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What another great flick I’m subbing
Grab that sagging timber and gave out with a groan like a giant oak tree he stood there alone big bad John the Mexican version
Adventures & Survival in Thailand
Some of those Mexicans need to wear bigger hats! Lol BTW a typical silly Western where they're traveling for miles with no gear, not even a damned water bottle that I could see, not getting hungry or thirsty, looking fresh as a daisy each day.
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali
This film is a good standard from that time.
Alexis Winterborn
uh apaches in south america?
Allen James
Andrew Francis
Westerns are often maligned and called an inferior entertainment - and many frankly are. This Western is lifted at 1:33 with the exchange between the woman and Cooper's character -\n\
Anthony Dennis
I think the Apaches were busy elsewhere, so they paid the Mohawks to do their fighting for them in this flick.
Aranyak Maitra
The way they talk is prceless.
Argyle McGoogin
WOW! That douchebag must be able to siphon a gallon of splooge out of a dude's nutsack to warrant such blind devotion :)
Aziz Baig
Yeh the great one...
Barrie Davies
This film,,is better than the crap thay make today,, great movie
Blathering Bear
The music by Bernard Herman aways stands above the rest. Almost expected Hitchcock to pop up.
Brenda Shaffer
Brian W
Gary Cooper was the man! I just cant get myself to watch Pride of the Yankees, being a Sox fan.
Calcedone Skye
Tha hell?! Talk about rape-culture & victim-blaming. Disgusting chauvinism.
Calicto García
Bob Marley Jaco
Dad love's you!
I couldn't make it threw half of it right now. I guess that is the american past slow and unsteady!
David Lemon
Apachies... Apaches? Really? They made an amazing movie.. great legendary actors.. the the Apaches look more like Pawnees.. In Mexico? Guess the budget was at it's limit.. To bad they didn't care enough to at least make Apaches look like APACHES... \nI'm a western artist.. I've created several hundred bronzes over the last 40 years and it saddens me that Hollywood didn't care.. \nIt still was an amazing movie...
Doug Moore
A great movie!
Eric Hamel
Who wrote this crap for Richard Widmark? He's a good actor, a horrible philosopher. I don't think I can handle another Apache show with whites with brown shoe-polish playing some Generic Indians. Couldn't they have at least researched just a tiny bit?? My Dad's mother was 1/4 Chiricahua. She died when he was 2 birthing a little sister. Her Mother's older half aunt, full Chiricahau, who was 10 when they all went to prison with Geronimo, raised him in Post, Texas. I can tell you, it's difficult to watch some of this stuff! Native Americans were every bit as varied as Europeans; Russians, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegians, etc. They were NOT all the same; Hollywood Indians!! (: I'm just saying ...
Ethan Corti
this is a very boring western movie, but good actors. tobad rip
Federico Moncini
The best films ever.. the best actors!!
Feldwebel Wolfenstool
1:18:20 ..that's one helluva monument that they managed to erect in record time...
G. Thomás Hart
Sleeping with hats on...I'm not really sure of the point of that :-/
George Georgiou
The Legend Gary Cooper. Missing his movies. Thank you for upload.
George Weeks
how about \
Really good \nMovie
Higgs Merino
Those Mohawks have traveled far from the NY Valley to central Mexico. Absolutely lame, implausible, historical knowledge that would have given this timid hollow movie some credibility [See : Treasure of Sierra Madre for decent depictions of Mex natives.] .\nDays, weeks and Coop never got one blemish on his clothes. Insipid.
Hunter Jones
Best part of the movie @1:08:17
I Like Quiet
Nice scenery. Wonder where it was filmed
Jeff Harper
Jeremy Horne
Another Gringo movie for this old Gringo living in old Mexico. Gawd, these old flicks bring back memories of - holy cow - 50 years ago - oh no - 64 - 1954 - can't believe it - but really addicted to Westerns, just like was when I was a kid. At least I saw it in the 20th century and not the 19th. I am not THAT old. Thanks for uploading.
Joe Plourde
You lie
Johannes Bluemink
A movie with Bernard Herrmann music is always to my liking.
Jorge garcia Carregha Garcia
Loved it!
Julie Barnett
Since when do Apaches have mohawk hair styles?
Kathleen Ghouse
I could be wrong but the last scenes were used in the movie Last of the Mohicans...
Kev N
so how many days did she leave her husband trapped under a beam with out water or food and he survived lol
Kurt Grotz
Cooper - Super
another real good movie thanks for presenting it. what happened to Hollywood that they only make trash nowdays...
