Criss Angel Jonathan Davis Exclusive Music Video Premiere

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Exclusive music video premiere from the first immersive Vegas spectacle - Criss Angel Mindfreak at Planet Hollywood! A haunting collaboration by Criss Angel & Jonathan Davis of Korn for Criss' alter ego "Xristos" NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

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A Kriss
Criss is becoming more and more amazing day by day
Allison D.
I cannot be the only one getting vibes from the crow and older manson from criss's acting
Amber Hall
I'm here for Jonathan Davis. 😀
Amber Meeks
Love this video with Jonathan
Ancient Bloodline of Light
Really damn great how Criss played his part in this
Antonio Sertic
please god noo
soo good
Archie Whiteman
This woulda been the shit in 2001
Arthur G
Is this the same place where David Bowie's Blackstar video was filmed?
B. L.
The guitar riff at the end that leads into that Celldweller song sparked a primal excitement within me.
Don´t know, who this Criss Guy is. I´m here for Jon Davis, and he delivered. 😎
Cal Hornbostel
This song reminds me of all the amazing music he did for the queen of the damned soundtrack which to this day is the fucking best
This needs to be longer
Caroline Bergeron Mimeault
I scream this with all my heart everytime the sound surrounds me. I love the collaboration, still brings a couple tears to my eyes, I miss you dad. You where my basic needs.
Cass Cass
Is Criss okay?
Christian Pabon
What the f#*#* is this.
Dorky Corky
I'm pretty sure that was the vibe he was going for, \
EL Parasito de la Web
hahahahaha the parts where he has the gun pointed at, or strangling Johnathan Davis looks like he is contemplating really hard about choosing to have this loser in this video hahahahaha Happy New Year!!! Honestly looks like you are trying to promote Knott's Scary Farm.
Edwins Generation
i love that they just decided to do this because they're friends!! So awesome!
Elvira Ramos
Jonathan Davis is a huge artist! Great collab!
Fadil Fawzi
Well, it's time for JD to collaborate with Klayton Celldweller, oh wait, he used the Birthright riffs at the end.
Felipe Phillipo
The guitar riff at the very end is from Celldweller's song Birthright... does that mean anything?...
Twisted and dark...yet comforting. Definitely has potential.
The ending was unshakable!! \
That guy has such love for nature, he saved MOTH BABIES from something terrible, JESUS CHRIST
Oh you know, just another reason to love you man
Guy SunRhodes
Love the video anything with criss angel in it is always awesome!
I dog
I love Jonathan Davis
Oh My Lord!
J Valderaz
cris angel after they cancel his vegas show lol
Jana Greenwood
Don't know why so many people hating this, I love it.
Jason Wesley
Stick to Korn dude.
Jeremiah Turner
I don't get it. Did he put him in the video just so he could slap his name on it? What's next? Birthday clowns? Since when do magicians get put in rock videos and given credits. Dafuk
Jeremy Kaminski
Why tho?
Johan Urquijo V
Viva KoRn y que sea metal pesado y no esto tan suave y frágil ....
Jon H
Chris' acting is wwwwwaaaaayyyyy over the top. It would be so much better if he'd have toned it down.
Kamila Melo
OMG,Criss and Jonathan in the same video,perfect!! Love this guys,since always ,freak video,good acting ,loove it
Criss Angel is so freaking sexy! i remember being glued to the tv every single Wednesday when his show Mindfreak would come on A&E. I even got tickets to his show at the luxor in Vegas. best moment of my life! its funny i loved magic tricks growing up and i had my own bag filled with beginner magic tricks but i didn't fully get into magic until i saw his show. course now i dabble in card tricks every once in awhile. i will always be a huge fan of Criss. and Jonathan Davis as well can never go wrong with his music.
Kelly Frost
Don't Worry About The Haters In The Comments , This Is Amazing , Keep It Up Both Of You !
Kenny Pohorence
I was waiting for “MIND FREAK!!!” The entire time. Thoroughly disappointed.
King Kong86
I dont see why everyone is praising Chris. It's a song sung by jonathan davis. All Chris did was appear in the video.\n\nMaybe that's his magic tho
Loved the song. Hated Criss. All he did was rip of Brandon Lee's vibe from the movie 'THE CROW'. Makeup and all....
Leon D
Seen Jon .. Clicked on video.. Lost me as soon as I seen Chris angel.....
Life Imitating Death
Looks like something edgy-teen-me would've made in highschool back in the 90's..
Lord Sinstar
Johnathan Davis wtf dude? Criss Angel still lives with his mom...
Luke S
Why is it only half the song?
like si jonathan tiene la cara como una papa
Im starting to think jonathan davis is losing control after so many bad things he has lived threw
Matt G (oPryzeLP)
So short and cringe tbh
Mikan's Giant Bongos
I'mi not the only one that hears that sample of \
Criss is out of Long Island. LI represent
Mike Faller
This was the only song I liked on JD's album. If anything, I should thank Wes Borland for it since he wrote the music.
