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Full Length Feature Film, Entire Western Movie, Full Length Movie, English.Cast: Steve Forrest, Dean Jagger, Will GeerDirector: Michael CaffeyDescription: A gunfighter who survives his own hanging helps a young widow who is trying to keep a ruthless land baron from taking her ranch.COPYRIGHT: If you have any questions about the licensor, please write an email to: [email protected]

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I hate how Hollywood finds cheap clones and lookalikes of major actors. This guy is obviously an imitation of Kirk Douglas. In fact in the first few seconds I thought, great a Kirk Douglas movie, then realized it's just a cheap clone. The mine magnate was a Jack Palance clone\n\nBtw anyone think the ending had a Terminator 2 feel about it?
Al Swann
El cheapo
OK film.
Austin Dayal
Nice movie.
Bob Bodem
good movie, especially enjoy seeing Will Geer aka Zebulon Walton.
Charanjit Singh
superb movie
Chula Vista
Western movies
Cornelius Jansen
This movie premiered on ABC on March 13, 1974, and was intended as a pilot for a possible new series which was never produced.
Darrin Graham
Best quality that I have seen
David R.
That was a great movie, thanks!
Dennis Davis
A good movie. I have seen this western about a hundred times in my life time.
Erik Wheeler
I love the fact you have to connect with your kids
Esteban muy buen show
Frank Ernesto
Ah, jeez. What cra%%^&.
Frank Minnier
Great movie, thank you
Henry D'Souza
James Karas
good movie
Jasper Edwards
seen it 3 times
Marahall Valesquez
The HANG man , wow who glorifies hanging ppl..oh yeh SATAN.😉lol
Marcos Paulo16
Muito bom o clássico
Mark Bowman
One of the best Westerns ever.
Mickey May
An extremely good western movie. Thanks for all the work in posting this movie for all to see on Youtube and enjoy as much as I did. God Bless!
Cameron Mitchell was another great Actor He lived in Brooklyn NY & He use to go to the same Barber that I went to back in the Days there he was great to talk to a regular guy, Gone now also may he RIP
Randy Douglas
What was the year of this pilot?!
Randy Necesito
Nice moviw
Rey Rogers
Looks like they ran out of money to produce a decent ending but still... good film.
Roger Temple
Russell Mooneyham
Haven't seen this one. At 31:00 and enjoying it so far. Thanks in advance for posting!..... Finally got to finish it. Pretty good stuff!
Sunil Lazar
A drab affair.
Funny it's ok to fund pirated movies on YouTube but not patriotic Americans.
Tab Lature
Purdy good, pard. Thanks for sharing.
Tim Bettcher
cobra meets high plains drifter meets commando
Wacky Don
Worst movie ever
alvin pawling
annamal pete
Cameron Mitchell was a versatile actor and a good one. Enjoyed him in all the different westerns. He make western worth watching.
caught you in another lie
apparently this was a pilot episode for a proposed series that never materialized, hence the ending where a man(looks like the doctor?) is looking for steve forrest at the end of the movie...guess we never get to find out what he wanted!!...that kind of loose ending mildly annoys me
dirty 4 play
You need more volume can't watch it like this
Good movie! Started out like something from the Twilight Zone. Something strange about a man riding off and leaving a good looking redhead. LOL.
dorjee ongdup Lepcha
This movie reminds me the terminator 2 at the end.
i would like too die . & come back too life . too see the other side ?
jimmy rock
I like this movie colors
john alexander
very good movie, thank you
It's took one hour only to start shooting , and then he left.
lester brown
The hanged man has to keep ridin'....
Why are B movies so badly done !
So bad I couldn´t stand it.
p st.louis
Women first she willing to help him ascape,now he's alive she's afraid to be with him, typical...
robert healy
Is that Dean Jagger? in the opening few minutes?
siva kumar
I enjoyed watching this movie
Catholicism is Satanic ~
vern wallen
With the smelter gone,no more work for the locals.