Liam William
Good move thanks
Mark Harrison
Cameron Mitchell was called a \
Mr. Ken
It's really too sad, too bad that all of these great actors lived in an age when Hollywood had such primitive cameras and lighting equipment that these greats of the screen had to perform as if they were on a New York stage. The spoken lines are basic: No one speaks like this in real life. The backgrounds are such obvious paintings like in \
Muhammad Abdullahi
N Smith
I need me one of them fire proof shirts...
Niunio 10
Henry Hathaway miał lepsze westerny niż ten....ale wspaniała dzika przyroda wynagradza widza....
Remarkably clear encoding! And the movie is fairly good, too.
Peter Kane
..... Great Movie.....Thanks.
Randy Necesito
Richard Burriesci
Ringen ist der Vater von MMA
They look like Pawnees, Comanches or Osage Indians
Robert Cathcart
Great moments of suspense, bizarre scenery, wonderful transpirations. All in all a great western starring Coop and Widdy.
Robert Dominguez
The saddest part is that the Apaches didn't get the last 2 of them. Oh well. That's why they call it Fiction.
Robert Walker
White man go home take them white broads with you.
Roger Temple
Garden of Evil.(1954)Western/Adventure.Cast:Gary Cooper,Susan Hayward,Richard Widmark,Cameron Mitchell,Rita Moreno,& Victor Manuel Mendoza;with:Antonio Bribiesca,Manuel Donde,Salvador Terroba,Arturo Solo Rangel,&Fernando Wagner.;Cooper,Widmark,&Hayward(3 Top Hollywood Legends of many films),headline this tale of three Americans in Mexico,with Indians,goldmines,cave ins,an adventure western,set south of the border;also in the cast Cameron Mitchell(many films,&TV shows,regular roles:\
Sasa Tadic
John wayne is best actor,Gary Cooper is more better.
Sathyanarayana Narasimalu
If the apache are so bad maybe nothing wrong in killing them.
Scott H
Thanks for the great video
Stewart Foster
Geez, how many times can a guy fall into the same campfire? ( 32:00 + )
Studio Bencivenga
Minute 53 is for all the little idiots - very good dialogue
T4p0ut AJ
waste of time
Tim Tran
Tony Wheeler
Gary Cooper was always as engaging as a 2x4.
Ulysses Ly
Good nice Indian Bollywood movie
Wally Konstanty
Overall a pretty good film
I thought the 3rd cowboy was so tuff.what happened to his character
Wright Flyer
+Grjngo, I was born in 1949, so this is a movie from my generation and it would be pointless to nitpick it to death because it is what it is--a product of the times. Thank you for publishing it!
Zoran Ignjatovic ́
Cowboy, eeh!...
Great cast, I am as big a fan of Richard Widmark as I am of Gary Cooper.
chru cas
Every time I had been together with a red haired woman I made a fool out of myself at long last. Even more if she had green eyes. Just like the foolish men in this movie.
claudette fraser
Wonderful movie
The more I see of Mr. Cooper's films the more I appreciate his humble nature, acting abilities and screen presence. Bernard Herman's accompanying musical score truly conveys the essence of pertinent scenes and almost but not quite overshadows the story being told.
donald Clifft
great scenery
el mago
A GOOD Adventure - Suspense film / Well selected cast = Cooper, Widmark, and Hayward \
engilbert 85
I love is old movies.. \nThey always teach you something...
hard yakka
always liked Gary Cooper so did my mum.
Love the old Westerns
john k.
quien es mas macho?;\na) Gary Cooper\nb) Richard Widmark\nc) Brian Stelter
One of my favorite movies.....great actors, great story and great scenery...
marina makhanya
what I find funny and false in all westerns is how woman's hair looks after weeks on a trail without water - always freshly washed and styled. this one is no exception.
Slow moving drama
Continuity? At 15:18 after transiting through rugged mountain terrain, suddenly they're in an area where beach type trees are found, BUT she said her husband was trapped \
I just don't get Hayward. I don't know if it is her snotty nose up in the air or what but she just turns me off. Now if this was Ava Gardner it would be a totally different story.
vintage stereo
i often see in these old American movies how stupid hollywood scriptwriters where. Even today they are so stupid they can't write scripts without discriminate other societies and people, they always think they are so much smarter and better. I prefer Chinese and korean movies, much better script writers