MineAntoiya / Maleiztaeuf
Why did they use the bass riff to Celldweller's birthright at the end? It's an EXACT rip from the song too :/
Mr. Slowpoke1975
Seems kinda weird to do a song that appears to be filled with suicide attempts. Especially after the way he acted over his wife’s suicide.
Holy crap this was awesome!
Nathan Vigil
Nem Plays!
Holy shit getting some Queen of the Damned vibes, and I'm about it
I came for Jonathan Davis.
Pain Peace
Awesome \\m/
Pete Rios
That song sucked!!!!!!!!
Ralph B
Awesome Jonathan Davis my hero. Criss Angel also amazing, loved your show in vegas
Raquel Pujadas Domínguez
Fucking amazing! Jonathan Davis and Criss Angel must be the best and most iconic duo EVER!
Raven Blackfeather
All you haters grow up. Just because you lack this talent makes you feel better when you run at the mouth. Yes that is Celldweller at the end. Klayton and Criss are friends and are from Long Island.
Ryan B
YES, love it!!! I can't wait to see the new Mindfreak at Planet Hollywood!!!🕴
Ryan Diaz
I’m just here for Jonathan Davis
Sander Sundsvallsson
The 1 and Only Truth was and is Rudolf Steiner\nAll the best Wishes to u and your Soul \n\nGeist ist Kraft, Geist ist Gesundheit. Kinder, die im Geist erzogen werden, der stärker ist als die Mächte der Verneinung, des Umsturzes, des Chaos, der Gottesverleugnung, werden ein Menschenbollwerk bilden können, an dem der Wille des Verderbens abprallt. Was war es, das das kleine Griechenvolk fähig machte, die ungeheure Wucht der persischen Überflutung zurückzudämmen? Die harmonische Ausbildung aller seiner Kräfte auf der Grundlage eines tiefen geistigen Wissens, das den Führern eigen war, die es erzogen; eine Erziehung, die mit den Forderungen der Zeit, des Menschheitslebensalters von damals rechnete und in allem Körperhaften den Geist sah, der am lebendigsten und schöpferischsten dann wirkt, wenn die in der Physis waltenden schöpferischen Kräfte ungehemmt ausgebildet und durchs Leben hindurch wissend weitergebildet werden.\n\n
Sandra Davis
Shawn Legend
Who thinks Criss Angel should just become an actor?
I love Jonathan Davis that was great 🙋🤘❤
Tad Dunavan
Awesome track, but the video certainly didn't need to have \
TheSpirit Portal
I have officially lost all interest in JD \n\nI was a huge fan in my teens and loved all his music but even listening to his old stuff doesnt interest me anymore Specially after watching this crap..\n\nCriss Angel and Jonathan Davis are both has beens. And nothing will ever change that.. \n\nDislike my cmnt .. okay..\nLike it bcus you agree props to you!
Tim Harrison
Tom Brown
Darkness .death .evil. Nope ,,,,Rather have life joy love !!!!!!!
Vanina Navarro
My infancy ❤
Vince Williams
criss, you are a big inspiration. love the vibe.
Weirdo Williams
I bet Jonathan thought he'd been to all kinds of parties. Until now.
Who's Beebo?
I love this and Criss so much
This video had a strong message and vibe to it that shook me to my core....I loved the imagery and music so much, it brought me to tears, it was that good!
ann cummins
Love it ! Big fan of both these gentlemen!
busted knuckle garage
i dont know why. but watching this video, without heads and monkeys riffs, and fieldeys bass slaps, makes me feel like im cheating.....
This is why friends shouldnt direct friends videos. This looks like something out if a high school video production class
Am I evil for finding this slightly comical? :3
james youngblood
so for a 2:17 second video of a song that's 6:15 where is the other 4:98 seconds of the song and video????
junior vega
Busca de Dios criss, Será el único que te podrá salvar . Satán te tiene pero por el cuello
kimmy cuthbert
Criss is so hot for his age!! Cannot wait for his new show #magicrevolution #Mindfreak #crissangel #magicianofthecentury
lori doolaghty
Jonathan wtf?
mintythekid 9
Rock is back
nathan mondragon
Nine Inch Nail.. Tool.. Alice Cooper..The Crow. Was all I saw in that video. Criss Angel is Garbage
nick sheppard
I have heard way better from Jonathan Davis what I like in this video is the graphics and that's it
paola aguero
los amores de toda mi vida , en otra vida te encontrare Davis y serás mío ,😘
Disappointed ...weak song, terrible video. C'mon of the worst Kornish ever
Criss Angel is \
Two very different parts of my childhood combined and it’s amazing
Андрей Новиков
Крисс Ангел, будто трип какой подхватил )))
Джурабеков Александр
JD хороший музыкант и автор, желаю ему творческих успехов.
Изольда Шнепенгауэр
Видеоряд прикольный а песня говно
Неустановленное Лицо
Кто блять так в звук насрал?
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