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A former bank robber searches for his double crossing partner who left him for dead, while having to look after a 6 year old girl.

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Eddie Murphy
Only trouble the Film was to dark. But good Film. Peck at his Best.
Judy Cowee
It was to dark to see
Leonard Vaivada
Les Lassiter
It's impossible to say no to little girls.
Monica Felan
Entertaining very
Robert Stroud
How long were Gregory Peck and Jim Neighbors lovers? If I recall, a long time, no?
Scott H
Thanks for taking the time to upload the great movie
Tina Willis
Gregory Peck Shoot Out
Toader Dumitrache
frumos film
Tony Griffiths
Not brilliant but the film's heart is in the right place.
Wayne Ross
Too bad the video quality absolutely sucks.
raymond cancel
The little girl outstage Peck! Dawn Lyn ,she a natural actress!