Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits); drum cover by Sina

This performance is available on iTunes, recorded with the Tribute Band 'Dire Straits UK':

dire straits drum cover sina drums sultans of swing terry williams

Alizee Defan
I saw Dire Straits at a college. I was 10 feet away from Mark Knopfler, U nailed it! This stuff ain't easy to play
Amaral Roberto
Sweet Sina.
Andre Prudhomme
Belle avec un grand talent !
Omg... cool swing... Best
Arun Sinnarkar
Sina your style of drumming in this song is so cute.
Audiophile NbR Music
i love you....perfect...
Barataagung Sridadi
Subhanallah,sweet girl....amazing.... amazing...
Biser Iliev
Колко то повече го слу6ам толкова повече ми харесва...БРАВО!!!!!!
Cesar Andrade
Chris Blore
Your good girl!!! Keep it up . Better than I have seen of many others.👏👏👏
Daniel Macours
Danilo Bojos
I have so much admiration to Terry Williams, but this lass Sina just killed it! That stick was flying like crazy in multiple stroke per second! Aren't they superhumans?
David Hynes
I hope nobody in China is watching this they will copy.
Deborah Oliveira Monteiro
Com 14 anos, nasceu pra brilhar!! 🤩🤩🤩
Domenic Eufemia
the lovely girl and beautiful the beat is very good and she play good this song 1975-76-77-78-79 i was young like her same for mick jagger the best singer...
Hottest licks I ever heard from an imporve on this song..... She is well worth the sweat......
Earl Samson
Dammmn Girl! If Guns N' Roses ever need a drummer, you're surely 101% fitted.. superb!
Eddy Ebner
GREAT.....Congratullations!!!!!! You are TOP!!!!!
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Kleber
muito massa
Emanuel vlogs
Que top
Fred Wallace
Love it.
Fukinoto Negi
Sina, congratulations!! Sina's video will get about 20 million views soon. Great!!!
Fátima Barros
Extraordinária baterista, parabéns 😍😍😍😍
GINO derosa71
Galador Black
Oh wwwooowww Very good very very beautiful cover.
Gerardo Aguilar
Greg Dierolf
Awesome drummer
Greg Mundo
Excellent performance
Это просто круто!!!! That's awesome!!!!
Guido Iacono
Fantastic 😉
Hellmuth Christ
Wunderbar, wonderful
II-BadSport Vulture-II
You’re absolutely the best on drums wow You are talented the best I’ve ever seen you also gained a subscriber you gained me as your subscriber and I liked every video keep up the awesome work I love it when you play the doors on drums the doors is my number one rock band James Douglas Morrison or you can just call him Jim I am a big fan of the doors I have a scrapbook of the doors it shows everything he has ever written real paper not copy and I have all his albums and CDs and digital downloads and film Jim Morrison of the doors he’s the best poetry singer it’s just so bad we lost him in Paris he died of a heart attack it’s so sad he’s my number one Singer rock band poetry everything the doors is number one LA woman
Ignacio Maria Raggio
Indulis Rudzons
I like you..... Nice jobs.... I
Ivo Borges
she is amazing !!!
Love your choice of tunes so far 😏
Jacob Dzudo
Love you \nI really like the way you play
Jason Burkhardt
this chica can hammer a beaat on those skins ... double pedal at that ... watched her in studio ... outrageous ...
Jay Scott
Dude? Seriously? This Rocks!
Jayme Fretta
Sina .. Merry All !!!
Jayme Needing
Jesus Soler
Sina, God bless you! Bitibumbambamtrumbanchissss!
Khosrow Majzoob
this is not only good drumer but fallow mark and the sens of the song
Károly Kiss
Elegancia, tehetség...\nhááát már nem is kommentelek...\negyszerűen TEHETSÉG vagy!!!!\nJó nézni a videóidat, csak így tovább!!!\nKisskarcsi Hungary Szeged
Lee Shand
I can listen and watch this young lady for hours. She is just an awesome musician.
Luke Sliminn
Since I was 5 yo I wanted to play drums. However, I could never afford them. Since I've grown up it was different story, No space and neighbours that hated even when I just play music. Now I'm 67 and starting to suffer from arthritis and will never fulfill my dream. This girls drummin is phenomenal. It brought tears to my eyes. Don't ever give up girl, I believe you have great future in front of you unless mu'slimes take over and ban any kind of music.
Make Nurmi
Sina.... You just are --- dedicated to drums. Ich Liebe Dich Zu Viel \nYou are really somebody on drums! Luv ya very much!!! \u003c3
Marcos Ludke
Muito bom
Mark Shklovsky
Просто ппц, какая умничка!!!
Marty Muke Music TV
I'm a 52 year old musician and you nailed this.\nthank you so much\n\nregards\nmarty
Mirko Kojotovski
Wooowww..well done ...
Nunya Business
