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PLOT (Wikipedia): Rio (Marlon Brando) (also called "The Kid"), his mentor Dad Longworth (Karl Malden), and a third man called Doc rob a bank of two saddlebags of gold in Sonora, Mexico. Mexican rurales (mounted police) track them, catch them celebrating in a cantina, and kill Doc. Dad and Rio manage to escape.After getting cornered on a high ridge, with Rio's horse dead, Rio figures the rurales will be "swarming all over us inside an hour." Deciding that one partner might take the remaining pony, ride to a jacalito (small adobe house) down the canyon about five miles and return with fresh mounts, they gamble for it, with Rio fixing the deal so his pal Dad can be the one to go.Dad gets to a corral, strapping the saddlebags of gold onto a fresh pony, but he gets second thoughts. He casts one eye towards a point on the ridge sure to be taken by the rurales, and with the other he gazes off in the opposite direction out past a low-lying treeline towards the border and safety. One way leads to danger and a poor chance at surviving with half the loot, the other towards a virtual certainty with all of it. After a decidedly short moment of reflection, he leaves his friend to be taken by the rurales. Rio is arrested and transported to prison by way of the jacalito, where he learns firsthand of Dad's betrayal from the owner.Rio spends five hard years in a Sonora prison, giving him ample time to mull over Dad's betrayal before escaping with new partner Chico Modesto (Larry Duran) and going hunting for him. After locating him, he finds Longworth has used his wealth to become the sheriff of Monterey, California. Instead of ambushing Dad, Rio gives him a chance to explain why he left him back in Mexico, pretending he had never been captured to put him off-guard. Longworth's awkward self-serving story is easily seen through.All along Rio planned not only to kill Dad, but to pull off a bank robbery in Monterey with his new partners Chico and "scum-suckin' pig" Bob Emory (Ben Johnson) (who used his knowledge of Dad's whereabouts to force their partnership). Plans are sidetracked when Rio falls in love with Longworth's beautiful virginal stepdaughter Louisa (Pina Pellicer), taking advantage of a fiesta (festival) to spend the night with her on the beach. Dad tries to make Louisa confess to being deflowered, but after intervention by his wife Maria (Katy Jurado) he backs down. He nevertheless traps Rio and administers a vicious beating with a wh*ip in front of the entire town, smashing Rio's gun hand with the butt of a shotgun in an attempt to end his gun-slinging days.While recovering from his wounds near the ocean, Rio struggles with his conflicting desires to love the girl and to kill her stepfather. He decides to forgo vengeance, fetch Louisa and leave, but Emory, having decided that Rio will never be fast enough to challenge him again, kills Chico and pulls off the bank job without Rio's knowledge. The heist goes wrong and a young girl is killed. Rio is falsely accused and locked up by Longworth. Knowing that the trial's outcome is certain, Rio sure to be hanged in two days, Dad has one last private talk with him, again attempting to absolve himself, to which Rio replies, "You're one-eyed jack around here Dad, but I seen the other side of your face." Rio confesses to being imprisoned for the last five years, but Dad calls it a lie.After Louisa visits Rio in jail to confess that she is going to have his baby, he is beaten by sadistic deputy Lon Dedrick (Slim Pickens) out of envy for Louisa's affection. Maria faces Dad about telling her the truth, stating she knew something was wrong since the moment Rio arrived and that Dad is going to hang him out of pure guilt. Longworth angrily leaves.........*******************************COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]

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*AmosJuniorMiller* Yeshua
Abdel Hadawi
why wasting time if this movie has no , FIN so i am going to Walmart to get some detergent and finish my laundry ,
Ales Kuret
Bekir Demirag
Very Good film. Marlon Brando beautiful.
Bob Jeselnik
The ending was cut out. Don't waste your time...
Connoly Watson
Morons! What about the ending? Inbred idiots!
Cyril Cooke
to bad there was no ending
Fazio Ashmead Mohammed
I am going to the freaking massage parlour and get a Happy ending
H Max
thanks for the comments. so I didn't have to waste my time. It seems like a bad joke or something.
John Harding
Only half of the movie showing here!
Kayaqua Kayaks
no ending No watch
Keith james
Half an hour missing off the end - don't bother with this one there are plenty more full versions available
Lala Pewe
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Lee Coffman
This is damn disgusting ! You cut the best parts out of a great movie. I watched it many years ago and I AM REALLY PISSED OFF !!!!!!
Legendazf Betancohurt
This is a great movie!!!
Lekir h
One of the best movies ive come across.. loving it🤘✌
Mafongo Jr
you cut the end of the movie out :( don't waste your time people
Marjorie Alaan
N)Dili ka mouban?
Mark Wachtel
The last part of the movie was cut off! Must have been 15 minutes short.
Michael Hunter Vierra
Charles has the complete movie.Forget the Grjngo
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Must watch movie if you are Marlene Brando's fan.This is his debut movie as a director.Eye catching cinematography of impeccable Charles Lang & beautiful composition of Hugo Friedhofer.Nice subject.Fine western movie.👌👌👌💐
Phil Bebbington
No ending do not waste your time watching 90% of a film
Phil Burton
Your taking the piss where's the end!!?
Ralph Williams
Can't stand this guy couldn't act save his life every roll same
Raymond Chadman
Damn shame,no end to this movie , do better please ,this is not the first one ,disappointed
I just want to know who all the dumbasses are that Liked One Eyed Jacks without the last half hour! lol
Ronnie Fly
Sad that a man can not learn from his own mistakes, to live a good life to make a better world to live in.
Russ Richards
how to make nearly 2 hours seem like a week then the fucking end is missing wish I had read the comments before watching this crap
Scott H
Thanks for take the time to upload the video its great thanks again
Not the full version. Scam
Caution, there is no ending. #@%$#@&
Good smart nice Loveable movie
Victor Rodrigues
Wombat Lover
Watched about 3 minutes.. Marlon Brando's voice is very soy boy, put me right off.. plus the comments!!!!
amundsen Amundsen1907
Great movie thank you
ending was cut out. thumbs down. all people that were conned into watching this movie, give a thumbs down.
james duggan
Great movie-making at 39:51, when Malden figures to \
ken thomas
Great movie! But the ending was cut.
where is the ending at ?
reggie julienne
this was supposed to be based on the story of billy the kid with malden the pat garrett character.
Good old movie. Too bad the missing ending.