How Idd Amin prophesied Obama employed charm to cool down striking Ugandan Doctors

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How Gen. Idd Amin prophesied Obama's presidency and employed charm to cool down striking Ugandan Doctors

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ALL TRUE, look all asia under control of israel.
Abdallah Omari
Good leader Amin
Alirima Nicholai Jnr
The only field marshal the world ever Had.!!!🇺🇬
Anthony Wicks
You could be right you or i don't know nothing about the man i take it the white seen it or lied about the man an all i know what i read an seen in movies but i think he was an interesting person an leader
Asrat Mengesha
How Idd Amin prophesied Obama's presidency & employed charm to cool down striking Ugandan Doctors\
Atyour Servicee
The truth about Amin and propaganda should be separated .
B 1
Bafaki Frank
Rest in peace
Basha Basha
When ever i got depressed i watch Adi amin Dada.
Basil Averette
Idi amin is s perfect example of how an african gets control of a african country, first thing these fools do is loot the treasury, next thing these fools do is pass laws so they can stay in power soon as things got to hot on idi amin he fled uganda in his private jet and all the money he could steal.. this fool retired to his private Villa in the south of France ... this is how much he loved his own country....
Ben Nartey
They portray him as a senseless ape because they do not want you to listen to what he has to say. They say that about all great African leaders. Unfortunately, it works
Benjamin Hall
He was a barbaric monster that killed 300,000 people. Enough said.
CR7-Rvp cls92
Forget the other stuff but what he is saying here is true even today. Any public servant has to treat themselves with respect because as public servants people put trust in you to serve them and serve them well no one wants a drunk cutting him open no matter how many degrees he holds.
Cacas Prapra
Funny strong leader👍🏿👍🏿
Christo Santi
I love this man so much
D. One
I once met a lady from Uganda 🇺🇬 and told her that idi amin was respected by me when I was a young man. She replied that you are an African American. How could you respect ✊ a man as cruel as Idi Amin? I replied, because we didn’t have any heroes. Sorry MLK. She immediately started crying 😭 and when I say “crying “ I mean she was boo hooing. That was very strange or very sad. You feel me 😎 Every time that I saw her after that we would smile at each other intensely but we never spoke again
Daniel Ayemere
The westerners have always wanted Africa to be slaves and that is why they have persistently kill any Africa leader who is truthful and oppose their evil deeds. Africa should learn from the past and forbid this heartless westerners
Deejay Shaf
IDDI AMIN DADA Always suprise me with his Knowledge
Derreck Jones
Ok so where was the prophecy?
Devils Dark
Maybe awznt in world by then bt this man waz a true leader who loved his country
Donald Blackmon
very well said about drinking
Ephraim Kowo
This one was possessed
Fahad King
I wish I was on that AMIN's Regime👆😁He was CALM enough💪💯
First Last
Idi Amin ❤️
Franklin Jones
o, by the way I have Ben to Uganda, and Lived in Kenya
Glen Malesa
I must admit that I was one of those who were brainwashed to think Idi Amin was an evil man. The last king of Scotland movie didn't make matters anyless better. But now I know the truth and i shall never allow the propaganda media to shape my thinking again. Mayibuye iAfrika!
Grant Beeñźu
Henry Solomon
Why should we Africans always critisize the West and give credits to these horrible people despite the negative reports from his own very nation about his brutality.The West is not perfect but compared to the majority of our African leaders,I'd prefer being governed by a Westerner.If our leaders were positive in every aspect of the word we wouldn't be running to go the West including our elites themselves who also run to the West for better health care.Its not just critisizme of the West that makes you a good leader not to mention Idi Amin's apparent little educational back grounds. Let's try to be positive and realistic in our minds instead of Critisizing the Jews who's position in the world I am sure every human on earth would like to have.
Innocent Wasilwa
He knew too much
Jamas Francis
who told u killings will give u peace that is fulse ?
Jean Claude Edmond
If you guys supported a criminal you will go whereever he goes.
When black African Leaders try to rid their country of those white parasitic leeches from their country, they become targets and are murdered
Julius Okuto
Amin was ever addressing himself as \
Kalsad Ismail
RIP Gr As an African I Love You and still listening carefully to your advise....
Kelvin Jasi
Very intelligent Man. That’s ehy the Western hated you, and made your own people to rebel against. These are words of wisdom 👌🏽👌🏽🙏🏽\nRest In Peace General. \nTh
Kelvin Kavenga
he didn't saw in his prophecy that obama will murder his best friend gadaf
Kigozi Edward
I miss you Mr. president \nIdi Amin.
Kwaku Darko
fucken wicked bastard.
Kyeba Tabe
I can’t imagine how similar he is to trump
Hahahaha silly buffonry absolutely ignorant.
Larry Ninis
Lemi Simon
Strong man with good brain .
LifeOf Solomon Daily
He was a murderer and heartless man
Lule Ronald
Uganda is a good country bcz of what Amin did, All the good public infrastructure we have in every district was built on his regime. He got rid of the Indians to get Ugandans to work heard. Today President Museveni has introduced the Chinese plus the Indians to undo what President Amin Did, as a result the rate of unemployment, crime, inflation, corruption are extremely high.
