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The "How I Met Your Mother" finale was not as good as it could have been ... so says series star Alyson Hannigan ... who thinks fans would have liked it more had they not cut out a few key scenes.SUBSCRIBE:

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Adika Ranuh
alyson is really nice
Alex Wason
Idc if she's in her 30s. She's fkn hot
Alyssa Clay
The whole shows point was about destiny and how Ted never could find his. At the end he did.
Amber B
Am I the only one who wants to see the funeral scene? Does anyone know if it will be on the deleted scenes of season 9?
Anna Lee
'I see you later bye' that has me laughing👋
Atiyah A
Ayush Dhingra
I love her! :')
None of the main actors have explicitly said that they don't like the ending, but you can just tell that deep down they hate it just as much as we do.
Becky Waters
Everyone who says the ending was good, great or amazing i have to ask you people something: ARE YOU INSANE???\nTed is a sweet guy and and all but very annoying and stupid too at the same time. His whole season's life he was looking for this perfect and one true love aka ''the one'' his relationship with Robin was a major fail from the very beginning of the show and for Robin he was always a WUSS! Now we are expected to be satisfied that they suit each other by the end of the show?\nIt was always ONE SIDED love from TED! ''the one'' for Robin as we saw in the show was only Barney and vice versa. Barney from a womanizer turned to a devoted man only for one woman but no, Robin had to be a BITCH and destroy everything even though she and Barney are perfect for one another. Imagine this: Ted and Tracy getting divorced, Robin dies, Ted moves with his kids in another town and wait for it.... Barney and Tracy fall in love? would you call that amazing or perfect match?\nBECAUSE THAT'S HOW STUPID TED AND ROBIN LOOK LIKE A COUPLE TO ME AT THE END OF THE SHOW!
Bradley S
I completely agree. Just finished watching the show from the start in 2 weeks. They probably should have fleshed out Ted and Tracy's relationship to actually make us sad that she died, including that funeral scene. It would have been much better if they just ended it at the train station after they met like the alternate ending shows.
I know she's hiding something. But at least she's the most honest actor about this finale so far
Brandon Ayers
I love you Lily. She's my dream woman lol! Alyson Hannigan is so hot
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I think it's so funny the ways she says \
Chalupa Batman
unlike a lot of people i did not really hate the finale, yeah it could have been better. longer perhaps make it an hour special. but i mean so many finale's of a tv show do not live up to the standard people have for the show. yeah breaking bad people love that ending and what not, but seinfeld's ending had so much hype around it no way could it have satisfied the fans where with seinfeld i feel the ending suited the tone of the show
Chandler Bing
oh now i get it that stupid editing made this show not so legen wait for it.... dary
Chicken Man
Why not just have Robin as the mother if its gonna end like that... like what? Jus have her introduced as the mother the 1st episode like how u see Rachel and Ross at the beginning of friends and you root for them to be together. \njus have robin and ted like that, why have a mother, barely shown, if she jus gon die?
Chris Cho
I agree. The finale was pretty bad :( they should have extended the episodes
Chris F
i see willow when i see allison, they really need to give her a spinoff on buffy with a dark willow series.
Clarence A. P.
They should have done a 40 minute finale! It's the freakin finale!
Wow, an actual nice celebrity.
Daniel Shariq
she's such a nice person
Darin Beard
She didn't actually say that.
Dariush Hakimi
I wanna meet her :(
David cheeto
I would have asked cbs for more time like two hours and the last half hour a goodbye episode with the cast being interviewed instead of boosting two bad shows ratings
Davin Alaniz
in the show she looked awful, but it looks she looks good again.
Dj Neumatic
Where’s the poop Lily!
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
She is so cool! I actually liked the ending.
The sad thing is, that it's not that the ending was like a 'break up' and we wanted to blame bad parts.... IT WAS JUST BAD. The entire 9th season surrounded a wedding which got destroyed in the first 5 minutes of the last episode... The entire SHOW was about a mother which got killed off in the last 5 minutes of the show... It was just so bad.
English OMAM
The ending wasn't bad! The show wasn't meant to be about the mother. That's why we saw so little of her. I agree that it wasn't executed well but they only had a 21 minute slot. If I were the producers I would have asked for a longer slot but I presume they got turned down. Either way the actual content and plot of the ending fit in with the shows concept and morals that it had built for 9 years. Barney and Robin were a good couple but always destined to fail. There was so much foreshadowing that Ted and Robin would end up together and the way Ted spoke about the mother indicated that she was no longer there. Indicating a divorce or her death.
Fela Khiangte
I love her...
Gergana Fukleva
The thing is that the pacing was horrible. Trough the whole season 9 I thought \
She's so hot
Grace Suarez
This has got to be one of the kindest on the street interviews ever.
Hacking tutorials
I love how sweet she is 😁
Oh my gosh I so love Alyson Hannigan =D If there's one actress I reeeeeally would love to meet up with and have a drink with for once... It would be Aly =D
Very true... Wasted a hole season on wedding BS. And finale was short
Jovian Lopes
And they never spoke again...