Sina, I have have seen several of your more recent covers (and commented on them). Tonight I clicked on this (2+ year old) video. Let me start by saying that I am a big Dire Straits fan. I grew up with this music. Now on to you: While I am impressed by your skills in this video, you have IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY since this was shot. Your tempo wavers significantly in several places during this song. Not any more. Your recent videos showcase a different drummer...a MUCH stronger drummer. Keep up the good work kid!
Ossi Muuronen
Sina great..
Oğuzhan Sert
That is unblieveble performance and she also so cute
Pietro Valente - Drummer & Composer
Good job! I grew up with Dire Straits and played this song a lot myself. I saw you do original music too, that's great!\nI'm composing and performing music for drums and orchestra, would you like to check my channel? We may collab!
Preben Gundel
Thank you, Sina for this awesome performance
Hi, My dad loved this cover so much he used to listen to it nearly every day. Sadly he passed away 1 month ago and i thought i would share this with you. thank you for making one of his favourite songs better :)
Raul Garcia
Esres un Genio
Richard Rinaldi
Coolest thing I ever saw....
Rick Morris
Rivelino Fortuna
Gooood performance and so beautiful baby
Robert Driggers
She plays top drummers in the music industry and she's so young. She could easily become one of the top drummers in the world in a very short time. What a treat it is to watch her play. Thanks, Sina!
Rolf Kloos
Absulutely top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron White
That woman! Sina is an adult Drummer. Wow!
Salu Mendez
Juan Solorzano Echeverría\nLa Piedad Michoacán México.\n¡Oh, girl! \nYou win me the idea.\ did it better than me.\nI pardon you.\nI liked your play. \n¡Oh,!\nIt's the best trsnslation of the lyons of the strings...and of the drums.\n¡Tank you, girl!
SangYeon Hwang
I met your drums for the first time on YouTube today. It is great.
Sean Nimick
Thank you, Sina.  You made a 50 year old pick up his guitar to relearn that song.  Awesome job, as always.  I love your album, too.
Silviu Tulbya
+sina-drums Do you have a mike inside your kick bass and under the snare? I heard it can help with that 70s sound. Is that true?
Stefan Andres
Whow. This girl is amazing. i think, i can play drums...this girl is 10000000000 x better than me. R E S P E C T
With all due respect to the drummers out there who clearly have the best intentions for Sina with comments about drums only supporting the band, a drummer shouldn't overplay, let the vocal be the centre point all valuable advice, what we need to remember is that Sina isn't a playing a studio date with Mark Knopfler here. She's just posted a cover version (which by definition should mean interpretation) paying tribute to a drummer she's a big fan of, Terry Williams. I'm sure if Mark asked her to play on his album the last thing she would do would be to overplay!On Sina's Chi Might album and the countless other musical pieces she's applied her craft to here on Youtube, to my ears has displayed an innate understanding of the drummers role in a band, and also comes from a musical family so has the background, so it's almost in the blood. Again, not to take away from well wishers and the advice provided, but just adding for a bit of perspective. Let's have fun! This is a cover! And a searing one at that!
Travis White
I love this. She can bang on the drums all day. She is gifted. You go Sina. You go well.
This girl got awesome taste of music.
Tyce Light
20 million + \
Valentin Topalski
Една приеса на барабани която е много кадърна много успехи във живота на Сина
W Walker
A young girl not playing the latest candy music! Go girl. What a legend she is.
Sina muy buena musica y buen sonido... gracias... siga adelante...
Walker Lamock
5000 losers
Zaidi Zact
chris reaney
Love this song, love this drum cover.
dale durham
What is best? her look s or drumming...…… she is best both..... thank you lady...
david thomas evans
fantastic 😎😎😘
dirty biker
Awesome performance
elisardo fernandez
I love this song and I really enjoyed watching you play the drums playing this song ....
Excelente, y emocionante.
kanu Sarkar
So sweet ❤
neil bolton
fabulous sina
paul mure
bravo 10/10
She is absolutely brilliant and very confident . . . good for her
Wow! Very smooth, with some WICKED fills! You take this tune to another level. Great job!!!
beautiful song
roy post
you are great
todor todorov
Miracle !!
U make it sound like a whole new song🙏🏼
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