Malish Yanga
The bravest African leader ever
Maverick Artitude Entertainment
And Collin Powell together with Condoleezza Rice.
Mello Phora
To the people that say he was a killer or mass murderer.....did you witness this or is that what your white “historians” told you?
Mwamba Kandimba
Zionists killed this man for telling the truth! They are sons and daughters of satan, they hate truth-tellers!
MzillakaziKa Mashobane
Dada was a great. Ugandans you must be proud I wish in South African had smart and strong man like him not Mandela.
Obaigwa James
This guy was so good,I like the kind of advice he is giving.
Oche Adoga
He accent is like that of Kansiime.
Okoth Gum
This guy had brains
Osas Nosa
Wow this man was never evil as he was portrayed?.....the white man is truly the
Proud African American
I am sorry to say that I do not know much about this man at all. In America white people consider him a “crazy dictator” who murder his own people. \n\nMost blacks in America like myself probably do not know much about him. So we have no real opinion on him good or bad.\n\nThis is my first time seeing so many people who actually liked him .\n\nMy question is this who really was this man? Was he a good person or a bad man?\n\nI am confused .
But He consumed human flesh
Ray Farrah
What he predicted today came true.
Ray McKenzie
A black man that knows the truth and isn't scared if the white man = greatness
Robbinson Amwoga
I love this guy, the likes of guddafi was killed because he was a good leader
Robert Tinkham
Who knows the truth? He was portrayed as an evil tyrant. I thought he had style. I treasure my Idi Amin tee shirt. it was given to me by a girl whose brother was in the Peace Corp.
Rodell Williams
Real talk💯
SKYwalker 777
He was a Cannibal and ate his own people. Totally crazy beyond words.....
Safrow Ben
That true brack people in America they have to be equally
Said Hussein
I'm from somalia and I love gen amin. ,the man kicked out all Asians who had every bssns ,,,,if it was not amin they would be slaves ,,,,,,God bless you brother
Meanwhile we know what happened to Obama.....................
Somali Vines
Western wanna made uh bad guy but truly you are Good person Rest in peace Gen. Id Amiin
Songre Osmenep
I am 💯% in agreement with what the General said absolutely in agreement. Reading as we know is very important, IDI Amin was no fool the man was brilliant nothing to do whether I like this guy or not. Facts here simply put.
Swaleh Elshabiby
True leader western hate.
Tackielemkwa KunZungo
Keeping us in the dark is the ultimate aim of the West. Big money=blood money spent to spread false propaganda for those who stood for us like the General now among the ancestors.
Teflon Eibeat'East Africa
A BIRD Laughed when this man mentioned ''They are more brilliant'' and the exact time the man got confused and sighed ,eeeeeh, .So the bird saying \
Tsar Pushkin
no wonder they KILLED him
UltraNationalistPatriot But no Racist
Idi amin know da wae respect him brothers he will show up da wae
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist
Esau is in control the tribe of Mohammed
Waqeel Roodt
I must say..he got charisma. And that bit of the zionists was not far from the truth.
big b
What an idiot. He is teaching in school that drink little not much. 😂
buru kenge
Growing up we were led to believe this man was a buffoon, he had a lot of demons but I wouldn't call him stupid!
dododo baba
funny how most of the people commenting here have never been to Uganda talk less of being in Uganda when this blood thirsty monster was president
g aaron
OoooooooooooH K??
grace njeru
rip idi amin i dont understand how your name was made look bad......or is it whiteman propaganda?????
hammed adebisi
i met a uganda citizen, she said he was a good man. interesting.
ian trelaw
Considering His Documented works,He is Uganda's greatest President.
ishaq derealist
Uganda 🇺🇬 we realy lost a true president who realy loved his country and people and its realy very clear tht it will take us some good long time to get another president like him.. RIP GENERAL 👮🏿\u200d♂️
*Haile Idi Amin*
king Salem
After Obama became president
kwaku adjei
They gives our smart leaders bad names and we accept it. Those that bows to their stupid instructions are considered the best. All those good leaders in Africa were either killed all, overthrown. Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana overthrown, Sankara in Burkina was killed, Muammar Ghaddafi was overthrown and killed, Mugabe was overthrown, Martin Luther king was killed and recently, another president in Ghana called ATTA MILLS was sick. Went to Europe for medical treatment, after he return back, this died slowly in his office. They always want our leaders to bow to their instructions.
luke dawson
mutebi sulaiti
Rest In peace the bull dog of Africa
poor youtuber
I love this man but Africa is when he pass hero cry and he now he's benefit allaha Grant him jannaha
power plus
A great speech.much respect.
rouda shamsi
But this Guy was really good, social, could joke around and Loving One.\nAm beginning to Love Him More though He's a pass now.\nRIP
shanitah kim wisdom kadeeya
somali waa dadkeeyga Hub
sphephelo sokhela
Be careful my friends about Western world media fox news, euro news etc they make good people look bad
stewart onieze
So much love this man. He,s one of the best african presidents.
wabbaye paul
The book is available in pdf format.(protocols of the meetings of the learned elders of zion) I downloaded it and am reading it. Protocol No.4. includes a plan to destroy GOD.