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Adinaldo Mundim
tem de postar dublado ou legendado em português.
Alvin Curry
Good movie, hate the music at the end, don't appreciate the music, rapper and his choice of words.
Amanda Bruney
Ya could've left the ending BS so called music out of
Boo Man
They should have hung the major.
Edivaldo Martins
Budd Boetticher a great director.
George Herrin
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Glennda Bradley
Lots of famous actors in this movie before they became legends, like Lee Marvin. Good movie, sounf track off off the end but no much.
Heru- deshet
Beautifully photographed with beautiful natural Floridian scenery. Thanks for posting!
Ilija Veleski
A beautiful film to watch and enjoy and a really good star cast performance from Rock Hudson, Anthony Quinn, Lee Marvin, Barbara Hale and many others on the set.\nGone the days when you can see these kind of stars on the same set, in my opinion now days is all fantasy.
John Pettiford
YouTube is the best
What a great 2nd Lt. Riding his horse ti the fort and gets jumped by an Indian from a tree. In the fight his left shoulder board is ripped of and right one is hanging towards his back after the Indian jumps in the water, talks to the settler. But when he arrives at the gates of the fort his right shoulder board is repaired.
I just noticed Hugh O'Brien as the hot head Seminole son of the dead chief.
Nick Donvito
Good old Rock Hudson movie. Comes in great. Wow, the UCMJ was pretty tough back then! How can they wear those damn hats in the Florida heat!
Soldier Quality
nice movie
Sonia Fajardo
Nice actor 🇺🇸🎥🎥🎥🇺🇸🎥📽🎭💎💎💎💎💎💎😆💎
Steve mizon
Good film.A little out of sink, still a good film. Thanks
Sunshine Baker
The beautiful Barbara Hale, mother of three with one being born in 1953 and this made in 1953---always beautiful even after giving birth to three children and 32 years old here. Hugh O'Brian plays the bald, young stubborn Indian Kajeck, told to stay in the village. A young James Best with the broken arm.
Nice good movie
Yvonne Baker
I know its an old movie but still Indians as they call them then- were smart and clever way more then those stupid Americans and overly ambitious like this idiot Major thirsty for blood and killing peaceful people! \nHe should be hung on the first tree and this women is so naive but the Indians leader play by Anthony Q. is just more then naive - its unheard off that Indian Chef will go any where near US armi knowning that he may consider himself dead before he gets there ! This is worse Anthony Q. acting ever - I can believe my eyes haha
lisa stalcup
Most of the birds and other animals heard in the film would never actually have been in Florida at that time as a general African jungle soundtrack was used. but at least it was filmed in the \
Hi Robert! Thx for uploading this splendid movie. What is the title of it? I'd look to look it up on Wiki and IMDb etc. Thanks in advance for your answer..
saba naaz
william bustard
got it will do good movie just sorry about the sound.