Joydeep Joshi
HEY BROS ! I've got a question for ya , what if u had a chance to watch the alternate official ending instead of the real official one would u watch it?? I am currently on season 9 just started but would like to here all your opinion!\nalso if u guys think I should watch the alternate one can u tell me from what particular time so there r no spoilers.\nCOME ON HELP OUT A BRO😋
KT Pat
I grew up on Buffy and started watching HIMYM pretty soon after, so I've had a crush on Alyson Hannigan since I was like 6. I can't believe how hot she still is
Kathleen Möschler
I love that she just chatted with the reporter, not like other celebs who don't take the time to speak their minds..
Leonardo Villa
Jesus, I really wanna marry her! ❤\nShe seems like the perfect woman. Beautiful, adorable and funny 😍😍😍
Lydia GCL
Aww she's so lovely!
Mahendran Chandrasekar
One of the cutest and nicest girl ever...wish had a girlfriend like u Alyson Hannigan...! 😍😍😍
Mahsa Shirazian
How can someone be so cute and so nice like this. Damn.
Marc Simo
1:14 \
Maxi Vi
i liked the finale
Wow she's amazing!!
Michael F
How gracious of her. Such a sweetheart.
Honestly the show slowly got bad after the 4th season. By the 8th season, it was really suffering. There was a lot of problems with HIMYM but i think the main one was that it was just on for too long so they had to keep extending the story in an unnatural way.
Nari Schav
She's so cute!!
Onkar Nath
She was so nice to them. I bet TMZ will make fun of her anyway.
Pau Lita
She didn't complain about the end but about the making of it, adding more scenes, etc. \nWhich I agree, but I loved the end anyway, so...
Alyson was the first girl I had a crush on. When I was younger and would watch Buffy the Vampire slayer with my sister, I was like in love with Willow . . . Okay I still am
Rebecca De Marco
shes so nice i love her omg
She's so freaking nice.
She's so cute the way she talks n all
Rita Marçal
This how paparazzi should behave with every single celebrity
Rob James
I love that chick.......she is awesome!!!
Shraman Mitra
Yes sure the alternate ending is the happier of the two\n\nBut the actual one is how life really is\nand i like that more
Six Paths Of Swag
I liked it but to be fair after season 6 I would casually watch some episodes but I had to watch the finale, too bad the writers of the show couldn't keep the awesomeness from the first 5 seasons.
Skyler Grey // A Star Is Born
Awww she's so sweet!
Sofia Salazar
How I met my mother is my favorite show and the final broke my heart completely. It wasn't what i expected i think Robyn didn't deserve Ted
Son Goku
I love her
Where's Jim?
real life lily is just like lily lol
Supreme Music
This one time, at band camp
Thunder Bri
I  love Alyson Hannigan, Ever since Buffy the vampire slayer, and I really like in how I met your mother. I got to see her again
To me Alyson Hannigan looks like Jiminy Cricket.
Very Nice
How good must your mood be that you're willing to talk to TMZ? Did she just win the lottery?
Wade Wilson
Where can I find the funeral scene?!?!?
Weston 1878
She’s got a point, it definitely could have been better
Wasted the entire season on stupid wedding stuff and ignored all real moments hated the entire season. The first thing I liked about the season when Lily was pregnant. And it was almost the ending episode
Lily's so cute when she plays Alyson Hannigan.
Fake British accent....enough Alyson Hannigan...
Man, i hated her character so much. She's such a brat, and she even actually left Marshall for a crap job. He treated her so well, and she didn't deserve her at all.
carlito biggs
she's so cute, she looks young and fresh i love her
Did he really just ambush her with a camcorder and she was totally okay with talking to him?
It was so sweet of her to stop and talk!!
foxs cartoons
I wish she is my wife
I love the aussie accent! But also, the ending sucked because it didn't pay homage to the entire gang. I know the show was called how i met your mother, but by the end, we cared more about the gang than just Ted's romantic life.
love her
katya figo
She's really nice omg
miguel savage
Shes just so amazingly beautiful 😍💖💍💗💕💘👑😚
nina jokelainen
i adore Alyson, she is sweet and cute
parsa fakhar
the ending sucked!\ni love HIMYM series but lets be realist!\nRobin clearly announced he is not in love with Ted but Barney\nTed decided to move on by:\n1- telling the Robin that barney is going to proposal her foe!\n2-marrying Tracy and having two child with her\n3-not running away with Robin when she suggested it\n4-Robin couldn't be pregnant and Ted always were talking about her future wife and KIDS! but Barney was like her (Look,i know in finale Barney was so emotional with her daughter BUT it also goes with Robin i mean Robin and Barney are similar more than you realize)\nmoreover Ted and Robin Tried a lot but it always ended with breaking up but Barney only failed once because it was his first time he was in real relationship but the second time he tried he succeed!\nRobin and Barney divorced just because Robin were on traveling not because they didn't love each other anymore,and Barney's emotional speaks were way more better than Ted's.\nto be honest Robin and Barney were so similar and Barney surprised Robin better than Ted\nand if you ask me i tell you Robin and Ted won't work out even after that Ted showed Robin that stupid blue horn\nand the whole story was about Ted's moving on and realization with acceptance that Robin is not the One and they screw it up!\nso Thank you for that nonsense ending although i think the writers are not against me so much since in just one episode Robin and Barney weren't together!
Wtf her names not alyson its Lily !!!
Hopefully they put in all of the scenes that were cut into the season 9 DVD.
trd 12
She seems like such a nice person.
I think that I'll end up liking the finale more if they have an extended version with all the scenes Aly was talking about! :)