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007 2017 Antes e Depois Avant et Après Bérénice Marlohe Denise Richards Eva Green Gemma Arterton Halle Berry Izabella Scorupco Léa Seydoux Michelle Yeoh Monica Bellucci Rosamund Pike Serena Scott Thomas Sophie Marceau Stephanie Sigman Tonia Sotiropoulou actor actress before and after boy celebrities celebrity famous stars then and now film girl girls james bond james bond girl james bond girls then and now tv tv series how they changed

Age happens.... we will all get there someday... hopefully. Thanks for doing this... a couple of them actually look better now.. 😯
Aivar Andressoo
Sophie Marceau: wow! She's still so hot!
Alfonso De La Cruz Vázquez
What is the song???
Ambercool Photography
Youth is a gift. What you do with it is all you.
Many are still strikingly attractive - the ones who have undergone a little 'work' haven't fared so well. Diana Rigg, so beautiful in The Avengers did however sadly lose her looks from her late 50s - much like Sylvia Syms. However I wish them all the best of health - a commodity which no-one would trade for wealth or beauty.
Azariyah Johnson
Black don't crack 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Maud Adams is the transsexual right ?
BWD Admin
ya'll click dat like buttton if yu think dat solitare is a sexy bond chick
BahamianKing Gaming
whats the name of the the themes in the video?
Aging is inevitable... some age better than others ....but it happens to us all folks !
Betty R
They look feminine in their youth then bam the MTF morfs. All those surgeries and estrogen can’t hide the real male. Hollywood deceivers that’s who they are. They are all transgendered. The anatomy don’t lie.
I don't understand why women have to cut their hair short and wear bright, dramatic makeup as they age. It makes them look worse, not better. Blonde hair (or black/brown for non Caucasian women) falling just past the shoulders, framing the face, with light shimmery makeup does every older woman justice.
Candace Anderson
Carrie Bishop
Beautiful music. I really enjoy this. Thankyou
Catherine C
How about the men?
Chandru S
Where the hell is M????😤😤😤😤
City Hunter
Ursula Andres and teri hatcher looks really changed a lot ( lets be nice okay ^_^ )
Colby James
I never knew Barbara Bach was married to Ringo Starr?
Cris LeRose
Monica Bellucci che bellezza!
Dale Burrell
...NONE of us are getting any YOUNGER-!!!
Dan Fernando
I love your video, Thanks!
Dan Forster
wow Carol Bouquet looks younger now than she did 36 years ago?? Teri Hatcher looks downright scary now and Halle Berry looks like a guy!
Dee Mari
Of all the beautiful photos of Halle Berry, why would they chose a crack head looking photo?? Good thing most of us know who she is .... however the ones who were in the James Bond movie in the 2000s would still be on the young side. Many of the older ones still trying to hold on to the same look and style of their youth which only makes them look older. The two black ladies still pretty though.
Derin Tran
i can stop watching porn now
Dillinger Sam
Great Video\nBrings back memories\nLove the Music\nThank you for posting\nJob well done 😎
Dizzy Blu
Jane Seymour, talisa soto, cary lowell and Maud adams still look bangable
Dman Deric
Honey ryder is a trans. How can anyone not see that. Some of others are too but honey ryder was extremely noticeable.
Don Finmo
Michelle Yeoh aged so gracefully.\nOf course she's Asian...
Don Russell
Considering these ladies are in their 70's and 80's I think they look pretty damn good. I want to see any of you the same age. See how pretty you are
Duke Of Hesse
Diana Rigg, now that is one big disappointment. Glad I didn't marry her even though she begged me. Well, not exactly begged, just asked. I guess not exactly asked, just kind of hinted, sort of. Not directly to me, it was more subtle. Sort of hidden in a way but I picked up on it. It was at a screening and she was there. I wasn''t there exactly, but I knew how she felt, sort of. If I had been there, who knows how things would have turned out?
Duncan D McGrath
Carole Bouquet and Jane Seymour both own time machines .
Enrico Pallazzo
Carole Bouquet, Ursula Andress and Izabella 3 for me.\nSpecial fap to Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp which is not included in this clip
Eric Cook
honeu ruder wear pink pants and blue t shirt and put the swimsuit over your pink pants \nand your t Shirt
Eric Mustardman
Update: Karin Dor AKA Helga Brandt in \
Eva brown
Most white woman aging not well
Frank Mahavolich
Terry hatcher - looks like someone beat her with the ugly stick.
Gert Haesendonck
Maud forever!
Glynis McLehan
Halle is the most beautiful and they tried to find the worst picture of her but even with wild hair she is the most lovely at age 51
Guy Ellis Hreinberg
As far as I am concerned, they all aged gracefully.
Guy Lawrance
That is so sad and depressing - beauty can be so brief.\nBut you have done a good job putting it together.......👍😀\nTalisa Soto or Isabella Scorupco are still my personal favourites !
There is no turning back...\nGone with the wind...😕😞
Happy Guy
It's a short ride, girls, if all you've got going for you are your looks.
Harry Steady
Beauty doesn't last dont be arrogant when u r born beautiful.
Hua Tong Leong
Only Asian has the long lasting look without each make up!
James Kelman
Diana Riggs was by far the sexiest bond woman ever!
