body! When I was in school we were punished by being made to sit in the kindergarten. Also, we were threatened with being expelled, and told that your parents would have to pay for you to go to private school or you would end up washing dishes for a living.
Cath Lover
Children shouldn't be hit this is abuse
Darja-Maria Medri
good.I like
David McKirdy
That CV wasn't a caning
David Ritchie
I don't repeat don't condone violence anywhere anytime.
Ernie Flannel
That brings back memories ! Proper punishment dished out, thats how you got kids to behave back in the 70s and early 80s.
Kids now a days need a good whipping if they misbehave
Francis Artanis
I think the Head needs to be caned next. It will have to be bare buttocks, I'm afraid. I will reluctantly volunteer.
Gene Clark
On the hand?!! That's no good.
General Motors
Children have no discipline or respect nowadays. Parents are too busy trying to be their child’s best friend.
Jasmariah Starr
I was never ever hit in schools or by my family but, they used to hit my older brother with a cane, belt, stick or anything they could possibly find! One day, I came home from school and my parents didn't notice me coming in, they were very angry and yelling at my brother about something he had done in school. I hid behind a chair and watched. They said something like \
Jay Spillers
I thought she was going to be caned on the bottom.
Joe De Tau
Be careful with this Nathan character. He sounds truly violent.
Kathleen Cook
They should bring back caning in schools
I remember when I was eleven and I'd just started high school, I was just stood in the dinner queue with my friend and this big kid (he was a first year just like me but a lot bigger and taller) just came up to me and punched me in the face. It turned out that he was bragging that he was the hardest kid in his old school and his friends were like.. \
Mark Atkins
Nowadays you have to pay to be spanked by an older woman ;-)
Matthew Rance
The slipper never did me any harm. It hurt though. Kids have too much power these days.
Michael Richards
Fuckin ell
Michael Spilman
The cane may work but I don't like the idea of it being done I am basically a pacifist. I think there are far more effective methods of punishment such detentions groundings and tempoary withdrawal of sweet money. Grange hill along with casualty and prisoner cell block h are my 3 favourite dramas. From Michael from Yorkshire and proud of it.
I don't know what the girl did, but wouldn't it make more sense to have the kid fix what they broke, replace what they can't fix, and clean up the mess?
Bring it back!!!
Nathan N Farnell
If only the leftist cockwombles hand been given a dam good caning they wouldn’t have removed corporal punishment in schools. Now we have weeny thugs who think they can do just as they please because they’ve nothing to fear! It’s high time that was reversed. Cane the little bastards as and when necessary! Restore some discipline and respect for authority.
Parwinder Bhamra
Very good just what we need nowadays for discipline
Paul Naylor
I can remember the school bully getting slipper in first school. yes it mean nasty in violent. but the bullying stopped and you Have to ask how Manny kids it saved from being thumped by the nasty piece of work
Prasad SB
OMG,my mom used to cane me in this same fashion,but 3 strokes at least!
time 4 a whank
Rob Osborne
Letting someone cane your child in front of you? I would grab the cane out of the teacher's hand and unleash hell on them !!
Robert Harrington
Ah Cathy Hargreaves she was the babe of Grange Hill back then,the sexy bad girl :)
Robert Mowreader
my mom wouldn't have let the teacher hit me,but shed have took a belt or stick and busted my butt when we got home.
Simmy Simmy
wood work teacher used to throw bits of wood at your head if you werent listening, little getts dont know their born now.
St Trinian's
it took guts to attend state school late 70s and early 80s.....believe me!
bring back caning.
Stephen Mcphail
I was a few years younger than this episode was portrayed but at my school in Aberdeen me and my mates used to get the belt across our hands,but it was called the Scud inScotland and we used to have a league every year to see who got it most,but can’t remember any of us getting nowt if Ye won
Steven Meszaros
Good old days teachers took no shit then to much pc now
Holy shit - this is turning me on.
My gf says even though she was caned by her mother just a few years back ,the cane should be reintroduced in the home and school .Her spankings or canings put her on the right path in life,those punishments learnt her respect .
Terry Baker
What year was this?
The Respected Lex
That's weird, especially as she consented to be punished. Talk about being beaten with a stick. Some of this stuff seems like sillier than reality. It lead to ending corporal punishment.
Thomas Walters
Shame they can't bring the cane back into schools discipline has gone down the toilet after they banned the cane.
Timothy Wilkes
If my kids come home upset about being caned I would explain to them that you got it for being naughty. If you don't want it in the future don't misbehave now go away and man/woman up you cry baby.
Tony Stephenson
Live in America I never got the cane but I got the paddle on a few occasions but the thing about it is I was bullied -picked on and people lied about what I did not do which got me sent to the office or out in the hallway to receive the paddle
Truth Teller
Do not overlook the fact that kids who are allowed to do just as they like at home , at school, with total impunity then go out into the world and become the lawbreakers.
There was a time when parents used to side with the teachers when little Johnny misbehaved. Now, all a teacher has to do is say something which makes little Johnny slightly uncomfortable and the parents will go all out to destroy the teacher's career.
ceri nolancerinolan
I remember Cathy being caned my mate what was watching this with me said stand up there's nothing to be scared of,  I cant remember what Cathy were caned for,  Anyone know it was bad behaviour obviously like what though?
christopher james
When I went 2 s hook girls were canned across the hand .
The cane was still around but going out when I was at school but I'm going back to primary school so a bit different to secondary. But I got the belt from my old man a few times in the 80s. Taught me a valuable lesson.. respect
froggieblue fog
Would have loved a good caning from Mrs Mcluskey, she was very strict, Imagine entering her office and she is waiting with the cane in her hand, \
ian bickett
It's a shame he never walked in with a dildo
james rolfe
It was banned on the 22nd July 1986.
johnny b
When teachers were teachers. Aah nostalgia! Lol
johnny rotten
Id cane mrs muklusky. Oooh yeah
lee Lewis
Wow shocked me seeing thus on GH. I remember watching it from mid 80's to mid. 90's. I looked at comments that said the show had to factor to much politics, which lost it's realism. You can say black board it's called information board. I say bring it back for the kids today. It helped me through a few growing up things, seeing clips of the old days brought back memories of my own childhood and what I was facing when these episodes were on the air, thanks BBC for GH I'm writing a play and book which if it wasn't for GH I'd never consider it.
Hmm.....I don't remember this, what series/episode was it from?
rebecca hooper
one of the best kids drama ever and nothing could ever replace this. Epic and loved it made me laugh at times. The cane was being stopped when I first hit junior school around about 1977. Teachers were bullies when I went to school. Teachers got away with murder
This boy as girl!!! Very nice!
s mcb
The kid looks older than the adults
Would you stand and watch a teacher cane your child\
un known
i got it not mentally affected.....
me next !
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