Hot Toys Infinity War Iron Spider Unboxing

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Hot Toys Infinity War Iron Spider Unboxing! Full review is coming up next ladies and gents!Eric Lee:

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4NT0N1 L1U5
I wait so much for this 😢 thank you justin
Alex Cote
Great Review. Thank you for sharing. Is the figure that imposible to pose?. I wonder why hot toys decided to use this material on a figure with such great articulation. When they say not keeping the figure in a pose for a long period, what is a long period of time according to them?
Anthony Negrete
Looks cool! Are you going to get ironman mark 50 early
CSI Grissom
Is the material difficult to pose with? The figure looks Gorgeous, regardless.
Clarence Fu
Don't mind if I ask. Do you live in Australia?
Darth Zep
Been waiting for this!!! Thanks man!!! You deserved a lot of subscribers.
Fabio Kleinwold
Iron spider looks really awesome. 😱
Feby Fadly Wiraputra
omg 2018 is so dope fo hot toys
Gareth Edwards
I have to say that your channel and the group. Is the best thing that has happened for 1/6 in a long time. Onwards and upwards
Hamja bin saeed
Black panther
Juan Duran
ples iron man
Juan Sebastian
Finally..... Love your channel
Just James 1
Im so envious! Btw those gold tendrils are inaccurate,its missing the red.
Laurent Kripkavitz
Awesome figure ! So far my favorite Infinity War figure. What is your favorite from the movie, and Hot Toys of the year ?\nMy favorite of the year so far would be Hela :-)
M Shafiq
You really love Eric Lee do you haha. Anyways can’t wait for the review!
Maxwell Bowe
Nice unboxing! Mine should come in a week or two, but I might unbox it Christmas Day!
Obi Wan Kenobi
I just love this channel
RJ Gonzaga
I'm getting one myself, and I'm so happy I preordered! 😁
Rashmi Sharma
Thats not good
Rick Kear
Dang man that was fast I was like wow it’s late here but woke up to watch
Looks amazing! But i still like the advanced suit from the ps4 game, If you can review that hot toys spider man ps4 that would be great! youre my favourite
Star Lord
When is my figure coming out?
Stefanie Chen
Looks so good! Can’t wait to see the dynamic poses with the spider legs. 🙏🏼
Sunita Gogoi
I just love you
The THICC Titan Thanos
I really love this suit, I would have loved it if they made the suit more accurate looking to the comics but I love the red, blue, and gold color scheme. It makes it more unique to Spiderman.
bryant alvarez
It should be a give away for the homecoming and the infinity wars
darren brear
thats ok
fattan radja nasution 154
Where you buying
james quinn
Yay ! you got iron spider he looks awesome cant wait for the review !
Holy!!!\n'Please dont lay your eggs on me!!!!'\nOne of my favorite quote in AVENGERS INFINTY WAR
Korea is so slow to get the figure ㅜ ㅜ