James W
Jane Seymore is still hot asf
Jim Atkins
Excellently done! Great job!
Joel Torres Gonzalez
Great Video..
John Delynn
Damn, Who else thinks she looks like Hillary Clinton ? 3:23\nREPLY
Joseph Dodd
Love all the Bond girls but by far the best ever Diana rigg.
Julia S
Where are the photos of all the men that played James Bond and how old they look now? Let's be fair.
So what they aged .....listen young folks all people isn't able to live 2 see OLD HEALTHY AGE
Kool Look
My favourite all time Bond Girls were Ursula Andress, Britt Ekland and Barbara Bach.
Lee Katherine
Some of them actually look quite nice even today. Like Emily Bolton, Kristina Wayborn, especially Carey Lowell (7:49) and Talisa Soto (8:02). What are their secrets?
Lino Vidal Novoa
Excelent video. Congrats. I subscribe now
Mango Papaya
Wow they all look like men big jaws, large skulls , thick strong necks broad shoulders, wow.
Manolis Katsoulis
Like !!!!!!
Marmee Cruz
That was 55 years ago! Of course all of them would have aged. Unless they were vampires!
Max Flight
The ladies always look best if they can stay away from the plastic surgeon.
Minion Mario
7:55 its kitana from mk
imo Denise Richards was the cutest and really hot Bond girl, sad thing is that she did plastic surgery to her self
Noah brandini
Teri hatcher hit the wall hard. She looks unhealthy. My favorite is Monica Belluci.
Noey Weayo
I wanna be forever young 😣😣. Love this vid 👍
Oggy Oggy
Shirley Eaton in ‘64. Smokin’!!!
it's so sad that we can't stay young forever
1st song is A Himitsu - In Love (feat. Nori)
Paul Marshall
Monica Bellucci, was 51 when she did Spectre and was by far the sexiest Bond ''girl'' \nShe is one of the most beautiful women in Cinema History
Paula Kavanaugh
What about the aging males! It's always about how bad the women look.
Pierre Morin
No change for Grace Jones
Rafał Chrząszcz
Jane Seymour and Maud Adams still beautiful and natural! But update: Karin Dor (the redhead beauty from 'You only live twice) has died last year.
Rob Tro
A lot of plastic surgery here.
Ryan James
Thankful for all these beautiful woman that made the bond movies alittle extra awesome! I hope life has treated y’all well. God bless 🌸
Sal Mallimo
Ursula Andres was the best bond girl ever.
Scott H
Well if James Bond don't want them anymore I'll take them
Sherry Singleton
The 1979 girl is even more beautiful than before ,They say Black don't crack!
Steve Hunt
Eva green, always my favorite!!!!!
How Time makes a mockery of us all?\n\nwhat must it be to have been among the most beautiful, desirable and famous women in the world only to watch time slow take that beauty away from you?, \n\nthough i guess in the end Time takes everything away from all of us doesn't it?
Either you grow old or you die and no one will look the same 30 or 40 years from now, male or female and race won't stop father time. True beauty is in the heart and mind, all of our shells will transform with time.
Tilmann Heinig.
Famke Jansen fehlt
Victoria Bao
Sean Connery el mejor de todos, un bombonazo
Virtual Reality
Age is a terrible thing. As we get older we loose muscle in our bodies, especially our face and then the force of gravity pulls our skin down giving us that drooling tired look. This happens as a result of no muscle to hold the face up anymore. Face lifts pull the skin back to make it tighter but it still looks bad because there is no tone on the face, just thin skin pulled tightly over a boney face.
Catherine Schell and Maud Adams still look great and the later movies Michelle Yeoh..but the winner is Sophie Marceau...
Yevgeniy Zharinov
What age does to people........ how sad. Teri Hatcher looks like a monster unbelievable.
Some of those women aged gracefully. thanks for the upload.
chab1rd 1
It seems the darker skinned women and Asians aged better...but they were all beautiful in their time. We all age unfortunately,...they are all beautiful women! 👍
follow Jesus!
Reality \u003e we are all going to get fat, old and one day die. Just the truth! This world is obsessed with beauty and looks. Beauty Is Fleeting! in the 1960's and 70's some of the world's most beautiful women would be fat by today's standards. NEWS FLASH : magazines and movies lie ... yes, they are all very beautiful women in their early 20's / we all were good looking back then / but as soon as a woman gets older... hollywood stops calling! Too bad the world did not fall in love with the soul instead of the flesh.
Nice job on this. Women are beautiful beings no matter what age. 💗
lovelyn alobwede
pia pear
Holy shit Carole Bouquet is more beautiful now than she was in 1981
pliny The elder
wow, never knew they were all men in drag.
slash slash
Akiko from 1967 still look good now in 2017 \nI can Do her for sure 🙂japanese girls dont age
tamaji kent
Thanks for posting, you obviously went through a lot of work getting all these clips together:) . It was interesting to see who fared well in the age department, and who didn't. But of all the girls, only Eva Green went on to truly great careers, which goes to show, beauty fades, but talent remains.
tuff ute
Age changes us all
Women don't age like fine wine!
very good compilation. lots of hard work, must be made by someone who loved making this video. thanks for uploading.
vicky thahim
We can't stay younger in world, but we will live younger in heaven (paradise ) for ever, only believe in God