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Screw the weasel faced fascist
Aalia Sabro
Adinaldo Mundim
postem dublado ou legendado em portugues
American Redneck
Name of movie?
Antonio Pagliuca
a wonderful movie , I liked Ronald Reagan as much as an actor and as a president, one of the best ever .
Bagwan Bekam
Brian Jones
Just OK if you watch all of it. Thanks.
Dannie Tan
Great movie full of moral and human values. Understandable how Ronald Reagan became the President of USA.
Doby Pilgrim
Donnie Gray
reagan sure sat tall in the saddle
Dougkatty Jeffrey
Douglas Foote
Mr Adonis in 1932 at 21. He looked in poor condition here at 42. Went on to 93. Had a certain charisma. The Great Communicator winged it to the top.
Love he missed his holster in the first 5 minutes! Glen Ford was the fastest gun in movie history! He practiced until he was faster than most. Gun slingers!
Geezle Puss
So Ronald Reagan made a movie in 2017??? Ol' Ronald the Ray Gun. In this one of course it is Nancy wearing a RR mask.
Giacomo Ferrario
wow, Reagan is terrible. He had no presence as a an Actor. He could 'communicate' well as a president but, he sure fuked up the economy and his education level with economics was \
Gumamela Flower
Love this movie..
im a nitpicker u know. and to drive a hurd of cattles and not one single grain of dust on the horses, clothes.... i think he used a truck....
James Cleveland
thank you for very good western movie with the late President Ronald Reagan , great actor and great President , God Bless
Jo Shmo
Hey its the Prez...and the Professor..
JohnnyC Major
Jorge Vilanova
Law and Order (1953)
Kafu Lester
idiot main character
Light Dancing
Ronny RAY GUN strikes again.
Liviu Albu
Unde gasesc traducerea la filmele dupa yutub
Michael W
this law and order from 1953 starring Ronald Reagan and Dorothy Malone
So funny the never thought of metaphorical when they were acting. Back then but ever scene seems like a (we just had gay sex and I’m on top) Hahaha especially the music
Raphael Andrews
A cracking western. A real treat, beer, popcorn and a tub of ice cream.
Reijo Korhonen
Tuo alkeellinen elämän tapa on kuin suoraan lapsuudestani. sotien jälkeisestä Suomesta tosin ei silloinkaan ampuiltu noin kuin näissä kuvissa, mutta tappelut oli hyvin tavallisia. Mutta autoja ei ollut hevosilla Suomessakin liikuttiin ihan samanlaisia rattaita oli Suomessakin ihanaa aikaa se oli, elimme puolittain luontais taloutta.
Richard Hernandez
I had the honor of serving my country for my commander and chief \
Richard Holman
I had forgotten how bad an actor Ronald Reagan was.
Rick Wyckoff
Tombstone in cottonwood
Robert Bliss
Wow! It's Ronald Reagan!
Ron S
The Teflon president, a third rate actor and a fifth rate\npresident
President Ronald Reagan, in his early career before he became President. He was a great\nactor and an excellent, two-term US President.
Steven Mitchell
Tab Lature
Good stuff, Robert. Keep 'em comin', Pard.
Timothy Meyer
Ronald Reagan, Dennis Weaver, and the professor from Gilligan's Island. too.
Tom Riviere
One of the worst presidents and a bad actor.
art cook
Chester was young in this movie
Good movie. Ronald Reagan was a good actor and a good President.
jim olson
I'm a life long democrat but looking back now I sure would like to have Reagan's brand of Republicans back
Good old \
rodney kitchen
who writes this twaddle?
Шаип Младенов
ъ ж