Criss Angel walking threw a door

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he walks threw a door

Angel Criss Magic Tv doors threw walking

Atzen Keeper
damn what a fake, look close at 3:20 u can see how the glasses fly down and direktly up again, its a computer render 100%
Ben Schofield
It's through not threw
The title of this video is so freaking stupid lol
Eric Rioux
You Have To Do It With The Veil Or God Won't Let You Do It Right My Angel?! 😂
Frank James
burn for eternity in hell for a few little parlor tricks
Goran Zdravkovic
So you can still make money off of it.
Grow Pot Cheaply
He has done different variations of this illusion. They are all done the same, and once you know how they are done, it sort of ruins it for ya. There is a reason the paper is used and the poncho.
Hiroshi Wu
I don't know why people are hot on these stuff about humans not using 100% of their brains and spirits and higher dimensions (unless you're joking, of course)... Magics are called illusions for a reason! This is no proof that not all tricks are fake because it can be explained quite simply, actually. He is just a smart-ass dude who can think of all these ways to make it look like that he is supernatural. If you are as smart as him, you will figure out an explanation. This door has a metal bar in the middle right between his upper and lower body for a reason other than just opening the door. Why not use a handle? That's all I'm gonna say. Good night.
It’s ya Boi Ah skinny penis
Through *
Humans use 100% of their brains, people who saying we don't are just believing the common 'myth'. He does this using a liquid that is hard when hit with a sufficient amount of force (slapping it) but is a dense liquid when trying to move through it slowly.
stupid spelling
Beto el boticario es mejor
Fake or not he's freaking brilliant !! Even just to come up with his tricks is a talent let alone convincing people he's doing them...
For the Glory of Satan, allow me to walk through this solid door and small glass window
Omni Chaos
FAKE!!! i'm going to attempt this. hold on...............................back... this is REAL!!!!! there is no way he did that, i tried and brokded my nose.
Criss Angel understand how quantum physics work or has sup with the devil.
Starkid#22 ###
Cris should try doing this with out news paper
Thành Nguyen
1:37, his finger go through window and the piece of the paper. So why the woman doesn't take off the paper right at that moment? 
Tim Taylor
Humans do not use 100% of our brains.
This video proves that not all tricks are fake and maybe he has something special.
Violet Cameron
Freak me out its kinda spooky amazing love to you criss angel
Xavi Sánchez
Hahahahhaa come on! Is all a trick! Actors included and edited!! David coperfield was one of the first ones to do so in early 90's
If he put his right leg out first then why is it that when he moves the blanket down he's \
No Clip
That was crazy how he turned into a black lady at the end.
ryan wellington does he do it???\r\n
semour hoffman
What a tool for satan
tony mendoza
Hahaha when they put that cover up near the end he could of just opened the door to get tot the side other. If he did it for real they would never have to cover it and so we could see all everything